Letroy Guion visited Patriots, scheduled to visit Packers

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The Patriots may be parting ways with nose tackle Vince Wilfork and his loss would necessitate some action to address his absence in the middle of the line.

One option on that front has visited with the Patriots. Chris Tomasson of the Pioneer Press reports that former Vikings defensive tackle Letroy Guion has visited with the team. Tomasson adds that Guion is set to visit the Packers on Sunday unless he signs with a team before making his way to Green Bay.

He’s coming off a poor year for the Vikings that saw him pick up 21 tackles and a sack in 13 games for the Vikings and has always been one of the lesser parts of a rotation in Minnesota. In other words, Guion’s not going to be mistaken for Wilfork.

Not many available defensive tackles are going to be mistaken for Wilfork, though, and that may force the Patriots to go with a variety of players when and if they wind up releasing the mainstay of their defense. Chris Jones, Joe Vellano, Sealver Siliga and Tommy Kelly are already on the roster and could be part of such a rotation.

In Green Bay, Guion would be an alternative in the even the Packers lose B.J. Raji, Johnny Jolly and Ryan Pickett as free agents.

30 responses to “Letroy Guion visited Patriots, scheduled to visit Packers

  1. Do u think doink the clown will be giving him the grand tour?
    you know, the one they give to show off the trophies they won in the 1940s when there was 6 teams in the league.


  2. Guion was bad…but not “wont get another chance in the NFL” bad. Every now and then he made a play and you’re thinking..”Why cant we have this guy on a consistent basis?”

    He only shows up for 3 out of 16 games.

  3. Just having Letroy walk into Lambeau for a visit dramatically upgrades that “defense” if not for a few hours.

  4. The Packers won’t get anyone unless they are cheap, and anyplayer won’t want to join the Packers unless it’s a last ditch effort to stay in the NFL.

  5. There is a very large part of me that really wants Guion to sign with the Packers. I really want to see what comes out of Cheeseland about him….

    Of course, i have always thought that he would best fit as a 3-4 DE, so it does make some sense to me. If he does sign with GB, I wish him the best.

  6. Who? That defense was full of nobodies. It would only make sense that I never heard of this fool. Allen was the only impact player on a defense that was worse than the packers defense, regardless of what viking fans will tell you.

  7. Guion signing with the Pack would be entertaining if nothing else. Then again, he’s better than BJ Raji, but that admittedly ain’t saying much.

  8. TT will offer him six 100 dollar gift certificates to Favres Steakhouse..to seal the vet minimum deal…

    And bye goes Raji

  9. Well if the Packers signed him, like most normal fans they would consider the fact that its March, and want to see what the guy can do on the field.

    Unlike Viking fans who won the Superbowl on the first day of the draft last season.

  10. what’s worse: any free agent player departing gb or a rival player joining cheesebay?
    trick question gbtrolls. you bitches willl cry about both.

  11. “Guion was bad…but not “wont get another chance in the NFL” bad. Every now and then he made a play and you’re thinking..”Why cant we have this guy on a consistent basis?”

    He only shows up for 3 out of 16 games.”

    Then it’d be a perfect match because the same goes for the pathetic Packer Defense!

  12. allen would rather retire then play for green bay cheesers , he has his money and no amount would bring him to g b . he hates the packers !

  13. CALLING ALL VIKINGS FANS!! If you have and instagram account please go and follow the @_SkolVikings_ instagram page its just been started but it will be fun filled fan page…. Have a couple edits up there but when more followers join the page and discussions will be more frequent and intense… Opinions, suggestions, and new deals made will all be welcomed and posted….

  14. Cougar69rt03 you are a douche bag if you only knew what you were talking about because Jared Allen has said that green bay is on his top list of teams that he wants to play for so don’t hate because your team sucks and always will .

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