Steelers bring back Will Allen, Greg Warren

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The Steelers stepped out of character yesterday, signing Panthers safety Mike Mitchell to a five-year, $25 million deal.

Today’s deals were much more Steelers-like, as they announced new one-year deals for long snapper Greg Warren and reserve safety Will Allen.

Allen came back to the Steelers midseason last year after being cut by the Cowboys, allowing him to play in 17 games in a season (since he didn’t sync up his bye weeks).

Warren has spent his entire career with the Steelers, after joining the team as an undrafted rookie in 2005.

12 responses to “Steelers bring back Will Allen, Greg Warren

  1. GREAT signing on Will Allen.
    Great value. Very underrated. The guy has a nose for the ball…forcing fumbles, recovering fumbles, intercepting passes. Solid against the run, too.
    Also a great locker room/high character person.

  2. Allen knows the Steelers’ D system and certainly is comfortable in it which helps give the Steelers depth and ability to transition to the younger players.

    The Warren signing is a no-brainer as he’s been their long snapper for years. He surely gave the Steelers a good price/value or they would’ve gone in a different direction to save money.

  3. Now we can draft who we want at #15. A future Pro Bowler, no doubt.

    Mike Evans

  4. JJ cuts Will Allen and at Pittsburgh he looks like a potential all-pro!

    And the cowboys wonder why these lose!

    Maybe its because their GM goes to the Oscars while other GMs are making football moves!

  5. With the extension given to Polamalu, the signing of the Safety from Carolina, and now resigning Allen……what is the plan for Shamarko Thomas? I thought Shamarko was supposed to take over for Ryan Clark.

  6. Obviously, they feel Shamarko is not ready yet. Also, it’s my understanding that Mitchell can play either safety position which provides flexibility and additional depth. With Troy playing more of a LB hybrid on many downs, the more athletic bodies we get behind him the better.

  7. Shamarko played Strong Safety in college and will take over once Troy slows down… Mitchell is a true free safety Will Allen has played both free and strong safety in his career… Im just worried about Mitchell alot of money tied up on a guy who had one good year hope he is worth it looks good on film and paper from last year

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