Corey Wootton joining Vikings

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The Vikings have snapped up one of the top remaining defensive free agents.

Bears defensive lineman Corey Wootton has reached a one-year deal with the Vikings, agent Mike McCartney said on Twitter on Thursday night.

Wootton later confirmed the news via his Twitter account.

Wootton started 15 games for Chicago in 2013, recording 34 tackles and three sacks. The 6-foot-6, 270-pound Northwestern product has the ability to play outside and inside in Minnesota’s 4-3 scheme. The 26-year-old Wootton had hip surgery in January, but his deal with the Vikings could suggest he is recovering well enough.

A fifth-year pro, Wootton was PFT’s 43rd-ranked free agent. His departure leaves just two unsigned/untagged free agents in PFT’s top 50: defensive end Jared Allen (No. 18) and defensive end/outside linebacker Shaun Phillips (No. 48).

60 responses to “Corey Wootton joining Vikings

  1. Chalk up another excellent FA acquisition for Zimmer and the Vikes. Things are looking a lot better on the defensive side of the ball at least going into the draft.

  2. Another great free agent signing by the Historic Vikings!

    We have more depth in our defensive line than any team in the NFC North.

    Even as a backup role, Corey Wootton will shine in Zimmers defense.

    Zimmer will transform our defense into a top 5 unit this year.

  3. The guy that ended Favre’s career on the frozen turf of TCF Stadium is coming to MN to play at TCF Stadium. How ironic.

  4. This signing really depends on the money and how well he recovers from hip surgery, but this is a solid pickup for the Vikings and adds depth to their defensive line. It appears Wootton’s one-year deal suggest he believes he can come back strong this year and compete for bigger money next year.

  5. This makes it even more crystal clear that Kevin Williams won’t be back. I was still hoping they’d give him a one year pre-retirement contract to play part-time.

  6. In Zimmers defense the DL has a lot of rotation. He will be a great rotational player to spell Griffin or Floyd…

  7. What a sad day. Leaving the most successful organization in the NFL, the Chicago Bears and joining the most pathetic franchise in the history of the NFL.


  8. Que the first two people to comment about the Vikings signing a backup DE for a song. Haters want to hate.

  9. I’m sorry to see Corey Wooten leave Chicago. He was a hard-working selfless player and seemed like he was primed to take the next step towards being an impact player. Even though he’s headed to Minnesota I wish him the best moving forward (at least in the games not involving the beloved Bears).

  10. Hey vikescry who said anything about a sb? Just praising a good signing by our team….. go find something better to do than hate on another teams thread. And fisch, does winning one sb 28 years ago make the bears “the most succesful franchise in the nfl”? Lol oh wait I cant forget the nfl championships from about 80 years ago when there were about 8 teams to compete with.

  11. This guy is the definition of mediocre. Nothing special about his play. Just very average…except when he ended Favre’s career. That was fun.

  12. dude was a non-factor last season. Lost a lot after Marinelli left. Like Bernard Berrian and Devin Aromashadu before him, this guy will disappear when he reaches the Twin Cities

  13. $1.5 million with another $500k in incentives. Nice young player with a lot of potential. Like the signing, the team got a little better today.

  14. Now let’s pick up some 340 pound road grading guards with an attitude who don’t get pushed back (like an old lady) into the backfield on passing plays (Charly Johnson)!

  15. ariani1985 says:
    Mar 20, 2014 9:22 PM
    And turd bays gives 34 million guaranteed to a 36 year old. Lol


    um, no. wrong again. peppers is 34 and only 7.5 million is guaranteed.

  16. Spielman seems to have identified those players who used to have potential and for whatever reason, lost it. Call them career back ups, rotational players, whatever, but when your defense finishes nearest the bottom of the NFL rankings, you need to add impact players, not players off the trash heaps of the other teams.

    Now that Spielman has accumulated enough players to sit on the bench, now he can start to look for some starters.

  17. but when your defense finishes nearest the bottom of the NFL rankings, you need to add impact players, not players off the trash heaps of the other teams.

    This is the epitome of the Packer logic..

    Packers 31st ranked defense
    Signed a oft injured 34 YO that would have retired if Ted didn’t call.

    Better look in the mirror…The Vikings signed Joseph, Wooten, Cox, yet the Packers have 6 DE busts, and a Raji…scheesch

    I just love this time of year when all the Packer fans have Free Agent envy

  18. packers defense was ranked higher than the vikings. by a lot. you are mistaken … again … scheesch.

    That was last year…Zimmer vs Capers?…No contest….

    Viking signings vs Packer signings…No contest

    The Packers have one player…and TT milks it all the way..surrounding him with UDFA crap and no potential…

  19. No, I play by today…TT keeps taking everything away from Rodgers. Your record keeps going backwards. Soon Rodgers will not be able to overcome, and your habit of one and done, will not even be achievable…

    Look at the votes…others agree…

  20. one and done must look pretty good to the vikes at this point. you guys gotta be tired of looking over the fence come playoff time. playing in the post season is fun. friends come over. someone makes an awesome spinach dip. good times.

  21. Hey zinja……your team went through 2 1/2 DsCADES of LOSING football. We’ve been to the playoffs only 3 out of the last 6 years, so to our standard, no, that is not good.

    We have been to the playoff the most of ANY team in the NFL in the Super Bowl era except Dallas.

    So, yep, we have been there more than you. You must be in your twenties, because you have no clue how TERRIBLE your team was from 1969-1991.

    Trust me, I think you guys had ONE playoff appearance in that timeframe…..yes you were pathetic, little brother.

    There endeth the lesson!!!!!

    The VIKINGS INVENTED spinach dip, by the way!!!!

  22. I didn’t want to have to do this but you’ve given me no choice.

    pack regular season winning percentage – .565
    vikings – .541

    pack playoff record – .612
    vikings – .413 (ouch)

    playoff appearances:
    packers – 32 seasons
    vikings – 27

    packer playoffs between 1969 and 1991 – 2 (you said 1 – bzzzzzz)

    packers vs. vikings all time: 55-49-2 packers lead
    points in those games: packers 2,259 vikings 2,028

    but my absolute favorite stat?
    NFL championships: Packers 13, Vikings, drum roll please ….. 0!

    you were right about the spinach dip though. nice pick up. we invented the beer-soaked brat.

  23. Fun Fact:

    BJ Raji has more Superbowl TD’s than the entire MN Viking roster

    Rumor has it TT made him give it back during negotiations this year. He replaced it with the cubic zirconium ring from the Groundskeeper in reference of his play since 2010

  24. zinjaboy says: Mar 21, 2014 6:57 PM

    I didn’t want to have to do this but you’ve given me no choice.

    playoff appearances:
    packers – 32 seasons
    vikings – 27

    Except that, even if we go back to 1960 when the NFL still consisted of just 12 teams and the Vikings weren’t even around yet, the Packers have 24 playoff appearances.

    And BTW…. By your own numbers, the Vikings have made the playoffs in about half of the seasons they have played, and the Packers less than a third. Oops.

    Do you want to review any of your other numbers?

  25. look, i get it. you guys are sick and tired of being kicked around by the packers. it gets old. playing catch up to reach our numbers is frustrating. but remember, it WILL help you become a better team. just hang in there, that’s all.

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