Rob Jackson to visit Raiders this week

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The Raiders added several defensive players in free agency last week and it looks like they’ll continue to look for help on that side of the ball this week.

Mike Jones of the Washington Post reports that Rob Jackson is scheduled to visit with Oakland in the coming days. Jackson played outside linebacker behind Brian Orakpo and Ryan Kerrigan with the Redskins and presumably would be in an edge rusher role with the Raiders as well.

Jackson was a seventh-round pick in 2008 and played just 10 games across his first three years in Washington, but has appeared in 44 of the last 48 games. His most extensive playing time came in 2012 when he stepped in as a starter after Orakpo went down and recorded 4.5 sacks. He had two sacks in 12 games in a reserve role last season.

If Jackson does wind up in Oakland, he’ll join the recently signed Justin Tuck, Antonio Smith and LaMarr Woodley in a redesigned front seven for the Raiders. Oakland has also signed cornerback Tarell Brown to aid the effort of a better defense in 2014.

23 responses to “Rob Jackson to visit Raiders this week

  1. This would be better than the Tuck or Woodley signing Oakland. Jackson is a PLAYMAKER and the only reason we aren’t keeping him is because we are STACKED at linebacker. Great franchises can afford to lose a great player here or there. Enjoy this gift, if you’re smart that is Oakland. That’s questionable to say the least. #GodspeedRobThanksfortheINTvsRomo

  2. Really liked his play when he filled in for Orakpo in 2012, he knows how to be around the ball and plays smart. He had the game clinching pick vs Dallas for the NFC east title at the end of 2012. And I wanna say he had 4 int’s along with his 4.5 sacks in 2012. However when Rak came back, he was back in reserve duties and didn’t get a chance to make as many plays but he made a couple in 2013. It would be an underrated but solid signing for Oakland.

    I don’t think he’d come back to DC, we had a few young edge guys coming up and coming back from injuries.

  3. Kind of like when Cris Clemons left us and blew up in Seattle.

    Skins fans like this guy and a lot of us were saying let Orapo walk and keep this guy. When he filled in he played well. Hope he gets a chance to start somewhere, he deserves it.

  4. “Great franchises can afford to lose a great player here or there. ”

    What does that have to do with the Redskins???

    Wow, Redskin fans appear to be even more deluded than Charger fans.

  5. Yeah because the Redskins are so much better than the Raiders!! One good year with RG3. You have the second worst owner in the league and an overrated franchise QB. Worry about your own mess of a team. SB 1983

  6. Great franchises . . If Your delusion Should Last More Than 4 Hours…seek medical attention.

  7. The redskins the franchise who traded for RG Bust, haha and people wonder why players want to leave. Who wants to play for that sorry excuse of a franchise. Might as well change your name so people think your a different team

  8. 3 of the 4 teams in the NFC Easts have won 11 SBs between them guess which team hasn’t won one? I give you a hint that team plays in Pennsylvania.

  9. Redskins fans aren’t deluded, but, for some reason, we have two first round draft choices at outside linebacker who actually play like first round draft choices. If Jackson could move to inside linebacker, he’d start every down. He’s been a great player for the skins — don’t let the record fool you.

    After Orakpo went down, Jackson subbed for him and the Redskins went on a seven game winning streak to make the playoffs. He’s been a great team player.

  10. The truth is that Redskins players have been incredibly loyal to the team. Part of the benefit of Snyder’s hands on ownership is that they players feel good about Washington — part of the problem is that it has made it tough to enforce discipline.

  11. Bye Rob Jackson you were part of the 08 draft which had to be the worst in Skins history so you can easily be replaced.

  12. I really like the decisions Reggie is making! I feel he is headed in the right direction.. We need to win our division to make the playoffs! In order to beat Peyton Manning, Alex Smith and Rivers we need pass rushers to pressure the quarterback! If we contine to give these guys time to sit in the pocket they will just eat us up! By the moves we made we should disrupt the ttiming and create mistakes.! Offense will come! I have no doubt! But if we can’t stop Peyton or even put any pressure.. We won’t have a chance! Reggie knows what he need to do! And that’s win the division! With great pass rushers! Mark my word! It’s like chess! We need to counter their move to win!

  13. Man, I wish the Redskins would just pony up the $$ to keep him. He’s a baller; many in DC believe he’s about as good as Orakpo for a lot less $$.

    It goes to show that players are often given the nod due to their draft status and contracts more than their ability on the field. Washington should find a way to keep this guy in the fold…

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