Jets keep Willie Colon around with new contract


It didn’t take long for veteran guard Willie Colon to find a home with the Jets, as he quickly announced he hated the Patriots.

Now, they’ve guaranteed he’ll get to hate them for another year, as the team announced he had been re-signed.

Colon suffered a torn biceps in Week 17, but the sense is that he’ll be ready to go by training camp.

Their offensive line is in flux after losing right tackle Austin Howard, but he at least gives them a veteran guard option, as they look for more help.

18 responses to “Jets keep Willie Colon around with new contract

  1. Now they need to go get Richie Incoginto, younger and now has something to prove. I bet he’ll be a model citizen from here on out.

  2. Good, I was wondering who was gonna be our drive-killing penalties guy this season. He’s a good player, but man alive does he love committing penalties at the worst possible times.

  3. In flux? They replaced Howard with the guy that just won the Super Bowl starting at RT and the other 4 starters are returning.

    If that’s in flux what do you call the Miami line?

  4. The offensive line is no longer in flux, they signed Breno Giacomini to replace Austin Howard. The rest of the line is the same as last year. Darin Gantt is the worst.

  5. LOL.

    Jets sign Incognito betting he’ll be a model citizen.

    That’s after Miami signed him betting he’d be a model citizen. That was just after Buffalo nabbed him betting he learned his lesson in St. Louis. And who can forget St. Louis thinking he would settle down after his college debacle at Nebraska.

    LOL. Perfect call for the Jets.

  6. Oh he hates the patriots..I’m crushed..let me go cry in the corner like his QB does. Man up Colon,,,NE has owned you year in and year out

  7. Correct me if I’m wrong..weren’t you involved the BUTT FUMBLE,,,,Highlight of the decade? LMAO

  8. look for more help? The Jets line is basically set….brick, winters, mangold, colon, giacomini….that’s pretty solid….nobody’s gonna want to mess with colon and giacomini those are some big boys…

  9. My man Willie C!

    Visiting the Jersey Shore Willie? Beer’s on me, your money’s no good here!

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