Tracy Porter finds another job with the Redskins


Well-traveled Tracy Porter has a new home.

The veteran cornerback has agreed to a new deal with the Redskins, according to Dianna Russini of NBC 4 in Washington.

Porter had visited the Giants already before signing with the secondary needy Redskins.

Though not as many people saw it, Porter played well last year for the Raiders after a frustrating 2012 with the Broncos, that saw him suffer a seizure and miss considerable time.

The former Saints Super Bowl hero should lend some stability to the Redskins secondary, which brought DeAngelo Hall back to lead a young group.

23 responses to “Tracy Porter finds another job with the Redskins

  1. Although the date is TBD your good buddy Marshawn Lynch looks forward to seeing you again next year in the game in Washington


  2. Good pickup assuming they didn’t pay more than 3.5 million a year. This guy is a cover corner who can play the slot and that is exactly who the Skins needed.

    Still think Walter Thurmond would have been a better pickup though.

  3. He is turrrrible. It’s like having another, but less talented, D Hall. Gives up maddening plays at the wrong times.

    The moment the Broncos had enough/pretended he was hurt the rest of the year was when suddenly their defense got good. It was not a coincidence.

  4. Mixed feelings about this one. Asante Samuel part II. You’re gonna have to COVER in order to stay in this league and these guys COVER is about to get BLOWN if they don’t figure it out. D. Hall figured it out n he’s still ballin’. SKINZ4LIFE!!!

  5. Not a loss for Raiders. He has little left in the tank and got burned and run over constantly last year.

  6. T. Porter turned his back on the Lord 3 Years ago, and was punished by being sent to the black hole (as prophesied). Now that he has accepted the light, he was hand picked by our true HC, Saint RG3 and will now be a part of a 5-year Redskins Dynasty. #LordsTeam

  7. Joke of free agency by Oakland. But based on what we already know — which is hilarious — the Raiders have now reached the stage where they can’t even give money to people. It’s a wonder, frankly, how they get anyone to take their calls.

  8. This guy is still playing? I thought he was still in a low earth orbit after that stiff arm by Lynch…

  9. isn’t he a Jim Hasslet guy?

    like Eddie Murphy once said: if you’ve been starving in the desert for weeks and someone gives you a cracker.

    I’ll take it.

  10. Reggie Mckenzie loses another decent player wow.
    How does he keep his job. I guess he’s lucky that Mark Davis is equally clueless..

  11. Tracy Porter was alright last year for the Raiders, he was not a shutdown corner by any means. With Deangelo Hall and Tracy Porter the Redskins will have the smallest and weakest cornerback tandem in the league.

  12. DeAngelo Hall is going to be a Nickel back or move to FS the starting CBs are going to be David Amerson and Tracy Porter.

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