Report: Steve Smith release coming later today


Much like the Buccaneers in their futile attempt to move Darrelle Revis and his contract, the Panthers have been dragging their heels on Steve Smith, praying someone would trade for him.

They’ve apparently realized that’s not happening.

According to Bill Voth of SportsXchange, the Panthers will release Smith today, ending his 13-year career with the team.

Smith has already indicated on his Twitter feed that he intends to keep playing, which will make for a fascinating choice.

His wife is pregnant with their fourth child and he’s settled in Charlotte, so he doesn’t want to go far. And while he’s matured, he has enough spite left in him that sticking it to the Panthers after a graceless exit is something that might appeal to him.

That makes Tampa Bay (where his close friend Josh McCown just signed) a possibility, though he’ll have several options.

Teams may not be buying the same game-breaking player he once was. But they’re getting one that’s highly motivated to prove a point.

Just as Panthers General Manager Dave Gettleman apparently was.

50 responses to “Report: Steve Smith release coming later today

  1. While talented you can bet he doesn’t have the class to leave without humiliating himself.

  2. The tenure of the greatest player the Panthers have ever had should not have ended this way. This one was botched badly. Sad day for for Panthers nation. Thanks Steve! Go get your ring, and come back and retire a Panther one day!

  3. Note to Jerry Jones:Go get Steve Smith.A player who is nasty and who balls day in and day out.Unlike the two sweeties you just cut(Ware and Austin).

  4. I hate to see him leave. No one outside of Charlotte knows the positive impact he has on the community here. But Steve, if you have to go, and I know you do, please get out of our division!!! The last thing we want is to have to face you twice next season. Gettleman made a huge mistake. It must be the Yankee in him. Not saying letting you go was wrong. But he should have talked to you about it before spouting off to the media. Good luck Steve. Panther Nation will always love you and remember the things you did for our team and community.

  5. The Charlotte Observer reports that Gettleman wants to hand over team leadership to Cam. The idea that Gettleman is handing over greater responsibility to Cam, by disrespecting the best all-time, player is absurd. What kind of message does that send to everybody in the organization. The only thing Gettleman has ever managed is his computer AND IT SHOWS. HE HAS ZERO PEOPLE SKILLS.

    If the team regresses, Gettleman should be tarred, feathered(not just his heels) and run out of town on a rail.

  6. How exactly would Tampa be an option he’s not in the same league as Jackson or Williams any longer and last I checked his ego would never let him be a slot or “3rd” WR .

  7. He needs to go to New England.

    And Panthers fans if you want to treat gettleman like how the eagles fans did with joe banner and Miami fans with Jeff Ireland go ahead.

    This will be the first 2013 playoff Team out of the 2014 playoffs only because of the GM’s ego and subtractions.

  8. Good luck Steve. Hopefully we will actually have enough players to field a team to play against you this season. Here’s to hoping McNutt learned enough under you as he is now our top receiver…

  9. As a Saints fan, I hope that he goes to the AFC or NOLA. He still gets under my skin, but I respect his love for the game and the way he competes.

  10. His attitude fits perfectly in Purple and Black…can’t wait to hear Ozzie officially announce his signing!

  11. Him and Brady would be lethal. I wouldn’t be surprised if Smith would be willing to take a one year deal, similar to Revis, but a lot less money.

  12. Would love to see the Jets sign him too. Three years $25 million with $15 million guaranteed I think is fair for both sides. This way Jets can focus on OL & DB in the draft–the two positions you really need to draft talent in order to get players worth having. Not having to fill a hole at WR would let them take a flier on a QB they feel has potential to be a starter with one of their 12 picks.

  13. @ all the ravens fans posting about him going to Baltimore

    Steve Smith is under six feet tall and all Joe Flacco throws is jump balls… Not really a good fit in that situation.

  14. Fans of all teams are saying please come here that will be a great move.

    However, if Smith signed with Washington or Cleveland, or Oakland, those same fans would come on here and say, “worst move ever. They are clueless. I can’t believe they don’t know anything about football.”

    This is how posting goes on here. “Armchair GMs”

  15. I’m not sure I buy that he wants to stay close to Charlotte. This guy is hungry and wants to be in the Hall of Fame. He is already in the top 20 of all time yards with bums like Matt Moore, Randy Fasani, Jake Delhomme, and Jimmy Clausen passing to him.

    He is going to want to go to a team with an elite quarterback. I could see him signing with New England or Denver.

  16. Well their draft board shouldn’t be too hard to guess. No Ginn, no LaFell, no Smith.. WOW

  17. Hate to say this to all Pats/Broncos/Chargers fans begging for Smith but there’s already been reports confirming that Steve Smith is in fact interested in joining the Ravens. Do you know which other teams he’s expressed interest in? NONE. So unless your franchise is willing to overpay? I doubt Smith will uproot his family for a 2 year stint and join your team.

    Steve Smith- BAL
    Edelman- CLE
    Nicks- CAR

    NE- (crickets) followed by the obnoxious fans “That’s alright we’ve got Brady they can just throw anybody in there, we didn’t want those guys anyway!”

  18. The Titans only have major depth in one area–wide receiver. If that wasn’t the case, I would LOVE to have this guy on my team.

    – Titans Fan in Charlotte

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