PFT One-on-one: McCown taking his talents to Tampa Bay

Josh McCown joins PFT to discuss why he signed with the Bucs. McCown tells Mike Florio part of the reason he wanted to play in Tampa was to reconnect with his former coach, Lovie Smith. McCown also says he just felt comfortable with what the coaches needed from him and it seemed like a good fit.

5 responses to “PFT One-on-one: McCown taking his talents to Tampa Bay

  1. I want to like the guy but he totally dismissed last years Bucs. Lovie was even worse, ” We’re trying to wash last years 4-12 out of our mouth”. Glennon and Penn played their hearts out for Tampa last year and these ego freaks can’t even mention their names.

  2. ummm, they should be dismissed. To go 0-8 to start the season with the talent that was there speaks loudly of an inexperienced and moronic former regime. Absolutely shameful. Thankfully we now have a coach who has the testicular fortitude to tell it like it is and bring back a winning atmosphere. If you are a fan of running stunts for the hell of it and paying too much for unproven talent then schiano, sheridan, and dominik are your guys. If there is a God than those schmucks will be bagging groceries somewhere.

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