Colts, Adam Vinatieri agree to two-year deal

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The oldest player in the NFL plans to stick around Indianapolis for at least two more years.

Kicker Adam Vinatieri and the Colts have agreed to a two-year contract, Adam Schefter of ESPN first reported and the Colts have announced.

The 41-year-old Vinatieri will play his 19th and 20th NFL seasons in Indianapolis if he sticks around for both years of his contract. At the end of his two-year deal he would have played 10 seasons with the Colts after playing the first 10 years of his career with the Patriots.

Vinatieri is coming off one of his best seasons. He made 35 of 40 field goal attempts last year and was a career-best 4-for-6 from 50 yards and beyond.

14 responses to “Colts, Adam Vinatieri agree to two-year deal

  1. Good. Clutches kicker ever. Even at 41 still automatic inside 50, and as the article says not too shabby on the deep attempts also.

  2. Glad to see the Colts resigned him, one of the best clutch kickers on NFL history, and hopefully he retires as a Colt and I know he’ll go into the HoF as a Colt! #Go Colts

  3. #4 will always be “THE MAN”. Glad he’ll be sticking around for awhile longer. While the Pats got a very good kicker in Gostkowski, I think BB truly underestimated Vinatieri’s ability to do his job effectively.

    If anything, the Pats did Vinatieri a favor by franchising him twice. He HAD to get a contract and cannot have been effectively franchised. It was a nice feather to have in his cap going into free agency this year.

  4. How he’s still going strong at this age is amazing. I felt absolutely stupid for doubting him on some clutch kicks last year (many from 50+ yards out) thinking Father Time had caught up

  5. Good for Adam. Nice to seem him get to play 20 years in the NFL.

    Now, if he can go to a Super Bowl with Luck. Adam can say he went to 7 different Super Bowls in 3 different decades…with 4 different starting QB’s…Bledsoe, Brady, Peyton & Luck.

    And for the Patriots haters…Stephen Gostkowski is one of the most accurate kickers in NFL history during his 8 years in the NFL with New England.

    Obviously, Gostkowski doesn’t have the Super Bowl legacy of Vinatieri…but it was a good move for both parties. BB has a team to put together the correct way…and the cap won’t allow BB to be the NY Yankees or Boston Red Sox.

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