Raiders opt not to pay Veldheer, Houston

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The Raiders have more cap space than Abe Lincoln after getting his head shaved.  And yet two of their premier free agents are poised to get paid elsewhere.

It sends a bad message to the young players in the locker room, who may believe that the only way to get paid is to leave.  Still, the thinking is that the Raiders don’t regard Veldheer as a top left tackle.  One league source told PFT the Raiders believe he’s better suited to the right side.

As to defensive end Lamarr Houston (pictured), they can’t justify paying $7 million or more to a defensive end who is regarded more as a run-stuffer than a pass-rusher.

The Raiders will nevertheless have to spend somewhere.  It apparently won’t be on Veldheer, who has been linked to the Cardinals, or Houston, who has been linked to the Bears.

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  1. When a team has $70 million in cap space, they can sign any player they want. And when they dont want to resign their own players, that should tell you something about those players, just saying

  2. I’ve tried to be as supportive as possible. I’ve tried to be as patient as possible. But I’m about ready to jump on the “fire Reggie” bandwagon…

  3. If Mark is patient with Allen and Reggie they will build this team though the draft and adding smart team building FA’s not over pay for one single player but it will take time. Hard to say if Mark will give them the time needed to produce a great team.

  4. I really hope they know what their doing it looks like their going to stay patient and get good value later. This may be one of the best off seasons ever with the depth of free agency and the draft as well we HAVE to capitalize.

  5. Hard to keep the faith… or see the logic.
    Letting one or the other walk maybe, but both?

    Reggie, time to show your hand today,
    and if you blow it, us fans will not have your
    back anymore… Oh. And Revis isn’t it!

  6. Rumor has it Veldheer is taking less to go to the Cards so it’s hardly going to look like we don’t pay our own.

    Houston WAY over values himself. He wants top 5 money and while I love his work ethic his production just doesn’t say pay him that much.

    Having money isn’t a good excuse to burn it.

  7. Not what Raider fans want to hear…all the BS about building through the draft and rewarding your own is making Reggie and DA look like fools.

    Now Reggie has two huge gaping holes to fill that shouldn’t need to be filled…I’m sure now he is going to overspend for marginal players…again.

  8. but the real question is would Abe Lincoln want to be used in an analogy referencing the raiders?

  9. I don’t like that they may be losing Veldheer, but the only reason I have faith they are making the right decision is because of Sporano. I have to imagine the guy has some input and that his words carry some serious weight.

    As to Houston, wish he was staying, but not upset that they are letting him go if the numbers don’t work.

  10. As much as I am in favor of not splurging, I am deeply concerned that Reggie wont spend on keeping the only players that show promise for the team.

  11. I don’t mind letting Houston leave, to me he’s a three technique tackle masquerading as an end. Veldheer, though? Even if he’s just a right tackle….don’t we need one of those, too?

  12. i don’t get it ….. all that cap room ….. a weak roster, and they are letting good ones walk?

    what am i missing?

  13. I don’t like this one bit. Losing your best young offensive and defensive players in the same off-season sends a terrible message. Not only to the younger players on the roster, but also to fans.

    The roster is pretty barren on proven talent. There are way too many needs and number of holes has gotten larger now. I don’t see how Reggie can plug enough of them to put out a competitive roster next year.

  14. Taiwan Jones, Sebastian Janikowski, Marcel Reece, Tyvon Branch, Kalif Barnes, Jon Condo might not be well known players, but they all got paid. The message that is being sent is that you will get paid based on for your performance and that the scholarships are now over.

  15. Actually, thinking is that they offered Veldheer what they thought was fair market for his services, and he decided to look elsewhere. As for Houston, love the guy, but he’s one of those guys that tends to take a few plays off, and occasionally gets the boneheaded penalty. Hate to see them leaving, but wouldn’t want to bust the bank for either of them. From what I’ve heard through the grapvine, the holdup for Veldheer was the guaranteed money.. not the actual offer. And truthfully, until they are signed elsewhere, I won’t have a sky is falling mentality. Not to mention, Veldheer’s coming off a year where he was Pupped until the 11th or 12th game, and didn’t look that particularly impressive when he was in there. 4-12 team.. can’t really say there are too many pieces of it that I will cry over if they take their services elsewhere….

  16. If it were the Patriots not paying these guys, people would be commending them for not overpaying. Yet because it’s the Raiders, it sets a bad example. Enough already. These aren’t the Raiders of Al Davis circa 2002 to 2011. They have a GM who learned under Ron Wolfe and Ted Thompson not to overpay players beyond the value you believe they are worth.

    You guys (Florio and media alike) need to stop with the double standard and bias you continue to post here. Just because they have money to spend doesn’t mean they should overpay. Lord knows this site and every other would be the first ones ripping the Raiders if they did.

  17. The Raiders are trying to rebuild, they HAVE to keep their guys. Even if they have to over pay for guys they view as not too notch, they have to start somewhere.

  18. Do you overpay a player just to seem like you want to reward your players. Ask NE if they do that? They don’t. We are changing the philosphy of how we build teams now. And that’s not overpaying because of pressure from the fanbase. I don’t believe Reggie is a fool. I just believe he’s not going to be dictated too by the players and their overvalued opinion of their skills.

