Dolphins seal Randy Starks deal

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The Dolphins were reportedly close to a deal keeping defensive tackle Randy Starks in Miami on Wednesday morning.

Mike Garafolo of FOX Sports reports that the deal is done on Wednesday afternoon. Per Garafolo, it’s a two-year, $12 million deal for the 10-year NFL veteran and six-year member of the Dolphins defensive line.

With Paul Soliai jumping to Atlanta, retaining Starks became an even bigger priority for the Dolphins. They’ve also signed former Texans defensive tackle Earl Mitchell and the duo should make up the interior of the defensive line in the 2014 season.

Starks, who ranked 29th on PFT’s Hot 100 list of free agents, has been a durable player for the Dolphins, never missing a game in his six years with the team, and has been productive against both the run and the pass. He’ll turn 31 in December, so the length of the pact should work well for the team as it will give them some time to identify and acquire a potential replacement before Starks moves on by either his choice or the team’s decision.

16 responses to “Dolphins seal Randy Starks deal

  1. Great signing and a great deal for the dolphins. The D line is now set. Just need some secondary help now. Maybe a CB or a general DB that can play CB nickel or FS. Still need a lot of O line help and RB. But things are shaping up nicely for the Fins. Fins Up!

  2. Starks has been an excellent contributor on both pass and run defense over the past few years. I am very happy he will remain with the Dolphins. Looks like we got a good replacement for Solai from the Texans, hope he will be a producer. SO far, so good in free agency. Keep up the good work! Go Dolphins!

  3. Very pleased with this signing- he’s a great player. Now go get some more offensive linemen please.

  4. So far so good. We’ve hit on 3 out of 4 signings. The Delmas deal was not good. What we had in Clemons was a a little better but we pretty much broke even. We’re not really over spending to get guys which is new. Kudos to you Mr Hickey.

    ~Dolphins Fan

  5. Brent Grimes basically summarized why Dennis Hickey is going to be a good to great GM. A reporter asked him why he chose Miami and Grimes replied “because the team made me feel like they really wanted me'” Jeff Ireland always made players feel like he was doing them some huge favor by offering them a contract. The fact that this was Ross’ 3rd choice might also me a good sign. Usually he is wrong the first couple of times so maybe he hit a home run with Mr. Hickey!

  6. We won’t be able to judge Hickey’s choice of players until he has a competent coaching staff to properly use them. 2014 will be a throwaway year unless Philbin gets fired in-season, but that may mean we’re already out of the playoffs.

  7. Almost a perfect all positive comment section except for @wannstache. Does anyone know what team this Troll supports, my guess is the lowly Jets.

    Anyway, Hickey has been spot on and the deals are sound if not frugal. I just hope we get another OL preferably RT before they are all gone. Maybe a RB as the market is slow for them. The Guards and LB in the Draft.

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