Cowboys deal could earn Melton as little as $2.25 million


We mentioned yesterday that the Cowboys contract with defensive tackle Henry Melton gave them the flexibility to make it a one-year deal.

But the extent to which he’s betting on himself is even more glaring when you see the details of the deal.

According to Todd Archer of, Melton can make as little as $2.25 million this season, but up to $29 million over the next four years.

Melton will make a $1.25 million base salary this year, along with a $1 million signing bonus.

Instead of a bigger bonus, they gave him a $78,125 roster bonus for each week he’s on the active 46-man roster. That could earn him another $1.25 million, assuming he’s fully recovered from last year’s torn ACL and able to stay healthy enough to play all 16 games. There are also $1.5 million worth of incentives for playing time and sacks.

Next year, his base salary of $9 million is guaranteed if the Cowboys pick up his option on the first day of the new year, so it’s no certainty they will.

The per-game roster bonuses are becoming increasingly popular (for teams) in new contracts. Of course, that puts the financial burden of staying on the field on the player, at a time when the preaching about “player safety” is louder than ever.

13 responses to “Cowboys deal could earn Melton as little as $2.25 million

  1. I have to tip my cap to Jerrah on this one for staying out of the way this time. It was reported Stephen Jones, Marinelli and Garrett negotiated on this one.

  2. The point isn’t why didn’t the Bears pay him. The point is why did NOBODY want to sign him, only the Cowboys? Did they really get a deal?

  3. @ dino2997

    “The point isn’t why didn’t the Bears pay him. The point is why did NOBODY want to sign him, only the Cowboys? Did they really get a deal?”

    First of all, he is coming off of a knee injury in the final year of his contract. Would you automatically pay him if you were Chicago? Chicago WANTED him to go out and test the market because of what happened last year with Michael Bennett and Cliff Avril, who both got far less than what they wanted as high-profile FA D-lineman. The market for FA D-lineman is lukewarm after last year, and the Bears knew it. So, Melton went out and met with some teams (which shoots down your theory of “NOBODY” wanting to sign him. It helped that Marinelli coached him in Chicago, and Melton ultimately signed with a team with a legitimate need at DT. Dallas wanted him AND they signed him at a sweet deal. Allow Melton’s to prove that they got a good deal, Einstein. That will be the end-all be-all of the situation. And I bet he plays very well. And if he does, he can get paid nicely in year two and beyond in Dallas.

    My question to you is this: are you simply a hater, or are you acting all butt-hurt for a legitimate reason?

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