    But in saying that it’s hard to watch and he should overpay at least one of them….my choice would have been Veldheer.

  19. I fail to see any logic in letting your starting left tackle walk away without a solid contingency plan that doesn’t rely on who you MIGHT draft or sign.

  20. I know it’s only rumors right now, but they are in play for Revis at $16M but won’t pay their two best home grown players around that total? This just makes no sense to me, two young guys that have been getting paid very little for their time here and now we can’t reward them for what they’ve brought to the team?

  21. Those players aren’t really “premiere” free agents & wouldn’t be for most other teams. Both players/positions are easily replaceable through free agency. Try waiting until after free agency before you start complaining.

  22. Oh good grief ! When the Patriots spend wisely they are cap massaging geniuses . When the Raiders do it they want to lose . We have so many holes we need spend wisely . We need lots of bodies .

  23. Maybe its time to sell the team and start over.
    Why would any free agent want to come to Oakland. For the honor of playing in a stadium that is falling apart. With raw sewage flowing in the locker rooms. Playing half your home games on a Baseball infield. No wonder they have to overpay for players. Sad really.

  24. I love how people try to compare Reggie Mac to the Hall of Famer Al Davis. With Al Davis personnel wasn’t ever an issue. It was the low budget, under-qualified coaches that were the problem.

    You’re supposed to build a team from the inside out and they just let a Bookend LT and a run stopping/Pass rushing complete DE hit the open market. In which they put themselves in position where they had to overpay to keep them. Had they negotiated much earlier they would not have had to overpay.

    Reggie is not doing a good job. Reggie Mac is the 1st GM I know that has gone into his 3 year with team needs at QB,RB,WR,OT,G,DE,DT,LB,FS, and CB… He gets a F…no a F+ for emphasis.

    If the NFL had an expansion team this year their roster would be more stacked and solid than my Raiders. The Raiders have the worst most depleted NFL roster I have ever seen.

  25. I’m ready to face the fact that the Raiders are now what the Bengals were: a team that has no intention of paying anyone (and no intention of winning) and is happy to simply exist and collect the league’s shared revenue.

    Today, it appears that we’ll lose six starters: Veldheer, Houston, Jennings, Jenkins, Porter and Woodson plus McFadden and Ford. The only contributing player they resigned since ’13 ended is Taiwan Jones. The Reggie McKenzie era is a nightmare.

  26. I’d of kept Veldheer but not for what he thinks he is worth.Houston can walk he’s never been anything more than a glorified third down situational DE.The Raiders can now draft either Matthews or Robinson for their OL and get Derek Carr or Mettenberger in the second round.They don’t need big stars they need the right fits.

  27. Wow the Media says they are the best players on the roster….i can tell they wacth every raider game. Veldheer did nothing to impress me to over pay him he was hurt so how the hell can you say HES A SUPERSTAR really, Houston was a DE doing his job and so what give me G Allen anyday.

  28. That might be true about the PATS, but we can’t continue to try addition by subtraction. Two of our own Draft picks that could have been kept by transitional tags. Or at least keep the OT that has been healthy except for last year. Now you sign a guy or possible sign a guy from the rams that hasn’t played more than 14 games in one season. Then you try to sell it to the most loyal fan base in sports. Pure BS! Reggie has to stop with this arrogance that he is right in this crap of these are not my guys. I have never believed in that. Jackson should still be the coach, and he should have done the exact thing with the cap casualties. I think we would be better off today. Now this Revis thing if he pulls it off is a bone he is throwing all Raider fans. More BS. The key positions on a productive football team is QB, LT, DL, CB! Those are the four key positions all successful organizations have. Now if we get Revis, we have traded 2 for 1. How in the Hell does that spell success or winning! Sorry I’m not buying it. Fire his Ass!

  29. In about 30 minutes, we’ll find out if Reggie is a hero or a heel!! Not paying your own guys who are solid players at their positions isnt a good way to attract to others to come to Oakland…

    ..and if Reggie thinks Saffold is an acceptable replacement for Veldheer, I’m throwing in the towel on the Reggie experiment!!

  30. Because ratings tell it all.

    Valdheer is a project and is C+ material based on what he has done.

    99 is good but undisciplined, and needs to play smarter. I’d give him a B.

    Not worth breaking the bank for.

  31. McKenzie thinks he is still in Green Bay Glory Days where he had the luxury as an assistant watchin wolf make shrewd moves and signing discounted people later in free agency a la Charles Woodson and making a splash!

    Not gonna work in Oakland with the team we have. And our 12 yr run of losing. (8-24 with Mckenzie)

    He better be a GENIOUS and pull this of NOW!


    This 5 yr plan is looking more like another 12 yr debacle!

  32. By the way can anybody post any good decisions Reggie has made?

    And dont say cutting overpriced old guys.

    Thats not enough!

    Overpriced Old Guys get cut all the time on every team.

  33. Veldheer is not an elite left tackle, and Houston is not an elite defensive end. No need to force the issue and overpay guys, who, at most, were pretty good players on a talentless team. Good no-signs.

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