Golden Tate to visit with Lions


The Lions have a need for a receiver to put across from Calvin Johnson and it looks like they have their sights set on Golden Tate.

Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that Tate will visit with the Lions on Tuesday night. As you’d imagine given the timing, it is the first visit for Tate since free agency opened and it wouldn’t be surprising if it wound up being the only visit given Detroit’s need at the position.

Tate had 64 catches for 898 yards and five touchdowns for the Seahawks last season and served as the team’s top receiver for most of the season. He wouldn’t have to play that role in Detroit with Megatron on the field, which could work out well for quarterback Matthew Stafford and the Lions offense as a whole.

Tate, the 26th-ranked player on PFT’s Hot 100 list of free agents, said last week that he hadn’t heard much from the Seahawks. They may be waiting for the market to give them a sense of Tate’s value, as they did with defensive end Michael Bennett, but the Lions could make the Seahawks’ strategy moot if they come up with the right offer.

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  1. My source with the Lions say Tate is expected to sign for a hefty bonus and decent guaranteed money.

    Apparently, the Lions want the flexibility to take BPA in round one and grab the WR they need at whatever round makes sense, rather than be forced into grabbing one in round one.

  2. Why would the team let the market determine his value? I’ve never understood that. Any good franchise would value the guy and try and negotiate a contract with the guys that they want. The smart play would be to offer him whatever you determine his value to be, no doubt lower than what the market will likely dictate in the hopes of retaining him. I’m sure they are well aware of what they have remaining to spend and determined his value to be higher than they are willing/have available to pay

  3. Please please please do not overpay for Tate. He is good but I have a feeling he could get paid like he’s great…

  4. No interest whatsoever now that we just blew a chunk of money on Joique Bell. Have to take care of the financial house at some point, and Tate needs to get crossed off the list now that we paid Bell. Need to find a better value at WR now.

  5. This guy is MONEY on returning punts and is VERY shifty as a WR. I was hoping the Hawks can find a way to keep him or draft a WR in the 1st round of the draft.

  6. I’d be bummed if they can’t get Tate back. They developed him for 3 years just to let him walk now? Playmaker, tough, great hands and enough highlights to fill a SportsCenter. Don’t let him go Hawks.

  7. Guess I’d be ok with Tate, though I’d much prefer somehow to have Sammy Watkins.

    If Tate signs I think we’ll take a WR 3rd round or later and hopefully snag some combination of safety, corner or TE in the first two rounds.

  8. In a pass happy offense like Detroit I say Tate can get 1,200 yards and 8 TDs. Life will also be much easier opposite of Calvin Johnson. Throw on top of that the best PR in football. Get paid Golden , you earned it.

  9. The hapless Lions will overpay for this Donut stealing bum.

    Meanwhile the Vikings just signed the best DT in all of free agency in the NFL for a steal price.


  10. Would be sad to see you go Tate. Funny how the Hawks take Vikings players and make them Champions, but Lions take Hawks players and make them losers (see Maurice Morris, Julius Peterson, Nate Burleson, Will Heller, Rob Sims). Did I miss anyone? #tatedontdoit

  11. Ummm … Golden, do you remember that “I’d rather take a little less from the Seahawks then play for some crappy team in front of crappy fans” quote? Newsflash, if the NFL were to create a Mount Rushmore of crappy teams from the last one, two, and three decades, Detroit would be on every one. Come back to the 12s Golden. We have more Championships to bring to the Northwest.

  12. Lions are handcuffed thanks to Suh playing games with them. Lions could have had a good off season but he stomps the Lions instead. Let him play out the contract and leave next year, dont let the door hit you on the way out of town!

  13. Poor mans Percy Harvin (still good though). For the Hawks fans mad about him possibly leaving, in Schneider we trust. Also, you have to know we need SOMEONE over 6 ft tall in the WR corps.

  14. No surprise that the Leos can’t afford the FA corners and safeties (the Millen stink still hangs a bit). But I’d be pleased with Tate and Megatron. Tate may be the best partner that CJ has ever had as a Lion. I guess that’s kinda positive.

