Henry Melton to visit with Seahawks

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The Seahawks have been dealing with a lot of activity on their defensive line since winning the Super Bowl.

Michael Bennett and Tony McDaniel re-signed, Chris Clemons and Red Bryant landed in Jacksonville after being released and Clinton McDonald signed with the Buccaneers, but it doesn’t look like they’re done looking for moves up front. Josina Anderson of ESPN reports that defensive tackle Henry Melton is traveling to Seattle to meet with the team.

Coming off a torn ACL, Melton may provide the team with an opportunity to repeat their successful strategy with Bennett last season. Bennett signed a one-year, $5 million deal that positioned him for a bigger payday this offseason and Melton might favor a similar opportunity with the knee injury in the recent past. Playing on a talented Seahawks defense would position him to look good and put up the kind of performance that lands Melton more riches in 2015.

For the Seahawks, a healthy Melton would have the potential to make their defensive line as good or better than it was last season. Melton also visited with the Vikings this week and Bears General Manager Phil Emery said, via the Chicago Tribune, that they would speak with Melton’s agent after the tackle has a sense of his market.

58 responses to “Henry Melton to visit with Seahawks

  1. I guess that means Ted the Tightwad wont make a play for him. I guess Melton wants more than the 11.35 an hour Thompson would offer.
    Why would he want to make the 25th best defense any better??? very sad he does nothing to make it better…….

  2. Signing Henry Melton would be exactly the type of shrewd move that the Seahawks are known for.

  3. Sweet the only guy I wanted Dallas to get in free agency. Looks like another season of laughable defense in big d. What I don’t get is if you know we are rebuilding why not cut witten as well it would have been another 9 mill off the books. There very least we could have brought hatch back and signed Melton but no keep witten still have no cap room lose 2 great players from an already bunk d and bring in two scrubs

  4. Losing lots of guys means plenty of holes to fill! We’re looking good tho. All before draft. John and Pete did it once, they’ll do it again

  5. Read the last paragraph. Lol. Vikings or Seahawks?
    Let me think while I’m at the airport

  6. Jerry Jones last 3 seasons 8-8 8-8 8-8 I think JJ has turned into the failure that is the Lions. Loyalty to players beyond value equals 2 things. Cap space problems every year and mediocre season records.
    All things good or bad MUST be ,and ARE on the owner. For thus of us who run a business its a fact and we all know it. Decisions will always need to be made and those KEY decisions always tell the tale. Its making the non emotional but CORRECT decision these 2 teams have had a struggle with. The Lions since thier founding and the Cowboys over the last 20 years now.

  7. Being a life long Bear fan I am in for more disappointments in a long list of disappointments. I have lost count of the number of times I have been ask why I don’t find a new team but it’s a lot like family because it’s something we do on Sundays and being a Bears fan is like having a wayward son. WAYWARD 1: following one’s own capricious, wanton, or depraved inclinations : ungovernable .

  8. The Seahawks can have him, he’s going to be suspended by the NFL for a biting incident in Florida. He bit a bar owner punched a bartender, and called the workers “a bunch of poor white trash” . Not the kind of character the Vikings want right now!

  9. If you’re a true Packers fan you know free agency isn’t where they make moves. I have a feeling you’re not a true fan.

  10. And I love how people call teams cheap. They all have to spend a certain percentage of the cap. It’s amazing in this era where you have the internet to look up anything so many people have no clue. If you don’t know the very basics of the cap, don’t post.

  11. Why is Seadderall even wasting time trying to improve? No matter who they obtain, it will simply not be enough to withstand the upcoming Vikings dynasty teams. The Vikings already have the most talent in the NFL, nobody questions that. The final missing piece will be filled when they draft a real QB. The Shehawks might want to petition Goodell to go back to the pathetic AFC, because that’s the only way they will even have a chance to reach the Super Bowl again for the next several years while the Vikings dominate the NFC. But even in the AFC, Seadderall would still never get another Super Bowl ring with the Vikings owning the NFL.

  12. Carroll and Snyder know how to put together a SB winning “moneyball” style team of bad news bears…..in this case, possibly an actual bear.

    Love it or hate it, they have a proven formula for building depth.

  13. Everybody wants to be a Seahawk or like the Seahawks these days.

    A note to Viking fans, four total Superbowl touchdowns in four superbowls four decades ago, pathetic (laker curse?). One thing I can’t call you is fair weather, why you have chosen to endure this famen is beyond me.

  14. From all the posts on PFT you would think the entire Vikings fanbase has Seahawk envy. Then you realize it’s one guy with multiple id’s. And then you realize that one guy is the entire Vikings fanbase.

  15. Wasn’t Tony McDaniel drafted by the Jags?

    Good luck Hawks. This Jags fan will be routing for you. Classy fans up there this offseason!

  16. Players with bad character are able to grow and thrive in Seattle because they are plenty of leaders already there with excellent character.

