Dominique-Rodgers Cromartie, Jared Allen among best free agents left

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So who’s left in free agency?

Good question.

Here are the top unsigned/untagged unrestricted free agents in PFT’s  free agent rankings, which were updated this afternoon with the addition of a noted advocate for a key component of the “RICE” method:

12.  Broncos cornerback Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie.

18.  Vikings defensive end Jared Allen.

23.  Giants wide receiver Hakeem Nicks.

26.  Packers defensive end B.J. Raji.

29.  Ravens offensive tackle Michael Oher.

34.  Bears defensive tackle Henry Melton.

35.  Patriots wide receiver Julian Edelman.

39.  Steelers wide receiver Emmanuel Sanders.

40.  Texans running back Ben Tate.

42.  Ex-Panthers wide receiver Steve Smith

44.  Bears defensive end Corey Wootton.

45.  Packers wide receiver James Jones.

48.  Broncos outside linebacker Shaun Phillips.

49.  Ex-Jets cornerback Antonio Cromartie.

52.  Ex-Bears defensive end Julius Peppers.

53.  Eagles quarterback Michael Vick.

54.  Bears cornerback Charles Tillman.

56.  Texans defensive end Antonio Smith.

61.  Seahawks cornerback Walter Thurmond III.

63.  Seahawks cornerback Brandon Browner.

65.  Cowboys defensive end/outside linebacker Anthony Spencer.

68.  49ers cornerback Tarell Brown.

72.  Packers tight end Jermichael Finley.

76.  Broncos running back Knowshon Moreno.

81.  Patriots inside linebacker Brandon Spikes.

82.  Packers running back James Starks.

83.  Broncos defensive end Robert Ayers.

87.  Ex-Buccaneers offensive guard Davin Joseph.

90.  Panthers wide receiver Brandon LaFell.

91.  Patriots running back LeGarrette Blount.

93.  Jaguars running back Maurice Jones-Drew.

95.  Saints center Brian De La Puente.

99.  Panthers offensive guard Travelle Wharton.

100.  Packers center Evan Dietrich-Smith.

101.  Raiders defensive tackle Pat Sims.

102.  Saints offensive tackle Zach Strief.

103.  Vikings wide receiver Jerome Simpson.

106. Chargers defensive tackle Cam Thomas.

108.  Vikings quarterback Josh Freeman.

45 responses to “Dominique-Rodgers Cromartie, Jared Allen among best free agents left

  1. You mean Brandon Weeden doesn’t even get a nod at #109… C’mon, he’s at least that bad. Could even list T.O. at #110 so he doesn’t get hurt feelings.

  2. I hope Ken Whisenhunt isn’t hesitating on Dominique-Rodgers Cromartie just because DRC played like a rookie (which he was!!) in Whisenhunt’s only Super Bowl. The kid’s now one of the best and the Titans need him to replace Alterraun Verner.

  3. I’d like to see the Raiders bring in both those top corners. Our secondary needs help and having as many good corners as possible, will help.

  4. Nicks is pretty interesting of a choice if you can get him on a good rate and hope he can get back to progressing with his game. And Vick seems a little low on the list due to his positional advantage. There’s a glut of journeymen to some extent and Vick could be an interesting QB option to add for a team that has space there. If a team in the Top 10 can avoid having to draft a QB this year and get an extra premium player somewhere else, then that’s a lot of extra flexibility that some of these other players can’t offer.

  5. Except for Josh McCown, no love for the QBs.

    Oh, I suppose Gabbert sort of got some love. Sort of. If you call getting traded for a 6th round pick “love,” that is. However, maybe lower expectations and some time on Harbaugh’s bench could be just what the doctor ordered for Blaine.

    Funny that Vick is still floating in the breeze. Jets aren’t moving very fast if they are interested as rumored.

  6. names on that list are really surprising something is being said because of that most likely because the price range for price request is way too high names like Raji, Allen Cromartie James Jones, peppers , Robert Ayers are names that should have been gone already but the request are probably to high or they really think they’re going to get a chance later on with when injuries hit.

  7. Raji’s getting a REAL education right now.

    Turned down 20 million guaranteed with an 8 mill per average and completely sucked for the year. Granted he’s been played out of position and a move back to NT would greatly help him.

    Packers counter with a 1 year “do over” for 4 million and a spot at NT and he’s still a ghost on the FA radar.

    Finley’s not even medically cleared and he’s making trips. Raji – not so much.

    As a Packer fan, I can take or leave Raji but it’s always interesting to see someone get slapped by reality VERY hard.

  8. i dont get why allen isnt signed yet he had high number of sacks last yr no1 seen him slow down

    drc best corner on the list but wont get more then 3yr deal

    hey carolina u might need a wr dont rush to sign any

    edelman nice in indy with luck they need slot 3rd down catch guy

  9. I understand that the Redskins have made a lot of mistakes in Free Agency in the past, but bringing up AA and Haynesworth at this point is old. Clearly there are different people running the show and Snyder doesn’t meddle as much. You guys need to get new material. Your jokes are stale.

  10. I’ll never understand how Vikings DT Kevin Williams keeps failing to make this list, but Josh Freeman does.

  11. BTW, Denver has been over paying for guys for a LOOOOONNNNNGGGG time and have zero rings to show for it….why doesn’t anyone crush their stones for it??

  12. Last I checked redskins fans they went 4-12 last year . But yeah y’all have one of the best front offices in the league # reality # who DAT

  13. Jared Allen is going to be an ornery SOB by the time he signs somewhere. I would expect good things from him. He should go to Seattle and beast with the Beast!

  14. What ever happened to Devin Hester? He’s a free agent to my knowledge, but not on the list anywhere. Nor has his name been mentioned since he was released?

  15. I love how people “conveniently” use that $100M number for Haynesworth. Don’t get me wrong, we paid WAY TO MUCH for that bum but we also did NOT give him $100M. Please get your facts straight!!!

  16. In what world is LeGarette Blount better than MJD? Yeah Maurice is a few years older and has seen more wear and tear, but he’s still light years ahead of Blount.

  17. If Jared Allen was to join the Seahawks and get circulated into their doping program with the rest of their players he would become GOAT! 30 sacks! 200 tackles. It would have the Barry bonds effect of what happens when an already great player dopes!

  18. Adam Archuleta was 2006, Albert Haynesworth was 2009….you people keep bringing up stuff that happened YEARS ago!! As a skins fan for decades I will freely and openly admit that our management has stunk to the ends of the earth in the last several years…and the Jason Hatcher signing could be a mistake as well….but when we had money to spend this offseason we didn’t blow it on one or two guys. Time will tell if things have changed but look at the trends folks, Hatcher is the only big money free agent we’ve signed in his 30’s a several years.

  19. Gotta admit I love Jared Allen. If KC had money to have him return it would be out of this world! Every QB would have nightmares about Allen, Houston and Tamba Hali!

    I hope Allen steers clear of Denver!! It’s obvious they are running a some sideshow bent on delirium.

  20. How does Allen still remained unsigned? He is an absolute animal. Julius Peppers was signed and everyone seems to question his work ethic, you can never question Jarred Allen’s. Not to mention he is far better than Peppers. It would be a huge mistake for a top contender not to sign him. I hope he gets a ring before he is done.

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