  15. O’Brien Scofield made 7 tackles for the Seahawks last year and just got an $8 Million contract. Super Bowl champs get PAID….

  16. Tate would be a monster opposite Megatron with Stafford throwing to him. This Seahawk fan would be very sad to see him leave. The guy makes big exciting plays on a regular basis and rarely drops the ball. Don’t pay attention to his height(plays and high points the ball as well as anyone) or his numbers(deflated due to run first offense). He has the potential to be the best #2 receiver in the game.

  17. chawk up to include Detroit fans into the crappy fans quote is stupid. Definitely some of the better fans in the NFL

  18. I don’t want to see Tate go but at least will know playing for the lions we will NEVER have to face him in the playoffs….. Have fun being on the losing side.

  19. as a seahawks fan Tate is a good player. but he has a tedndicey to dissaprear a lot yes he has made plays for that was because of Wilson not because of Tate most of they time.

    I am glad seahawks are chosing Baldwin over tate he is a more of a WR than tate

  20. Pete and John may be more enthused about Matthews than I thought. Plus we’ll have Willson coming into his second year. Add in Baldwin and Kearse, and a possible draft pick up, and the necessity to keep Golden (at higher money), could be quite minimal.

    If he goes to Detroit (big IF), they would be getting a terrific return guy, and a skillful receiver who’s deceptive in his abilities to increase the YAC. It’d be a good signing for the Lions.

  21. Dude has a very unique skillset. I was hoping the Hawks could keep him. Tough as nails and brings attitude. Great punt returner and hard to bring down. The Lions would be dngerous w/ him.

  22. Seahawks fans…let’s just let it play out and see what happens.

    Yes we would like to have Tate back but only at the right price. If he gets a huge offer then he is probably gone…and I don’t blame him.

    Remember…..In Schneider We Trust.

  23. Sorry to see Tate go if that is what he chooses. Why Detroit? Talk about a perennial loser team. But if they want to overpay him and that is what he wants I can’t blame him. Frankly I rather roll the dice and bring Sidney Rice back at a huge discount. Rice fits the role that Seattle needs more than Tate anyways. Then draft a WR and develop him. If and this is a big “if” Percy Harvin stays healthy then Seattle won’t miss a beat at WR. Going to miss Tate as a punt returner but when you have Sherman, Thomas and Russell needing to be signed in the very near future you got to make some tough choices. Tate was huge for us and he will always be loved by us. But go get your money Tate and just be glad you got your one Title. Cuz that’s all you are going to get.

  24. Stay a 12 Tate if you want to be GREAT! No do whatever you wish is good for you and your family. We still would like you back. You will be my favorite receivers that played for Seattle.

  25. I am kinda hoping things check out with Finley. If they do and we can get a bargain then Seattle will be in good shape. Finley is a TE that is more like a WR. Big target for RedZone and he is an ok blocker. Golden Tate deserves a big check, but Seattle can’t pay him. I hope Golden finds a better home than Detroit. Everything about Detroit stinks. Some really nice people live their so no offense but I suspect even most of them would agree Detroit is jack nasty.

  26. If you can bring him in for the same money Burleson made or little bit more would make sense giving his age. He was one of the top players on the best team of the league.

  27. All of you hags fans who are talking trash about the Lions obviously don’t remember what happened the last time we played you. Quit being so bitter about potentially losing one player and concentrate on doing a better job next time we meet.

  28. Good choice lions if the deal works out for you guys, Tate did awesome for our seahawks. I hope he learns to fair catch a little more so I dont have a heart attack watching lol. On a side note pftpoet is a hilarious troll that never makes sense

  29. Lions have good fans. One of the oldest franchises in the NFL. The fans have continued to be passionate even though they have been one of the worst franchises in all of sports for the last half century. You can clown the city but don’t talk about the fans, they will show up and support the team.

