Larry Foote has no plans to retire

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The Steelers released linebacker Larry Foote last week as part of their effort to create cap space ahead of free agency and some wondered if that might be the end of the line for Foote.

The longtime Steeler played just one game last season before a torn biceps sent him to injured reserve and he turns 34 this summer, a combination that isn’t likely to make him a hot commodity on the open market. Foote isn’t throwing in the towel, though.

He told Josina Anderson of ESPN that he has no immediate plans to retire after 12 NFL seasons. He also told her he’d like to catch on with a contender and that he’d like to sign before the summer, although it isn’t clear if that will be the deciding factor in continuing his career if the only offers come from teams with longer shots at a championship.

Foote isn’t likely to be too high on anyone’s priority list as free agency opens and many teams may see him as a fallback option if neither free agency nor the draft brings the help they desire, so it may be tough for him to avoid an extended wait while remaining active in the NFL.

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  1. larry foote and the steelers linebackers/defensive linemen have plan on being the 21st ranked RUSH Defense AGAIN in 2014.

    27th in the NFL in RUSH Defense touchdowns.

    Congratulation to the steelers and their fans on the return of the Bubby Brister Era.

  2. Congratulation to the steelers and their fans on the return of the Bubby Brister Era.


    Lmao, even Bubby was a game away to a trip to the AFC TITLE game! It’s good to know we had a “Watch the Steelers win all those Superbowl’s” era. What was yours? (Laughter) We aren’t going anywhere. I know you want us to… but we aren’t.

  3. Congratulation to the steelers and their fans on the return of the Bubby Brister Era.

    That’s funny coming from the one and done Bungals fan. Good laugh for a Monday.

  4. Congratulations to the steelers and their fans on their appreciation, vigorous defense, and undying love of 28 wins – 29 loss, 52% completion, 72 QB rating Bubby Brister’s pittsburgh career.

    ENJOY (the continued mediocrity)!!!

  5. Cincinnati will probably sign foote and DESTROY the steelers… AGAIN… and prevent them from getting into the playoffs…. AGAIN!!!

  6. I don’t know where Foote could be starter (until injuries start playing a factor) and there aren’t a lot of roster spots for backup linebackers who don’t play special teams. Maybe the Steelers will bring him back.

  7. Wow…he must really suck if Pittsburgh cut him since they usually resign all of their old and declining players.


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