O’Brien Schofield’s deal with Giants on hold

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The Giants re-signed linebacker Jon Beason on Wednesday, but a deal they struck with another linebacker on Tuesday is on hold.

Ian Rapoport of NFL Network reports that the Giants’ deal with linebacker O’Brien Schofield has not gone through. The holdup is reportedly questions about Schofield’s knee raised during his physical with the team.

Schofield tore his ACL at the 2010 Senior Bowl, but his only notable injury in the NFL was an ankle issue that forced him onto injured reserve after seven games in the 2012 season. Schofield played 15 games in the regular season for the Seahawks last season and saw action in two of their three playoff contests.

The deal Schofield initially signed was for two years and $8 million and the two sides could try to reconnect on a new pact that reflects whatever concerns the Giants may have. Or the Giants may just decide to move onto other options now that they’ve got Beason back in the fold for the 2014 season.

20 responses to “O’Brien Schofield’s deal with Giants on hold

  1. Schofield deserves better than that. The Giants sign another LB and feel good about the position, but realize they might have overpaid and now they’re going to play games with Schofield? Not cool.

  2. Packer should swoop in, another former Badger that wouldn’t have a problem playing in Wisconsin.

    Has a decent history of injuries too so he would fit in well in GB.

  3. You could tell that initial news of the signing leaked from Schofield himself or his agent. I don’t think 2 years $8M represented the true value of the agreement. Now that it appears the agreement was reported before the contract was actually signed… I’d say my suspicion is confirmed.

  4. HEY 8M is 8M, so buyer better be ware!
    Actually, the idea of checking a player out, no matter what team he goes to, is one excellent way to protect your investment!

  5. Cardinal fan, and always liked Scholfields potential….however, he never was able to show it.

    Those knees are BAD.

    Too bad….

  6. Sucks for Schofield. And that’s odd, I’m certain there wasn’t any news of an injury all season.

  7. Beason is a MLB….Schofield is a OLB/Small DE; they play two totally different positions. Re-signing Beason has no bearing on Schofield. Either the Giants do have legit concerns or Reese realized that he totally overpayed and is being shrewd.

  8. The Giants are a classless organization. They cost that man a lot of money now. The league should make them pay the man the guaranteed money and release him to go to a class organization.

  9. So wait, the Giants should try to to be more like the Eagles? Are you delusional? You have no rings, the country recognizes you as a failure organization, and your history of signing criminals speaks for itself.

    The man is being questioned by doctors as he has a history of injuries. That makes us intelligent, not classless. Take a page out of our book, since you’ve failed for 50 years and counting.

  10. 24 hours of everyone making fun of them for giving 8 million dollars to a guy who had 8 tackles and 1 sack last year and all of a sudden they see a problem with his knee.

    Things that make you go hmmmmm………..

  11. Giants can’t even lock up a role playing non starter.

    making some power moves this offseason huh fellas?

    i know i know,
    past superbowls yada yada yada.
    empty cases in philly bla bla bla

    but you stink now & it’s funny.

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