Josh McCown isn’t worried about Bucs drafting a quarterback in round one

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With multiple quarterback-needy teams signing veterans to two-year deals in the range of $10 million, it’s possible that those teams are pre-emptively lining up fallback options in the event they don’t get the quarterbacks they covet in the draft.

New Buccaneers quarterback Josh McCown realizes that it could happen in Tampa.  But he’s not concerned about it.

“Anything is possible and I certainly knew that coming into this place and I’m not afraid of that whatsoever,” McCown told PFT Live in an interview that aired on Friday.  “You know if it helps our team, if they pick a guy that they feel like is going to help our football team get better, then I’m all for that and I’ll help that young man get better as much as I can. . . .  I had an opportunity to speak to Mike Glennon earlier today and told him the same thing.

“When I’m here and when I’m done here I want to look back and whether its Mike Glennon or the seventh pick of the draft this year and say, ‘Man those guys are better players because they played with me. Because I was able to help them.’  And if that means that at some point in their career that they take over or that they’ve pushed me and pushed past me then if that makes our team better, I’m all for it.  Because I want our team to be good.  It excites me, so I don’t fear that. You know if I was younger maybe that would make me feel a little bit different, but at this stage of my career I don’t fear that.  I’m excited about my opportunity and we’ll welcome any additions that we can to make this team better.”

It’s the right perspective to have for a guy who showed in 2013 that he can deliver when needed, as evidenced by 13 touchdown passes against only one interception.

For the full version of the interview, click the show box in the right rail of the site.  For the short version that aired on Thursday’s Pro Football Talk on NBCSN, click the thing in the thing below.

23 responses to “Josh McCown isn’t worried about Bucs drafting a quarterback in round one

  1. Good addition, though definitely a stopgap. Glennon played well most IG last year but his play slipped considerably at the end of the season.

    I really don’t want the Bucs to draft another QB in the first round. In fact, unless we can get Clowney or Watkins, I think we should trade down.

  2. I’m excited for McCown to be a buc. He sounds like a very down to earth person and honestly probably one of the few starting QB’s that would welcome a draft pick with open arms. For some players it takes longer for them to get a hold of things, McCown easily played his best ball last season, 13 TD’s to 1 INT, I understand Trestman was good for him, but he also owes alot of that success to HIMSELF. Excited for this upcoming season..

  3. Unless Vincent Jackson can catch those prayers like Alshon Jeffrey did, McCown won’t have half the season he had last year

  4. Guys that know they’re going to make a couple of million bucks regardless of whether they play or not, have a truly unique perspective. No stress, no pressure. Just “whatever happens,man.”

  5. Well he shouldn’t be worried because he had such a strong endorsement from Lovie Smith about how he is his QB and there will be no competition. Every QB knows their team could get a new 1st Rounder and put them in a bind, but considering where McCown was coming from and where he is at now, he’s in a pretty darn good spot relative to Glennon. So there’s no reason for him to not have a fantastic attitude or to have any fear of any kind.

    There’s only a reason and concern for Glennon. And there didn’t have to be. Lovie could have handled the situation with McCown where McCown is happy because he’s going to be happy no matter what, and Lovie went out of his way with specifics to mess around with Glennon for no good reason other than to prop up McCown in the public eye. That’s just a bizarre choice and handling of the situation. I sure hope they don’t draft a QB in Round 1 since the situation is already more complex than Lovie is able to handle. Don’t give him more QBs right now, that would be playing with fire!

  6. With Glennon and McCown under contract, why in the world would they waste a first round pick on another qb?

    Oh, wait. Black coaches mean black qb’s. Mr. Bridgewater, COME ON DOWN!!

  7. Man, I wish my employer would sign me to a two-year, $10 million contract, then decide to let someone else do my job while I watch. I, too, would have no problem with that whatsoever!

  8. Josh don’t care, every paycheck he makes is a golden bonus – he was an assistant HS football coach two years ago. He’s just enjoying the ride.

  9. After watching every Bears game Lovie Smith coached, I feel sorry for McCown, he is going to be a goat by the time this over. What McCown did in Chicago was more a product of the coach and the supporting cast. There would have been more INTs if it weren’t for aggressive receivers and DBs who can’t catch balls when it hits them in the numbers. Lovie couldn’t navigate an offense led by Payton Manning to success. The Bucs offense will lay an egg, they’ll blame it on McCown and he will be holding a clip board as soon as they are out of playoff contention (Week 10). You can take that to the bank!

  10. In 4 years, 4 new coaches, $400,000,000 in ill advised free agent signings, tons of turnover, waived players, MRSA Staph Infections, terrible logo and uniform redesigns, one thing still the same, the Glazers.

  11. Josh definitely paid his dues and hung around the league long enough to make teams see him for the QB he has grown to be. Drafting a QB in the first couple of rounds (not necessarily the 1st)…only makes good sense. Congrats to McCown!

  12. This guys ego is totally out of control. “These guys are better players because they played with me”. Can you imagine Lavonte David or Doug Martin or Rhonde Barber ever saying anything like that?

  13. Whatever haters. If it was your team who was making all these splash siginings you’d be ecstatic. After enduring the horror show put on by Raheem Morris and Greg Schiano please let the Bucs fans enjoy this glimmer of hope without being total douches.

  14. I know you re probably a Cowboys or Redskins fan and your team is going through a cap nightmare, has no true leadership, horrible management, and can’t even get free agents to sign let alone existing players to stay.

    Players want to play for a guy like Lovie. Blue and red FAs were lured away from big franchises and signed for less money because they see the upswing we are in. They can truly draft best available.

    It is very interesting all of the scenarios that can play out. You can’t pass on guys like Mack or Watkins but do you take Bortles if the QBs slide? With a guy like Luke as a veteran, any young QB will develop well along with a QB/Off. Guru like Tedford.

    Yes it is so easy to say trade back or up(likeAKA Slow Joe meant to say when he said trade down). Or at least I hope because with only five picks and no one worth going down for, for what the Rams are going to want, which includes Clowney-it would be a waste.
    Trading back is always an option but do you find a buyer? Maybe a team looking to jump and get one of the three franchise tackles or maybe Az getting a QB that slips? RG3 trades don’t happen often when a draft is so deep. There is no reason to move for teams.

    Our best case scenario is getting Watkins or Mack – ASJ, or off weapon – and getting a QB like McCarron, Fales, or Murray in the third. Cap that off with a pass rusher and O line depth and we are sitting pretty. Bortles is the best QB w a first rd grade but is not NFL ready (making McCown valuable). We need a game manager who doesn’t turn the ball over. We run the football and play defense. Just like Manning makes his receivers better – receivers can also make a QB look amazing – ie 1998/99 Vikings w Moss, Carter, and Reed. Best available there is no reason at all to reach. Deep draft no glaring needs.

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