Redskins awarded DL Brandon Moore on waivers

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The Redskins have been awarded defensive lineman Brandon Moore on waivers from Kansas City.

The roster move was disclosed in the NFL’s Monday transactions.

Moore (6-5, 320) had stints on San Diego and Denver’s practice squads in the 2013 regular season. The Chiefs waived him on Friday.

The 23-year-old Moore played at the University of Alabama, East Mississippi Community College and the University of Texas during his collegiate career. The Chargers signed him after the 2013 draft concluded.

The Redskins employ a 3-4 base front on defense, and Moore has pro experience in that scheme from his time in San Diego.

13 responses to “Redskins awarded DL Brandon Moore on waivers

  1. In years past when the skins have money to spend, they would have tried to sign as many big names to big contracts as they can.

    Now they are keeping their own and signing a few pieces for depth and in areas of need. It looks good to me.

    They’ve tried everything else (coaching retreads, racket-ball buddies as GM); now they have an up and coming coordinator as coach, with a competent GM in control. Here’s hoping for the best…

  2. Ummmm I kinda remember the Secondary being our weakness and we don’t seem to have paid much attention to it, you talk about zero depth there.. Damn makes me nervous. Teams do throw the ball ya know

  3. Good luck to him, but having been cut from 2 practice squads in less than 12 months is not auspicious.

  4. This is what it comes down to, signing a street free agent that was cut from another team’s practice squad.

    Back in the day, the Deadskins made $100 million headlines in FA, that one didn’t work out. Then they traded a boatload of picks include more than one first rounder for a Qb that can hardly walk, that didn’t turn out.

    Looks like another last place finish.

  5. Thus far we have not spent a lot of money and we have potentially improved our personnel on paper.

    If they don’t pan out, none of them are mortgaging out future to continue the compromise of our ability in the draft.

    2014 has yet to be played and there are going to be some disappointed people who have spent all of their money for big names and still won’t win their divisions much less the Super Bowl. We have been down that road before and now we have gotten off. If it takes another 2 years to get all of the pieces in place, so be it.

    RGIII cost us a lot and his injury is a set back in the process, but he is worth the price and putting people around him is the right thing to do.

    $36 million is a heck of a set back in getting quality personnel and yet with a healthy RGIII we won a division title.

    If we can get a few quality receivers this year, we will see the payoff begin with a division title again. The current administration is doing it right and they are keeping their business close to the vest like they should.

  6. So let me see if I understand this, I’ve seen a few people above say RG3 has already been written as a bust and that the Redskins will suck and blah blah blah. So after 2 years he’s a bust? Lets not forget his rookie year, he lead a team that was down in $18 mill in cap space. So its fair to say, they lacked a lot of personel and talent. And yet this kid dominated defenses, oh and he was hurt haha lets not forget that. So his sophmore season, yeah they finished with a dissappointing record, and yet he led a top 10 defense. And yet again lets not forg

  7. how does a qb lead a top 10 defense??

    RG3 was an exciting player his rookie year. but they ran a gimmick offense. Whether teams picked up on that and adjusted, or he was still hurt in his second year, I don’t know. but I DO know that if he doesnt start trying to run a pro style offense, he is going to have a short career bc of all the injuries from his play style.

    None of that makes him a bust, but it also doesnt do anything to justify him being worth 3 furst round draft picks. The jury truly is still out on him.

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