PFT: Panthers cut Steve Smith

The Carolina Panthers cut long-time receiver Steve Smith on Thursday. Mike Florio discusses what happened in Carolina that led to this surprising decision.

2 responses to “PFT: Panthers cut Steve Smith

  1. Earth to Reggie McKenzie and puppet Master Mark baby Davis…Hello. !!!!!!! Get on the phone ! Here is your Veteran Receiver, Locker Room Leader etc….
    Will have to move him and his pregnant wife, if you want him to come. Only going to team where he can be close to them. Act fast or Gamba Bay will grap him. Problem is Reggie has never been proactive or fast, so one can only dream. Maybe Mark Davis can take his silver spoon out of his mouth for a second and get on the phone. He really needs to get someone with some creditability to bring folks to Oakland, his Administration has None.

  2. Probably got sick of all the scraps he gets into on the field. Seems to have an attitude problem. I don’t really see leadership when I look at him on the field.

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