Under the circumstances, Saints did well with Sproles trade


Yes, the Saints only got a fifth-round draft pick for running back Darren Sproles.  But instead of calling the glass five-sevenths empty, the glass can be seen as two-sevenths full.

From Darrelle Revis to Steve Smith to Julius Peppers to Chris Johnson, teams who want to trade veteran players can’t make deals.  The Saints, amid inaccurate reports that Sproles would be cut, found a market for Sproles.

And while it’s “only” a fifth-round pick, it’s still a fifth-round pick.  In recent years, the Saints have acquired in round five or lower players like receiver Kenny Stills (fifth round, 2013), safety Corey White (fifth round, 2012), punter Thomas Morstead (fifth round, 2009), and guard Carl Nicks (fifth round 2008).  In round seven, they found tackle Zach Strief and receiver Marques Colston in 2006.

It’s no surprise the Saints got value, even though the cat was out of the bag that Sproles was being cut.  The Saints likely didn’t move on because Sproles’ contract pays too much.  Instead, the Saints seem to be shifting their philosophy on offense, making Sproles a luxury they no longer need.

Unlike the Buccaneers and Panthers and Bears and Titans, the Saints got value for a guy they no longer needed.  And if they can turn that fifth-round pick into a contributing player over the next four years and maybe beyond, they’ll be ahead of the game in the long run.

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  1. I like the Eagles’ side of the deal better. That’s an exciting move for them. I don’t see much to brag about from the Saints’ perspective. This isn’t exactly a home run type of a trade. It’s more like a bunt attempt that went foul.

  2. All evidence points to a tweet that Sproles made saying goodbye, so we all thought he was cut–and he would have been if the Saints had not been contacted about interest in a trade by a few teams (Redskins and Eagles are two that we know of).

    The simple act of trading Sproles (3.5million) meant that the Saints could now afford to sign Jairus Byrd (3.5 million cap hit in 2014) as well as keep Pierre Thomas, a solid, productive, multifaceted RB and all around good guy.

    It’s absolutely right to say that GM Loomis can spin gold out of an extra fifth round pick, especially since this draft is rumored to be quite deep.

  3. Nice try at attempting to spin this article in a positive direction! However, the fact remains that there were 10 teams interested in Sproles, including the Redskins who had a higher draft position than the Eagles. 5th rounder, 3.5 mil with $750K left in dead money doesn’t sound like a good deal to me especially when you factor in the reality that the Eagles are now positioned to keep the Saints that farther from the Lombardi! Sproles and LeSean McCoy are going to make Chip Kelly’s offense a nightmare for opponents defenses with their ability create mismatches! Seems like the Saints came down with a case of “Byrd/Bird” fever that could cost them more in the bigger picture.

  4. You can’t compare this deal to other teams having to release players as those players where making 2-3-4 times what Sproles is making. He was also in the last year of his deal so there was no salary cap implications in trading him.

    On another note, you’d think they’d trade him to the other conference.

  5. Great article. Admittedly a biased Saints fan, but this is a win-win for Saints, Eagles, and Sproles. Saints get a 5th rounder and clear $4.5MM of cap. Eagles get a great RB weapon for only a 5th rounder. And Sproles keeps his $4.5MM and would have had a very hard time matching that in the open market. The Saints could also parlay that 5th rounder into a better draft slot in the draft.

    Sports media obsesses about the winner/loser story in every trade…sometimes everyone wins and this could be one of those scenarios. Time will tell.

  6. I guess we’ll just ignore all the 5th round misses.

    1. Hatch storyline
    2. Cherrypick stats
    3. Print

  7. Yall people are killing me. The fact is DS was a shell of himself last year compared to his first 2 years with the Saints. He didn’t have the same burst and his punt/kick return avg was horrid. The Saints have 3 more than capable backs and to get a 5th rnd pick was genius by Loomis. Get a clue.

  8. They got more from the Eagles for Sproles than they got from the Dolphins for Reggie Bush. Getting a draft pick for a player they would have otherwise cut is a win for the Saints. Sproles has something left in the tank, but last year he clearly wasn’t the same player he was a couple of years earlier, and when running backs start to decline it usually happens quickly. Always better to cut a guy a year early rather than a year too late.

  9. Well said denverwhodat, I wouldn’t say anyone lost in this deal, anyone who does has a vendetta against one of the teams involved. If you want to rag on the eagles for extending him, that’s one thing but a 5th for a year of sproles aka getting McCoy a few snaps off and not sacrifice explosive play possibilities sounds good to me

  10. Sproles is a finesse player and the Saints are going away from that style as is evident by the releasing of Moore and this trade of Sproles.
    They kept Pierre because he fits in with the hard nose physical style that they want to establish on offense.

    Watch what the Saints do with the draft this year on offense. My guess is they will go with offensive linemen and big, fast skill position players.

  11. Sproles did nothing in 2 big games against the Seahawks. The Seahawks LB’s were faster than he was. What’s the point in keep (and paying) a player who can’t help you beat the team you need to beat to win the Super Bowl?

    Addition by subtraction.

  12. The deal was better for the saints. Thomas has great numbers when it comes to receiving out the back field and he’s a much tougher rusher than Sproles. Plus, there’s a good chance we get production from that pick in the future. The eagles do have a good offense and Sproles will make them better, but adjustments will be made on Foles. The saints will be a contender as long as Mickey and Payton are behind the wheel.

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