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Jaguars sign Chris Clemons

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For the second time since the start of free agency, a starting defensive lineman from Seattle is heading to Jacksonville.

Chris Clemons, who started 11 games at defensive end for the Seahawks last season, will sign with the Jaguars. It’s a four-year contract, according to Albert Breer of NFL Network.

Clemons will be reunited with Jaguars head coach Gus Bradley, who was the Seahawks’ defensive coordinator from 2009 to 2012. It’s also a reunion with defensive lineman Red Bryant, who started 15 games for the Seahawks last year and signed with the Jaguars this week.

When healthy, Clemons was an excellent pass rusher in Bradley’s defense: In the three seasons that Clemons played for Bradley, he had 11, 11 and 11.5 sacks. Clemons tore his ACL in the playoffs after the 2012 season and got off to a slow start in 2013, but if he’s all the way back in 2014, his acquisition could be a big part of the Jaguars turning their defense around.

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22 Responses to “Jaguars sign Chris Clemons”
  1. dukeearl says: Mar 13, 2014 10:41 AM

    Good pickup by the jaguars…
    the 12s will miss you Chris!

  2. Revis and Buttfumble says: Mar 13, 2014 10:41 AM

    Didnt see that one coming… (eye roll). On paper the Jags are making great moves, will it translate on the field is the only question

  3. billytodd2013blbaad says: Mar 13, 2014 10:43 AM

    The Jags seem to be trying to actually build a team finally, now if they could only find that missing franchise QB that’s never been there.

  4. bucrightoff says: Mar 13, 2014 10:43 AM

    The Jacksonville Seahawks and Tampa Bay Bears have been active in free agency.

  5. jazsrt says: Mar 13, 2014 10:43 AM

    Jaguars = Seattle Seahawks South.

    Bucs = Chicago Bears South.

  6. 12thmanjosh says: Mar 13, 2014 10:44 AM

    Good luck Clem the 12thman nation will miss your hard work

  7. kivory82 says: Mar 13, 2014 10:55 AM

    Keep them coming Gus & Dave. Great Signing!!

  8. realnflmaster says: Mar 13, 2014 11:23 AM

    It’s not hard to see the Jags have embarrassed the Bucs with their great moves.

  9. jagsfan2012 says: Mar 13, 2014 11:28 AM

    The Jags are quietly have one of the best off seasons in the NFL. Granted, the hole that we dug for ourselves is huge and I’m not expecting to be a SB contender. However, I believe our logo will be up there with other “in the hunt” teams when it comes to week 13, 14. We also have 11 draft picks in May’s (not April, which irks me) draft. The arrow is pointing up. I’m excited for this year. I think 8-8, 9-7. A lot depend on the draft and QB.

  10. schmitty2 says: Mar 13, 2014 11:38 AM

    Really like the moves the Jags are making. Now if they can have a smart draft (not drafting a punter in the 3rd round) they can bet set up to be a really good team in the near future.

  11. oreo51 says: Mar 13, 2014 11:39 AM

    The Jags got the two older Seahawks that are slowing down. Neither Red nor Clem will see the end of their contracts.

  12. mikebrownistheworstownerinprosports says: Mar 13, 2014 12:02 PM

    Jaguars are making outstanding moves. Nothing over the top, just solid moves. I’d be excited about it. Now if the can find that franchise QB.

    Signed, a Bengals fan

  13. robigd says: Mar 13, 2014 12:11 PM

    For those not paying attention. This is how you do it. Accumulate draft picks and sign solid players who won’t break the bank.

  14. todoubled says: Mar 13, 2014 12:11 PM

    I am impressed with the Jags free-agent swing…picking up Beadles, Bryant and Clemons and trading Gabbert among others.

  15. jaxboydavid says: Mar 13, 2014 1:03 PM

    Might as well call us the Seaguars. But seriously, Jags will be no joke soon just like Seattle isn’t right now.

  16. 12thmanseattle says: Mar 13, 2014 1:21 PM

    Good Signing for you guys. I wish you guys the best of luck this season. Id like to see the Jags do big things having Gus bring in a lot of ex Hawks. It will be interesting to see how his ability to evaluate talent of guys that weren’t Seahawks will pan out because so far he’s making all of the right moves. Throw in a couple good high draft picks and a Franchise Qb and the Jags are about to be an exciting team to watch

  17. 78jaguar says: Mar 13, 2014 2:03 PM

    The arrow is FINALLY pointing up in Jacksonville. Fill both lines (Offensive and Defensive) with Super Bowl quality starters, and supplement thru the draft, with young talent with fresh legs (and cheap contracts). Feels good to be a Jag fan with a viable GM at the helm.

  18. hawkfan50 says: Mar 13, 2014 2:06 PM

    Really glad to see the Jags making these moves ; trust me Jag fans , your team is going to improve in leaps and bounds , & you have a damn good head coach . Make some wise choices in the draft and you’ll contend . Your D-line is already looking solid …

    Good luck Clem & Cornbread Red ! Nothing but love for ya in Seahawk Nation .

  19. warjag55 says: Mar 13, 2014 2:15 PM

    Good signings with still $42 million to move on. So far only value picks or older players that are accustomed to the scheme that will fit right in.

    11 picks in the draft. Will be able to cherry pick or take chances

  20. 303bengalguy says: Mar 13, 2014 2:32 PM

    Been saying it since about the middle of this past season, I think right after they gave the Broncos all they could handle… I’d rather be in the Jags boat than some other teams who’d won more games than them the past few seasons. IMO, their prospects are brighter than:
    to name a few. And their signings are proving that I would think. (I would have put TB, WAS and MIN on that list too but they made requisite coaching changes and are also looking up now)

  21. juliusanonymous says: Mar 13, 2014 3:40 PM

    Gus Bradley is a great coach who brings a winning culture to Jacksonville, which was so badly needed. Big things ahead for the Seahawks South.

    I’ll be rooting for the Jaguars in 2014. They’re my new AFC team. Heck, most of the 12th Man will be rooting for them. And they’re going to dominate the AFC very soon.

    Go Jags!!

  22. seaeagle707 says: Mar 13, 2014 5:54 PM

    Chris and RGIII went down with ACL’s in the same game. RGIII rushed it through rehab and you saw what kind of a year he had in 2013. Clemons took his time (at Pete’s insistence), and he played in the Super Bowl. I wish him nothing but, great success in Florida.

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