Report: Cortland Finnegan to meet with Dolphins


The Dolphins are reportedly slated to meet with an experienced starting cornerback who’s trying to bounce back after a tough 2013 season.

According to Albert Breer of NFL Network, Miami will host former Rams corner Cortland Finnegan on Friday.

Just two years ago, Finnegan was regarded as one of the best free agents in the Class of 2012, and he signed a lucrative deal with St. Louis. However, he was limited to just seven games last season because of an injured thigh and a broken orbital bone, and the Rams released him last week.

Long known for his toughness and feistiness, the 30-year-old Finnegan has notched 601 tackles and 18 interceptions. If he could recapture his best form, the 5-foot-10, 179-pound cornerback would strengthen any defense. The Dolphins, it appears, are the first to give him a longer look.

21 responses to “Report: Cortland Finnegan to meet with Dolphins

  1. looking at finnegan, added delmas, looks like hickey is trying to add some toughness and a mean streaks to that defense, not a bad thing. helped tampa for a long time.

  2. they’ll give him one year at 3.5, he’ll do great and similar to Grimes he’ll command
    serious money next year. Not only that, but he’ll bring his arrogance which will be welcomed when playing the Pats & Jets.

  3. If Cortland Finnegan is the solution to your CB problems, you probably aren’t expecting to compete for a playoff berth.

    Dude was awful in STL last year. AWFUL.

  4. Just the kind of high-character, problem-free guy they need to add to that lockerroom. Gas, meet fire…..

  5. Before you Fins fans get excited I would caution you to watch the highlights of the Thurs night game with San Fran last year where got totally abused by the fasest wr in the league Anquan Boldin (sarcasm). That game was his short season in a nutshell.

  6. Good corner but when miami goes to play in refboro he will draw a flag for just looking at Brady.

  7. A clean slate and a change of scenery should be good for him. Fins should sign him to a one year prove it deal. Low risk high reward

  8. This team has needed attitude for a long time give him a 1 year deal to see if he can hang & see what happens. STL was terrible every where last year Carrol was toasted the last 6 games of the season last year so it can’t get much worse so go for it!!!

  9. Getting a new corner would be a solid for the dophins defense but how many teams in the AFC East have any good receivers? or QBs for that matter too.

  10. The Dolphins’ GM should turn and run full-speed in the other direction. That’ll take care of it because Finnegan wouldn’t be able to catch him.

  11. The Trolls from the Patsies and the J-E-S-T-S fan with the doom and gloom of any player the Dolphins pick up is apparent.
    The Dolphins should sign him as everyone as a bad year and he did have inguries. I like the idea if he doesn’t work out they won’t keep him.
    Enough said about it really.
    I like that the Patsies sign Revis, to 12 million mean they won’t have to much more money left to sign other players. And now Vince Wolford wants out.
    Brady will be 37 tic toc tic toc, time is running out.
    No body scared of the Patsies any more they weapons have been down grade to a sling shot.

  12. I don’t know what happened to him last year but we loved him in Tennessee. He was also pretty damn good his first year in STL. So if I was a GM I’d take a shot on him.

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