  30. Good choice lions if the deal works out for you guys, Tate did awesome for our seahawks. I hope he learns to fair catch a little more so I dont have a heart attack watching lol. On a side note pftpoet is a hilarious troll that never makes sense…

  31. I don’t know about this… I just do not know! lol

    Hopefully Detroit doesn’t overpay… as long as it is taking to hear the news… seems like they are just negotiating it all out

    I see how tate could fit in the slot or the #2 spot… the more I think about it, the more it seems like it would be a good fit

  32. Hawks Fan.
    Tate will be a MONSTER in Detroits offense. Calvin getting double teamed leaves Tate running over safeties on a regular basis. If you guys get him he will explode next year. He is VASTLY underrated when he gets the ball in his hands. He has the ability to break it and take it to the house every time he touches the ball. Plus you get a PR with him too. I hope he decides to stay with Seattle but I think Detroit or another team will throw big money at him and he will follow the green. Good for him. Time to get paid Golden – you deserve it.

  33. Don’t understand the fans trashing Tate because he’s visiting Detroit. He obviously wants to stay and even against the advice of his agent he even said so in the media. But for the hawks to keep him the feeling has to be mutual and at the right price.

    And if the Lions are offering ridiculous money in comparison while rolling out the red carpet to come visit letting him know how much he’s wanted, which from all reports it sounds like what they’re doing, why WOULDN’T he go check them out? You would too.

    He said he’s be willing to take less to re-sign with Seattle, but there are limits. Would you be willing to stay at a job where you make 35% LESS? That’s the difference being reported and when you have a career when you only have a small amount of years to earn your income to secure the future for your family and it could end at any time from injury, you can’t hate a man for deciding that a couple million dollars a year is way too much money to leave on the table like that just to take a hometown discount. He doesn’t want to leave, but if he decides to I wish him only the best.

  34. This is the exact same situation with Burleson. They overpaid for a mediocre receiver. He is no different from Nate. His stats are right on par with him. Don’t need another Nate. As everyone knows Stafford loves to just throw the ball up and let his receivers go up and get it (without pass interference). He can only do that with Calvin. Needs to be able to do that with someone else to keep Calvin somewhat healthy. Tate is not the answer.

  35. Go push off, catch the ball by catching the guy who caught the ball, and lie about it in a different league, Tate.

  36. Imagine Tate in the slot and still getting Watkins in the draft across from CJ. Add Bush coming out of the backfield, Bell up the middle, and Fauria becoming a poor mans Jimmy Smith, who could stop them????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  37. Let Tate go! He’s not worth more than 5 million furthermore he’s a good player but Seattle can do better. We need an upgrade at the position. Let the Lions overpay for him. Bye bye. Wilson deserves some weapons. Go Hawks!

  38. In my Allen Iversom voice ” Seahawks?! The Seahawks?” Not.. Not the 3 time championship franchise that’s been here for a hundred years. Not the Lions who have had arguably the best running back of all time and now the host the best WR In the game and one of the best running backs in the game. But the Seahawks… A expansion team from 30 yrs ago that just finally this year! Finally won 1… 1! And now you’re good? Roflmao lol. Y’all bandwaggoners are plain ole losers really. The Seahawks suck. You can keep ur weak #%*+ WR Tate, because we beat you with him on your team. You are lucky you haven’t played us in the playoffs because we’d eat you’d children! Bums, get 2 more then talk to us… Til then,” Maybach, lay back, don’t even talk to me…”

  39. You want to leave the Super Bowl champions and go live in Detroit?!? LOL see ya, man, have fun with that.

  40. I wonder if we can get peppers for cheap n a wrong o n the draft along with a couple of guards n let Tate go even though he is valuable an brings a bravado n toughness to the wr core

  41. Would be interesting to see how Tate would do on a team without a qb that can buy so much extra time like Wilson. As some have said, he definitely does disappear in games and that’s because he’s not a great rout runner, he’s small, and he’s slow. But he’s shifty and tough, has good hands, and is a flat out playmaker. Thing is for the Seahawks is that they already have Baldwin and Kearse who play a similar role and what they really need is a true #1 meaning Tate is expendable because he’s a typical #2/3 receiver. If the Seahawks can bring him back without overpaying then I’d love to have him back. But if he chases the money, I wouldn’t blame him at all. Whoever gets him is getting a solid football player with a knack for making plays and is an awesome punt returner, just don’t expect huge numbers from him.

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