Geno’s camp silent, so far, on Vick’s arrival


New Jets quarterback Mike Vick has said plenty since signing with the team on Friday.  And it’s clear from his remarks to the team’s website and his comments during a media conference call that his stated desire to “help” Geno Smith is more of the “watch and learn” variety than the sideline support variety.

So what does incumbent starter Geno Smith think of all this?  So far, we don’t know.  Smith and his agents have said nothing.

His football agent, Kim Miale, works for Geno’s marketing agent, Jay Z.  That’s where things could get very interesting, given the lack of experience that both Miale and Jay Z have in dealing with challenges of this nature.  How will they give Geno the best possible advice when they’ve never had to advise anyone in a similar situation?

Perhaps Camp Geno will decide that the challenge from Vick should be met with a strong verbal claim to the starting job and/or a not-so-subtle effort to poison the well about Vick by aggressively pointing out his flaws and his history to the New York and national media.  Perhaps they’ll decide that Geno should say nothing other than, “I’m here to do whatever the team wants me to do.  If they want me to play, I’ll play.  If they don’t I won’t.”

While football considerations ultimately will determine who plays, public opinion will be a factor in how the decisions are received.  If fans are clamoring for Vick, it will be a little harder to keep Vick on the sidelines.  If fans believe Smith did enough last year to deserve a chance to play without worrying about being benched, Smith quickly can become viewed by the fan base as the victim of an unfair win-now attitude that values going all in with an aging, injury-prone felon over giving a young quarterback taken high in the second round a fair chance at becoming the long-term franchise quarterback over a one-year mercenary arrangement.

In any NFL city, and especially in New York, the things said and not said by players, agents, and coaches — on the record or off the record — will influence in some way the sides taken by fans.  The ultimate question is whether the fans want to try to win now with a team that will have a hard time competing with the elite franchises in the AFC and an even harder time competing with the best teams in the NFC, or whether they want to lay the foundation for sustained success with a young quarterback who’ll be in the league a lot longer than Vick.

Regardless of how Geno Smith and his agents handle the situation, it requires careful thought and a deliberate plan for making Smith the player Jets fans ultimately are rooting for to be the guy who’s running the team they root for.  Vick clearly has a plan, and his initial message already is creating a strong sense that it’s just a matter of time before he’ll be the guy taking the snaps.

The longer Geno and company wait to respond, the stronger that sense will become.

48 responses to “Geno’s camp silent, so far, on Vick’s arrival

  1. Yeah he should just come out & declare himself the starting QB of the Jets. Like that’ll do anything to build fan support in March. I prefer he continues to work out in miami until training camp starts.

  2. I have a hunch that Jay-Z has seen a similar situation like this before. Perhaps a different business environment, but he’s pretty smart so he should be able to come up with some good advice.

    He’ll probably open up with a question like “what do you want Geno?…ok well we’ll do that then”.

  3. There is nothing that his agent(s) need to do. Smith needs to just shut his mouth and compete. If he does not win the job then soak in whatever knowledge he can from Vick and wait until week 7 when Vick gets hurt again.

    I love how a second string QB has 2 agents. That says alot about the guy IMO

  4. If you think you have 2 QB’s then you really don’t even have 1. I stand by Geno. I admit that when he struggled mid season I was the first off the band wagon, but then it appeared that the light went on and it started to slow down for him. No way do you roll out Vick on opening day. Let Geno believe he has to win the job so you can get the best out of him, but please no Vick.

  5. Geno shouldn’t even care. Let Vick get the starting job. Geno will be starting again by week 3 when Vick is hurt. At least he had weapons in Philly, he’s gonna be running for his life in NY.

  6. Here is a thought, let them battle it out in training camp and the best qb starts and not worry about what Geno and Vick think. Best player starts, its a business.
    From a non Jets fan.

  7. Jay Z has experience with being Ethered but then coming back, making 9 figures, and marrying Beyonce. He remembers the time his mom scolded him for rapping about Nas’s baby seat.

  8. This will happen Vick would outplay Geno, better talent, win the starting job and promptly get injured game 3 or 4, in comes Geno and that is that.

  9. Jay-Z should just tell Geno to come out and say, “It’s a hard knock life and I got 99 problems and Vick is one”.

  10. Where the hell is Rex? Shouldn’t he be the mouthpiece? And if Vick’s doing the yakking w/o Rex, then you guys have bigger problems than who starts. Actually, having him start til he gets hurt is not a bad strategy—gives the young man Geno a second chance to launch his career.

  11. vick will start unless he gets hurt before the beginning of the season. for geno, patience is a virtue. it shouldn’t take long

  12. Geno shouldn’t worry.

    The alternative is Wrecks Ryan saying something like “as long as I am coach he’ll be the starter”

    … or getting a tattoo of his wife wearing a Geno Smith jersey

    … or guaranteeing that Smith will win the Super Bowl

    The last guy who got those votes of confidence from Wrecks is now gone

  13. Not a Vick fan, but he is the day 1 starter over Geno. For the record,
    Geno did not beat out Sanchez last summer. Sanchez clearly outplayed him, and was the starter until he got hurt.

  14. The Jets have two QBs that are awful. They might as well bring Tebow back and embrace the circus they created.

  15. Vicks first 4 games of 2013 until injury: 1080 Yards thrown, 5 tds thrown, 2 rushing tds, 2 interceptions, 228 rushing yards
    Extrapolated over Full Season:4320 yards thrown , 20 tds thrown, 8 rushing tds , 8 interceptions , 912 rushing yards

    Also, keep in mind that the Eagles played only 3 playoff teams ALL OF LAST SEASON. It just so happened that those teams Vick had to face weeks 2, 3 and 4.All non-supporters of Vick should really know what they are talking about before they open their insignificant mouths.

    He is constantly injured, this is true, but when healthy the guy can flat out ball.Oh, and one more thing: If you add Vicks projected passing yards and rushing yards, it would be equal to the amount of yards that Manning just put up in his record setting season.

  16. I love Vick, the Chargers got LT for him, that was a beautiful thing. A hall of famer for a waste of talent. We got Drew Brees as well in that draft. Unfortunately Marty got him jacked up in a meaningless game and we stuck with Rivers. Vick was a fantasy not a reality
    Ask Arthur Blank, He backed Vick up until the end and Vick lied until the end and destroyed Blank and the entire team even up until today. OOKI is all about himself, OOKI was Mike Vicks special code name in his dog fighting empire. A Vick is A Vick but a dog is a mans best friend.

  17. Its like the circus is coming to town and they are handing out shovels to the Jets fans to follow the elephants. Between Big Mouth Rex, the Superbowl predictions and the poor roster, the fans should be demanding a huge price decrease on the cost of their season tickets.

  18. Geno’s “camp”? Just play football and try to get better at your craft. If Vick is the starter, LEARN what you can from him.

  19. I’m sorry but any second year player that has a “camp” that everyone is waiting for a public relations word from is someone you don’t want on your roster.

  20. Kim Miale, Geno’s agent, was an associate for a Boston law firm before joining Jay-Z. Fine looking woman. Miale, a “Contract Advisor” with no experience negotiating active NFL player contracts, signed Smith. In short, she acted as Jay-Z’s front woman to sign Smith because Jay-Z is not NFLPA certified. Given how poorly most NFL players wind up in retirement, I have to assume a player is better off with the savvy of Jay-Z than with most NFLPA certified agents but why would a team want a young QB with this much baggage?

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