Captain Munnerlyn visiting the Vikings

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The Love Boat might not be sailing the shores of Minnesota any longer, but they might be getting a new Captain.

Panthers cornerback Captain Munnerlyn is visiting the Vikings, according to Ben Goessling of

Munnerlyn is a short but altogether serviceable cornerback, who can play the slot. He had 3.0 sacks and two interceptions for the Panthers last year, his fifth.

The former seventh-round came back to the Panthers last year on a one-year deal, but is looking for something bigger this time.

25 responses to “Captain Munnerlyn visiting the Vikings

  1. Vikes badly need some veteran leadership and cohesion in the secondary. Add a little talent to boot! Munnerlyn lets Josh Robinson go back outside. He was terrible in the slot last season.

  2. Munnerlyn is a solid player, and probably wouldn’t come too expensive for the Vikings, could be a nice grab for them.

  3. I guess the Panthers are just fine with having Cam and Luke, but refuse to have good players anywhere else on the freakin field.

    sorry, just a disgusted Panthers fan right now.

  4. As a Vikings fan, I have to admit that I chuckled when I read the lede to this article. Well done! I would have loved for the Vikings to land Verner yesterday. But I think Captain Munnerlyn is a great alternative to help boost the secondary.

  5. He’s about the best fit of the remaining CB’s in FA. He is quicker than fast and if he can shore up the nickel for us then it’s a huge improvement. The defense ranked next to last, but I can’t count the number of times the Vikes had them in 3rd and 6 or more only to watch the back of Robinson’s jersey chasing someone after the catch. He was single-handedly responsible for at least 25% of the 1st downs we gave up. The other was right u the middle where Joseph will help tremendously.

  6. Gosh Packer fans are just so witty! Using such clever and creative nicknames like “Speildope” or “That noodle armed Ponder chick”. Or how about such classic catchphrases like “Hapless and Tasteless” or “Let the Dynasty of Futility live on another 53 years!” Why, they’re regular Mark Twains with such biting wit! We should all bow to them, as they are clearly superior human beings because they root for a better football team. What would we know about football? We’re just the most delusional fans in the NFL! Where do we get off, making claims that we’re Super Bowl bound in every post?

    Oh, what’s that you say? Packer trolls are the one saying this and Packer fans are calling delusional even though no Viking fan actually said anything that could be considered as such? Impossible! The Packers have the smartest fan base in the NFL! No way they wouldn’t to be able to distinguish their own trolls from actual fans! We’re just lowly, uneducated Vikings fans. How dare we talk bad about our superiors! After all, they root for a better football team, so clearly they are not only better fans, they’re better people too! Oh how I long to be this undeservedly arrogant!

  7. I really hope that the Vikes sign him, The Vikes would be very competitive and he will be less expensive than Verneer, Byrd or Revis. A great veteran presence for the young guys we have or may draft!! Safty, linebacker, gaurd and of course Qb will be addressed in the draft. The Vikes have narrowed thier needs significantly!

  8. Any warm body would be an improvement for that secondary and Munnerlyn seems to a have a plan to get an overpriced offer from the vikings as a starting point for negotiations with better teams.

    On the other hand a player leaving a playoff team to play for the vikings tells you his goal is not winning but making money.

    It will be interesting to see which way this turns out.

  9. Rick Spielman, has made some great moves so far in free agency, Munnerlyn would be a great addition. Would love the addition of a younger free agent guard. The rest we can pick up in the draft!

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