  17. It’s hilarious to me that you are so insecure about yourselves that you randomly savage the Vikings – get a life! Maybe you all are still in pain from the kick in the pants Rice was, and now Harvin is gonna do the same thing. You know the fun thing about being #1? EVERY team is gunning for you, just look at the moves of the contending teams the last few days, tailoring their rosters for your downfall!

  18. I see why Shehawks fans have embraced Carroll so much… They simply needed someone as arrogant and obsessed with themselves as they are to look up to. Don’t mind the cheating legacy he left behind in the NCAA or the fact his entire secondary uses illegal substances. Stay classy out their in the never ending rain cloud, the rest of America doesn’t envy a thing about you!

  19. I know what your saying bassnw. I forgot the Vikings even existed until these tool boxes. Now I love watching them lose every Sunday. The good thing about hating the Vikings is they never disappoint and always suck.

  20. Love these hawk haters. “lol Seattle fans y won’t win back to back superbowls!” wow suck burn guys. Viking fans so angry rice harvin bevell Jackson all have rings.

  21. Oakland NEEDS to sign this guy. We have both Walker and Sims as free agents and signed no DTs. Im hoping we can land him and resign Sims. Maybe even Wilfork, if he gets released.

  22. Every free agent that hears the Seahawks May be interested just hopes we make them a competitive offer so they can jump on the juggernaut. You really think anyone wants to play on a team like the Vikings. I mean those guys panicked and picked ponder in the first round. What a pathetic excuse for a franchise. I hope they move to LA.

  23. The reason he left the Vikings visit without a contract was because they already have two starters at DT — their first round pick last year (Floyd) and Joseph who they just signed — not to mention the fact that they signed DT Fred Evans the day he was visiting. He wants to start, and the Vikings won’t be signing any more big contracts. Hawks fans can squawk all they want about championships, 12th man, blah, blah, blah, but it’s about playing time and dough.

  24. I can understand why 49er trolls might come here and pee on the carpet, so to speak; but what’s up with all the Viking haters?

    There have been a couple of trades back and forth, and some have worked out better than others for both teams. So what? Jeez. Someone needs to get a life.

  25. Watching him play the last couple of years I thought he was one of the better DT’s in football. He is disruptive against run and pass. We lost Clinton McDonald to Tampa and he was a force against pass but a bit of liability vs run.

    I like Melton but I think we need to sign by Sidney Rice on a year to year small deal because he has made his money from us already and in same prove it situation. At DT Hawks have Mebane, McDaniel who will start. Hill, Williams, Scruggs all can rotate and I liked what I saw from practice squad Michael Brooks. Its going to be already hard for anyone past the 3rd round in this draft to crack this roster. Last year teams ravaged the young players we were trying to get to practice squad.

  26. Baltimore Ravens since ’96 – 2x Super Bowl Champs

    Seattle Seahawks since ’74 – 1x Super Bowl Champs

    Joe Flacco Super Bowl XLVII MVP

    Russell Wilson – not Super Bowl MVP

    I actually really liked the Seahawks and the 12th man before one of your naiive fans had to troll the Daryl Smith signing. Telling us to ‘kiss the ring’ lol … Had to educate you guys. Your organization trembles in front of the great Baltimore Ravens franchise. You are the deserved champs, but I hope we see you in the Super Bowl in 2014.


  27. I’ve always thought the Packers had the most obnoxious fans in football but you Seahawks fans are obviously far and away the most obnoxious as well as delusional. As bad as the Packer fans are, they at least have the long history of success the Packers organization has had to “blame” for their arrogance. Seahawks fans are just ridiculous though! The Seahawks have been, since it’s inception in 1976, one of the most consistently terrible teams in football. Your team has won ONE superbowl and you’ve crowned them as the best team in the history of the NFL. WOW!

  28. We will repeat as champions this year. Hawkstradamus has foretold it as he did last year. That is why he has earned the right to refer to himself in the third person. All fans of pretender franchises ie broncos patriots packers 49ers etc. you are wasting your time hoping for a championship this year, it is ours again. We start the year 8-0 such is the power of the 12th man and the CLink. But do not worry football prolls, eaven though the Lombardi is destined for Seattle you still get to watch nfl football. Except for those of you in Minnesota, you are nothing more than our farm team and you have been surpassed by the Detroit lions, let that sink in.

  29. Dear Mom: Sorry you’re disappointed.

    I must take issue with your rather broad stroke regarding Seahawks fans. Sure, we have our rabid fans who seem to be divorced from reality (Note: Reference similarity to pftpoet), but as a fan since the teams inception, I can testify it has been a long road to the SuperBowl, and there have been a lot of abysmal teams along the way.

    But as of right now, we seem to have all the pieces in place for a good long run of success. Great owner, great coaching staff, great core talent.

    Injuries and bad luck aside, I will take my Seahawks in a head-to-head battle against any team right now. They may not always win, but it is the first time in 38 years I have been able to feel this way; that they will be in every game, fighting ’til the last whistle blows.

