Vick would welcome DeSean Jackson to New York

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When it comes to talking about players under contract with other teams, coaches and General Managers must tread lightly.  Players have a lot more leeway.

New Jets quarterback Mike Vick exercised some of that leeway during his Friday night conference call with reporters, addressing the possibility of teaming up with Eagles receiver DeSean Jackson, via a trade to New York.

“[I]f there’s an opportunity to get DeSean, I’m pretty sure the New York Jets fans would be in favor of that,” Vick said. “But who knows, it takes a lot to make a trade happen [with] all of the intricacies of a contract. It’s not for us as players to decide. But hopefully everything will work out for DeSean. If he ends up in New York, we’ll be happy, just as happy as he will be. But who knows, you can’t say.”

With the Eagles saying nothing to DeSean about his status, it’s becoming more and more clear that Jackson is available, if the Jets or anyone else want him.

For the Jets, the bigger question is whether paying Jackson $10.5 million this year and paying receiver Eric Decker $10 million this year fits the overall budget. If the Jets can justify that kind of investment, they’d suddenly have a potent one-two punch at receiver, after having one of the worst sets of skill-position players in the league last season.

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  1. I still think the Eagles should keep him but if he does get traded I think this would make alot more sense than some of the other teams that have been getting thrown around as possibilities.

  2. I haven’t missed a game for 25 years. I’ve been loyal through the Ken O brien pick, Browning Nagle, Rick Mirer, Vinny’s Achilles, Johnny Mitchell, Rich kottite, Kyle brady, Al Groh, PSLs, Woody Johnson and the westside stadium and Romney, Vernon Gholston, Sparano, and Tim Tebow…..Never once did my loyalty waver. But Idzik has done what I thought was impossible. I refuse to root for a team with this POS on it. I can’t imagine what my Sundays will be like, but a plague on this team.

    I hope the Jets go 0-16, that people default on their PSL payments, and that we somehow I dont care how get a new owner who clears the staff and trades Vick for a bag of balls.

  3. Jackson burnt Revis on several occassions last season and even called him out. Granted, the Bucs defensive schemes may have had something to do with it, but if the Jets get Jackson and a halfway decent slot receiver, their offense may match their defense.

  4. If the one yard pass interference rule passes all teams should dump all their corners and spend all the the money they get for it on wrs since the league would be telling teams defense is no longer part of football and the game will convert into a game of pass and catch with rediculas scores

  5. what DeSean brings to the table cannot be replicated as far as speed and coordination goes.

    he must be acting like a major jerk in order for Chip to decide that we no longer need that sort of production.

    I believe that it comes down to the fluke season he had last year.
    I’d bet my life savings that DeSean never puts those numbers up again.
    the fact of the matter is, a 165lb WR won’t last.

    he’s just one good hit away from either retiring, or being ‘shook’ for the rest of his career.

  6. The thought of a washed up QB, if he was even washed and a 165 pound want to be rapper diva is almost as funny as as Chris Webber/ CWEB the rapper with SHAZAAM SHAQ the rapper. What happened to the days of Pat Tillman God rest his soul.

  7. Does DeSean Jackson play quarterback? That’s just as big of a problem for the Jets today as it was 2 days ago. Paying $20M to wide receivers who are both soft against press man coverage (hello Revis and Browner) is not the answer.

  8. I’m sure Vick would love a whole team of punks like him and Jackson on it. A lot of bad qb’s got picked by teams before Vick. He is a injury prone turnover machine. Good luck in that locker room if they get Jackson.

  9. There’s something really, really strange about reading ‘Eric Decker’ and ‘$10 million this year’ in the same sentence. Unless of course you live in the NY Jests bizarro-world.

  10. If they Eagles do trade DeSean Jackson, they’d better have an ace up their sleeve to replace him, because they will suddenly become weak at the WR position without him. I wouldn’t count on the draft to replace DeSean if I were them, as rookies rarely make a big impact at that position.

  11. Everyone deserves a chance at redemption, including Vick. Talib and Blount certainly redeemed themselves in New England. That said, if a GM is constructing a winner, why would he replace a young turnover machine (Sanchez) at QB with an old turnover machine (Vick)? Why would he dump a high-priced diva receiver in Holmes for a high-priced diva receiver in Jackson, despite his talent? Why would he sign a number two receiver (Decker) to number one receiver money with large guaranteed money? Why would he acquire talent that either requires draft choices in a trade or compensatory picks to their former team (ensuring the Jets won’t get any compensatory picks)? Why would he rent a coach and a QB for one year?

  12. Mike Vicks first 4 games of 2013 until injury
    1080 Yards thrown, 5 tds thrown, 2 rushing tds, 2 interceptions, 228 rushing yards

    Extrapolated over Full Season:
    4320 yards thrown , 20 tds thrown, 8 rushing tds , 8 interceptions , 912 rushing yards

    Also, keep in mind that the Eagles played only 3 playoff teams ALL OF LAST SEASON. It just so happened that those teams Vick had to face weeks 2, 3 and 4.

