Davin Joseph visiting the line-starved Rams today


The Rams are trying to stem the tide of linemen leaving town.

According to Jeremy Fowler of CBSSports.com, the Rams are hosting former Buccaneers guard Davin Joseph today.

They need the reinforcements, after losing Rodger Saffold to the Raiders, Chris Williams to the Bills and with Shelley Smith out making visits.

Joseph was cut by the Bucs after a disappointing return from knee surgery, but he has been a quality player in the past. If he’s well, he could help a line that needed several upgrades from last season.

6 responses to “Davin Joseph visiting the line-starved Rams today

  1. Wonder what Shiano is saying. Look at the whopping vein in his neck.

    “Drop down and give me 20!”

  2. This is a comment on the state of offensive line play in the NFL and perhaps the Rams organization. Considering the poor performance of the Rams O-line (this is what we constantly hear as an excuse for Bradford’s poor play), why are their O-linemen in such demand? Are there really so few O-linemen out there that even the Rams players are an upgrade? If their linemen are in such demand, what does this say about their coaching, when as a group they are “failing” to protect Bradford? Either Bradford is the problem or it is the coaching.

  3. Jake Long needs to be shifted to RT and they should sign a LT or draft Mathews.

    Long is a natural fit at RT at this point in his career, he looks like his lateral movement isn’t the best anymore as he approaches 30.

  4. Bradford fans love to blame the o-line for his failure to make plays but check the stats for his abbreviated season. Whether you consider ESPN’s Sack Par or just sack counts (prorated) he was in the middle of sacked guys.

    The top 12 guys were sacked 39 or more times. Bradford was sacked 15 times which works out to around 30 had he played all year.

    Bradford just doesn’t make plays. Stands there like a dope waiting for receivers to be open like they were in college.

  5. The Rams’ O-line was actually OK the last couple of years. This season, they tried to run a spread attack on offense that didn’t attack anyone. Once they emphasized the running game, the protection got better. The O-line is NOT the reason for Bradford’s lack of progress as a QB. As a previous commenter pointed out, he hangs onto the ball too long. He also does not look off his hot read as well as he should, does not excel in the Red Zone, and does not throw into space very well. Bradford also has an injury history.

    The Rams need to focus on drafting O-linemen, and take a pro-style QB in the early rounds. Rams are stuck with Bradford for another year or two, but need to plan now for a future with a better QB.

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