  30. Any other 12’s feel like free agency has been brutal? I’m hoping we hear about an extension for ET or Sherm sometime in the near future so we can feel better about losing our guys. A jared Allen signing wouldn’t hurt either

  31. Don’t fret 12thman, the Hawks are fine. Pete and John will shore up any holes by training camp. It’s not like we have Jerry or Dan Snyder running our team. Or that poorly run franchise that wears purple and has pathetic fans in Minnesota.

  32. Seattle fans are pretty funny, just remember you’ll never receive the type of anger and hostility towards you that comes with being fans of the Minnesota Vikings.

    At least you guys have a championship caliber team though, unlike packer fans that think they’ll add to the list of fake championships ever year because of rodgers.

  33. Oh i’m not concerned about the well being of the team it’s just tough to lose guys like Tate. If i were to put a list of guys together that were core to this team he would’ve been top 5 for sure. BUt it’s a business and he will be will be replaced

  34. Seahawks wins Superbowl and all of a sudden before they won goes down the toilet. They should be happy they finally won one. They should also remember they were just as bad as the Vikings before February 2014. But I guarantee you most of the self proclaimed Hawk fans on here are just bandwagon/fairweather fans. Where were these fans when they sucked???

  35. I read another article on Melton and according to that article Melton is doing visits right now and would make a decision on them later.

  36. What’s with the Ravens fan?

    I’ve never heard a Seahawk fan trash on the Ravens, ever. In fact, most Seahawk fans love the Ravens because they hate the Steelers like we do, and beat the 49ers in the Superbowl. The enemy of my enemy is my friend, and all that. The 12th Man was rooting for y’all. And we respect the rings.

    So why the random hate? It’s not a good look for a recent champ.

  37. Seattle is still the most stacked team in the NFL. Their practice squad was raided all season long to provide starters for other teams. Seahawks are still in the best position to win the Superbowl this coming season. They can’t afford to keep everyone so they’re letting some of the older guys go…so what? What’s the concern here? Is there a problem with waiting out the free agent market to get players at their price? Or waiting to add depth in the draft? Hawk fans need to take a breath and relax. Let the Minnesotas of the league overpay and “win” free agency while Seattle wins during the season and the playoffs.


  38. It’s funny Seattle was garbage until about two years ago and now they think they’re just this amazing team haha makes me laugh. Just a bunch of fair weather fans I would know I’ve lived there the past four years.

  39. hey let’s get one thing straight: the Seahawks used to be consistently mediocre, not consistently terrible. You could put us down for somewhere between 6 and 10 wins every season, and you’d be right 95% of the time.

  40. Well, I wasn’t sure that there could be a more annoying/dilusional fanbase than the Raven’s after last year’s Super Bowl. But I was wrong… Seattle a team full of leaders than can correct character issues? Give me a freaking break.

    How many guys suspended for PEDs/drug violations last year? And what about that fount of high character and class, Pete Carrol?

    Just be a fan and enjoy it for what it is… remember, none of this REALLY matters.

    Oh… and hope that John Schneider has a big bottle of “Cap Magic”… because he’s going to need it starting next off season.

  41. What’s really at the heart of the hate towards the Hawks, from the upper Midwest, is that we came back to the NFC, and since we have, Seattle has upset the power balance in the Conference. It used to be Green Bay lording it all over everyone about being the best in the NFC, with only minor interference from SF, Dallas, and New York/Philadelphia.

    But now its Seattle, SF, NO, and Carolina or Tampa Bay (depending on the season), that are stealing their thunder. It also riles the Pack faithful that we in the Pacific Northwest don’t really care what the green and gold think, or are doing.

    But Mr. Melton, its an incredibly easy choice for you. Come to Seattle, where men are men. Or go to Minnesota, where men are Sparkle Ponies.

  42. I feel the need to address a couple of things.

    1. Seattle has a lot of bandwagon fans.. Yes we do.. and so does every other team in every other sport in every other country. People tend to root for teams a lot more when they’re good. Seattle also has a large amount of crazy loyal die hard fans
    2. We had ONE guy suspended last year for PED use. We had 3 or 4 suspended for drug use. The drug was pot, which also happens to be legal in the state in which they play
    3 If you truly pay attention and know anything about the man Pete Carroll is about as good of a human being as there is. Just because you know nothing about what actually goes on in college football and you read the news it doesn’t qualify you to judge him

  43. Let’s set the record straight for all of you Hawk haters. I’ve been a fan since their inception. I also read a lot of the comments on BR. We do have some band Wagon fans but I am amazed by all of the vicious hate tossed our way. I don’t see the referred to hawk fans trashing other teams in bulk. I do see an awful lot of Jealousy. Vike fans get over it. .. You passed the poison pill first. Now live the results. The transformation that john and pete engineered in Seattle is mind boggling incedible. Get ready for another whippet of a season. .. We may not repeat but you better look out for the nfc west. Probably four of the best teams in the nfly

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