    All non-supporters of Vick should really know what they are talking about before they open their insignificant mouths.
    He is constantly injured, this is true, but when healthy the guy can flat out ball.

    Oh, and one more thing: If you add Vicks projected passing yards and rushing yards, it would be equal to the amount of yards that Manning just put up in his record setting season.

  13. Vick is growing into some kind of wise man sage guru. Every athlete needs a good head on his shoulders like Vick’s. I think Vick has atoned for his sins. I like this guy.

  14. You guys fail doubting the signing fail to recognize his importance as a leader. As an Eagles fan and an outsider, I’d think that’s exactly what the Jets need. Regarding Desean, the Jets would be ideal, it’d be like having two Eagles squads. One of favorite players from the past that can’t win, and one that is on its way to supremacy under the guru Chip Kelly.

  15. Vick is a capable QB in Marty’s system he’s proven that, yes he’s injury prone and he has redeemed himself as far as his past let it go already he’s paid his penance,as far as Jackson and acquiring him it’s a no brainer with their defense and a vastly upgrade offense and a solid special teams it’s no wonder the trolls who hate the Jets are commenting it would be a scary offense don’t forget M jones drew is on his way as well sorry haters the jets are relevant again!

  16. I know there lots of Vick haters on this site, but damn, Vick is a good QB. sure all the trolls will be quick to point out his injury issues. He is an instant upgrade over Geno though. I was hoping for Vick instead of McCowan that my sad team signed for their starter.

  17. This has train wreck written all over it. Rex has admitted in the past he didn’t really pay attention to the offense.
    That is abundantly clear.

  18. Everyone is getting a little crazy with the Decker numbers. He is getting $10 million this year because of the signing bonus. Essential, it’s a 2yr $15 million contract, which is quite reasonable. As far a Vick and DJax go, I can’t stand either if them but is there any question that they are both major upgrades over what the Jets have? Vick alone puts them in playoff contention.

  19. Wow you guys are desperate for a qb if you think Vick is your savior. Two things that are guaranteed are he will turn the ball over and he isn’t smart enough to read a defensive quickly enough.

  20. I don’t care if its 2 years 15 Mill, its 10 Mill against the cap this season!! The Jets could’ve signed James Jones, Emmanuel Sanders, Lance Moore, Etc…. They all could arguably be just as effective as Decker, and a player like Sanders with his ability to stretch the field may have possibly been a upgrade. With the savings on getting say Sanders instead of Decker, the Jets could have realistically pulled the trigger on DJax and instead of 20 Mill on 2 receivers it would be like 14 Mill. DJax, Sanders, Kerley, and Cumberland would be a VAST improvement over last season.

  21. I’m not big on decker, but i do know if jackson comes in he can open alot more space for him on the field.The jets should really make this move and worry about next season after , Because right now they do have a team that can compete for a playoff spot.No use going in half pregnant , just go get the guy.

  22. The Jets would be smart to trade for as many wide receivers as possible. Because they clearly don’t have any cornerbacks on the team to cover them in the regular season matchups.

  23. I hope the Jets trade for Jackson and his 10.5M salary. He is the offensive version of Revis when it comes to contracts, never happy always looking for more. It has been said after the Eagles playoff loss, Jackson was talking about his contract.

    Jackson is the lighter to what Vick is the gasoline on the Jets team. It is going to explode and not in a good way.

    Guess Vick got the same deal as Rex a one year contract with new pastures come 2015.

    It is funny reading the posts of longtime Jets fans who want no part of the Vick circus.

    46 and counting !

  24. Big blue saying that emmanuel sanders is an upgrade over eric decker is laughable. Also something to think about decker scored 8 td’s with Tim tebow at the helm……

  25. This has Rex written all over it. He recruits and signs one guy and then has that guy recruit someone from his former team he REALLY wants. The target all along in signing Vick is not Vick — but Jackson.

  26. Hey I’m an eagle fan and Vick make a game very exciting but the defense today is so much faster and bigger then in the past only means Vick will get hurt.

  27. Vick hasn’t played a full season since re-entering the NFL. That being said, his first two seasons as a starter in Philly would’ve resulted in 4000 yard seasons….something no one thought he could achieve during his stint in ATL. Plus, his rating was over 100 that first year as starter in Philly. I think he’s a much better QB now, as a passer, than he was in ATL.

  28. Why should Vick care? He’s not the starting QB for the Jets right now. Or does he plan on beating out Geno Smith? Looks like the circus is back in town!

  29. Why would he sign a number two receiver (Decker) to number one receiver money with large guaranteed money?

    Cause that is their only hope of landing anybody. No one good wants to go to NJ. Irrelevant franchise.

  30. Ok morons, listen. VICK IS THE BACKUP. Emergency vet for spot duty or injury. That’s why its a one year deal people.

  31. As it appears that the Eagles are prepared to give Jackson away for nothing if necessary, just to get rid of him and his salary, it would behoove the Jets to offer at least a 7th round draft choice so they don’t have to fight competition for Jackson as a free agent. All I can say is that the Eagles had better have a plan in place to replace Jackson, because on the surface, this looks like a really stupid move on their part.

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