Ron Rivera: Cam Newton’s ankle problem dates back to college


The Panthers are going to be watching the clock as training camp approaches, wondering if quarterback Cam Newton will be recovered from ankle surgery.

But the clock on the problem started years, not months ago.

Panthers coach Ron Rivera confirmed what we reported last week, that Newton’s ankle issues dated back to college.

“They went through what they do normally,” Rivera told Joe Person of the Charlotte Observer. “Every year it’s been the same thing for the last couple years. This time when he started, after the rest and everything, it wasn’t getting as well as fast as it had last time.

“They went through the [process], looked at it and decided this was the best course of action for him.”

Newton is expected to miss four months, which will mean he’ll miss all the on-field work of OTAs. That will prevent him from working with Jerricho Cotchery, Tiquan Underwood and the rest of the TBA receivers the Panthers are sure to bring in before training camp.

But Rivera said Newton, who is expected to be back for training camp, will have a chance to develop chemistry with the team’s new receivers.

“There will be a time where they’ll get an opportunity to work [with Newton], ” Rivera said of all the new faces. “So I’m not really worried about that.”

For now, that group will work with Derek Anderson and Joe Webb, who was signed last week, while Newton takes care of his old problem.

18 responses to “Ron Rivera: Cam Newton’s ankle problem dates back to college

  1. Really Ron? Nothing to worry about? OK, we know that is the company line, a policy statement.

    Rivera has been very quiet the whole offseason. He can’t be happy with Gettleman’s sabotage. He’s clearly setting Rivera up to fail, so he can hire his own guy.

    I hate to think who that guy might be. I hope Cam will be OK, but a 4 month recovery time, is anything to sneeze at.

  2. Not being able to work with the new WR’s is a loss, but, not the end of the world. Cam will have more success throwing to better receivers with less practice than he would have throwing to the same old mediocre receivers with lots of practice. Simply put…. Newton was better than his 2013 receivers.

  3. realfootballfan says:
    Mar 24, 2014 11:07 AM
    Yea, next year is shaping up to be a deviation to the mean for the Panthers, lol.

    You mean, “regression to the mean”.

    And yes, unless the Panthers find some guys on offense, regression appears inevitible.

  4. Cam Newton and Jake Delhomme are system quarterbacks. Different styles same results. Check out the stats for the first few years.

  5. Hope he doesn’t rush back before he’s ready in an egotistical attempt to “prove everyone wrong” and ruining his mobility/ mechanics like a certain other QB in the Washington area.

  6. Rivera and Newton have towed the line this off season and have said nothing about their boss’ (Gettleman) self imploding a good football team. Signing castoffs, bums, scrubs, and stiffs are not going to make this a better football team. I know their are a lot of cap issues but NFL teams can’t be built through rummage and fire sales. Good luck to the Panthers but I feel the 2014 football season is going to be a long and disappointing one for Panthers fans.

  7. I love all you haters screaming about how awful the Panthers are going to be because their WRs, mediocre as a collective, are gone. The defensive front 7 is still intact. We still have good RBs. We have a very good tight end. And we’re still 7 weeks before the draft. It’s way too early to be so certain we’re going 4-12. We have 6 games with the Falcons, Bucs and Saints. That’s 5 wins right there. 🙂

  8. A lot of people are complaining about the Panthers’ moves this year. Let us not forget that last year they brought in, Drayton Florence, Mike Mitchell, Ted Ginn Jr., Domenik Hixon, re-signed Munnerlyn, and Quinten Mikell. I dare anyone to name who the great pickup was BEFORE the season started… They were all casts offs then. This year, there’s more experience that’s being brought in. And Cason is better than Florence, Harper and Mikell will wash, but Cotchery and Underwood probably will pan out better than LaFell and Ginn. The major step is just finding a number 1 better than Steve Smith. Give it time. The draft isn’t here yet. Jordan Matthews would be a nice fit.

  9. Cam didn’t have OTA’s his rookie year because of the lock-out, so he is starting this year level with 2011. The Panthers went 12-4 last year because of a second ranked defense and a clock- eating offense with very few turn-overs. Steve Smith admitted that he is no longer a no. 1 receiver, and his stats bear that out. However, the one stat that isn’t considered is the “clutch” factor. How many times were drives extended often resulting in touchdowns because Smith made the play when it mattered? The Panthers have to find another on of those guys.

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