One-third of PFT’s top 100 free agents reach deals on Day One

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If it seemed like there was a lot of action on the first day of free agency . . . well, there was.

By our count, 33 of PFT’s top 100-ranked free agents struck deals on Tuesday.

Overall, 39 members of the PFT Free Agent Hot 100 had reached contract agreements through Day One, including six re-signings before Tuesday.

Five other top 100 free agents can be signed away from their current clubs, but interested teams must surrender draft-pick compensation, whether in restricted free agency or because of the franchise or transition tag in unrestricted free agency.

Add it up, and 44-of-100 players on the Hot 100 either have deals or have received contract tenders.

The lone unsigned/untagged free agent in the top 10 is wideout Eric Decker (No. 8), with cornerback Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie (No. 11) second on the list of high-rated free agents yet to find a home.

By coincidence, Decker and Rodgers-Cromartie played for the Broncos last season. Moreover, they played quite well.

So yes, the free agent ranks haven’t completely been thinned just yet.

But some of the biggest deals are already done, and a material chunk of cash is gone.

Just like that.

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  1. “Listen, we have smart fans. So they are smart enough to understand that just like we have in years past, we’re gonna make the decisions as best we can for our club moving forward,” Payton said. “And they’re gonna be able to read closely between the lines and understand that we’re gonna be in good shape. They’re not gonna be in a panic. They’re gonna be confident, just the same way we are. …


  2. What are the stats of signings regarding players who didn’t make the list? That I can’t keep track of off-hand without spending a lot of time and aggravation on it and I’d really like to know the data.

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