Dolphins replace Paul Soliai with Earl Mitchell


While the Dolphins were awaiting work from Randy Starks, and as they wathed Paul Soliai walk out the door, they made sure they had a Plan B in place.

According to Adam Beasley of the Miami Herald, the Dolphins locked up Texans defensive tackle Earl Mitchell with a four-year, $16 million deal, with $9 million guaranteed.

That’s a much smaller deal than Soliai got from the Falcons (five years, $33 million), for a younger player who was good against the run for the Texans.

While overshadowed by some of the bigger deals the Dolphins were making on the other side of the line (signing Branden Albert and trading Jonathan Martin), it was a solid piece for a defense that risked losing its anchors inside.

13 responses to “Dolphins replace Paul Soliai with Earl Mitchell

  1. smart move. we already have a formidable pass rush so all we really needed from that position is to keep the middle plugged. well played Mr. Hickey

  2. If they re-sign Starks, that and keeping Grimes are a great success to the start of the 2014 season. Everyone else added is merely sugar on top. Nice job by Hickey, Philbin and Aponte.

  3. Mitchel is no Stud, but he takes on multiple Lineman and allowed JJ Watt to become more famous than he should. A solid run stopper and a fair Contract. Jeff Ireland is starting to look like a blur. Nice work Fins

  4. Never heard of the guy. “Formidable pass rush!!!!” ROFL! Against whom?? Teams without even average lines at best? The Dolphins pass rush is an absolute joke!

  5. cimmerian77…………….I was thinking the exact same thing. I do not think people realize how bad Miami’s defense was last year. They had little to no pass rush when it mattered the most and they could not stop even average running backs. One of those linebackers still has to go.

  6. At least it looks like there is some back up plans going on!!! THIS IS FINALLY A POSITIVE THING!!! Maybe Philbin is gonna make a run & it BETTER be a good one it is do or die for him!!! I like it….. GO FINS!!!

  7. cimmerian77

    Miami was one of the top teams in the league in defensive sacks and qb pressure, seriously, do some research before you make a fool of yourself.

  8. I think that the Dolphins defensive scheme called for the DTs to occupy blockers so that LBs and safetys could make the tackles and the sacks. It was the LBs and DEs that let us down.
    Soliai will be missed but we should have kept Karlos Dansby. But, of course, we always cut from the top of the roster to pay for new expensive free agents.

  9. I agree, posters should do their homework before spouing off. Example – realfootballfan.. Mitchell is 4 years younger than Solai, he is a 4-3 defensive lineman while Solai fits the 3-4 mold. One of the reasons Miami struggled against the run (they did not struggle getting pressure cimmerian77 – check the stats), is because Solai is not a gap d lineman, he is a guy that needs to line up over the center and occupy 2 blockers. Mitchell is the same player Starks was when we got him 4 years ago. He is super quick and athletic which is what the 4-3 calls for. This is a great signing, and with the money they save vs paying Solai, they can afford to resign Starks, or add another veteran olineman. Some of you guys really need to get a clue about what you’re talking about. You are either too lazy to do your homework before posting, or your a troll looking to stir the pot on everything Dolphins related.

  10. I dont know if i was imagining this but the defence did seem to give up quite a lot 3rd and longs mostly to short passes / screens negating our pass rush. Very frustrating we need to do something about that.

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