Tracy Porter visiting Giants

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In search of help at the cornerback position, the New York Giants are taking a look at former New Orleans Saints Super Bowl hero Tracy Porter.

According to Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network, Porter is visiting the Giants after spending last season with the Oakland Raiders.

The Giants suffered injuries to the cornerback position that saw Trumaine McBride and Prince Amukamara elevated into starting roles. Corey Webster and Aaron Ross each appeared in just four games with the Giants before being lost for the year to injury.

In addition, Webster, Ross and Terrell Thomas are all unrestricted free agents for the Giants. McBride was schedule to be a free agent as well but re-signed with the team on Tuesday.

Porter had a strong bounce-back season with the Raiders last season after a myriad of issues in 2012. While with the Denver Broncos, Porter suffered a seizure and the aftereffects forced him to miss a significant amount of time. When he did returned, he suffered a concussion and was unable to play in the playoffs.

With Oakland last season, Porter started all 16 games. He racked up 67 tackles with two interceptions and even 1.5 sacks.

16 responses to “Tracy Porter visiting Giants

  1. I think i like this? I’d be happy with Graham or Porter at this point, and draft a decent 2nd or 3rd round CB to learn the ropes behind them.

  2. Seems like the giants do this every year, right ? Pick up a bunch of has beens or never was. Tell ya what, as long as they find a way to shore up that pathetic Offensive line, I’ll be happy. I’m seeing another .500 season or worse again this year. Hopefully Bill Cowher will come out of retirement to be the G-men’s coach very soon.

  3. I like the Ideal or Mr. Porter on the Giants. AND YES IAM A GIANT FAN FOR LIFE. But I don’t think the Giants are willing to pay him alot, but he would be a great pick up.

  4. I thought Allen and McKensie said the destruction phase was over and the construction phase had begun? So far all the best players Veldeer,Huston,Jennings and now Porter have left for other teams.

    The construction phase has begun with contracts to McFraggile and “I want to Hold Your Hand” KALIF BARNES
    Oh we replaced veldeer with a often injuried safford from rams at a 30% increase over jarrads contract

    We will not win 3 games next year sell the season tickets boys this CLOWN CIRCUS brought to you by Mark “Bad hair do” DAVIS is not his dad’s RAIDERS

    with players leaving for less money than the raiders offer allot can be said about the coaches who SUK and should have been dumped

  5. Giants should have tried to get one of the top corners or safteys.There secondary is awful and they never fix it Porter isn’t the answer ,they need more help then that

  6. Giants picked up Sam MAdison in 2007 late in his career. Everyone complained. Same for RW mcQuarters. In 2011 it was Deon Grant..Everyone complained.

    Reese has 2 SB’s under his belt in 6 years. I think he knows what he is doing and knows you win some, lose some in free agency.


  7. Good player while with the Saints, but could never stay healthy, last year may be the first time he played a complete season…stay on the field and you have a good corner.

  8. Prince was already a starter. He is the best corner for NYG. McBride got elevated into the role after Webster went down (as expected). Wish they would bring back Terrell. Ross and Webster…good bye!

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