Jimmy Graham vows to lead the league in penalties

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The NFL has passed what surely will be known as the Jimmy Graham rule.  And Graham plans to break it.


“I guess I’ll have to lead the NFL in penalties next year!” Graham said on Twitter after the NFL passed a rule banning the goal post dunk.  Graham’s tweet was accompanied by an image of Graham dunking over an official.

Obviously, the move isn’t banned; Graham can still dunk the ball after scoring.  But Graham will be subject to a 15-yard penalty and fines that will increase as the violations mount.

While many have accused the NFL of once again behaving as the “No Fun League,” the fact that Graham knocked a goal post cockeyed with a two-handed dunk last season likely prompted the league to eliminate the exception created when a prohibition on the use of props was passed several years ago.

And so while Graham may be inclined to blame the NFL for taking the fun out of the game, Graham needs to blame only himself for turning a touchdown celebration into a delay in play, which caused the league to turn the maneuver into something that is now frowned upon.

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  1. How selfish is this guy anyways? First, he makes a big deal out of being tagged as a TE in an attempt to make more money, and now this?

    Might wanna focus on helping your team in games that count because in the game vs the Patriots and Seahawks, you failed to show up. Penalties won’t help.

  2. Ok, the rule is silly.

    But so is causing your team to be penalized in order to call attention to yourself.

  3. Good for him! It’ll be a stupid rule to enforce. Why not just get rid of all sorts of celebration now?! Take the fun out of the game. Hey NFL Executives, get a clue!

  4. Give it up, Jimmy. It’s not that impressive. You didn’t invent it. And it’s played out.

  5. That sentiment will last about as long as it takes for some coach to chew his backside for causing the team a victory, or 60 yards in penalties.

  6. The NFL didn’t like what Mark Cuban had to say, so they’re going to remove all traces of basketball from the game. There will also be no references of “rebounding,” “flopping,” or “former basketball-playing” tight ends.

  7. Amen brotha, you just ruined it for everyone Jimmy, way to go. You stole it from Gonzo anyway

  8. Look, the new rule is impossibly stupid. But blatantly accruing fines and penalties against your team is almost equally so. Wait, no it’s not. But still. Dumb.

  9. What happens if you dunk the crossbar and don’t touch it whatsoever? Is the penalty reviewable? #anotherillconceivedrule

  10. Tool,what a team player! How long do you think is coach is going to let him “lead the league in penalties”. I’d guess it won’t happen once if he scores. I thought he was going to file a grievance if he got tagged as a tight end? What happened to that? Lotta quack. Shut up and catch the ball.

  11. Football is serious business to me, as far as I’m concerned the penalty can just be a removal of the score that preceded that celebration move. I don’t like the idea of players using official pieces and fixtures of the field as celebration props. Heck, it annoys me when a player cracks a smile after getting in the endzone, but to dunk and hang on the post, oh that made me really mad. I have no problem with all the fun going away, that’s one thing that I do like to see the NFL take away!

  12. Pretty sure your coach will let that happen once before he tells you to chill jimmy. Nice try but coach Peyton isn’t gonna let you celebrate at the sake of good field position for the other team.

  13. Great player, but why say that? Come up with your own unique TD celebration like Ocho Cinco & T.O. used to do. Those are more exciting to watch than a former 4 year UoM basketball player dunking through a 10 foot tall goal post.

  14. He’ll just hurt the team by continuing the gesture.

    He will no doubt be reminded of this game day .

  15. Yeah, the fine is your problem and yours alone. You decide how you waste your money. But let’s see if your team is happy with those 15-yard penalties every time you score…

  16. Meanwhile his agent has just contacted the Saints to let them know he might be able to get Jimmy to stop dunking…

  17. “I plan on leading the league…In penalties.”

    Brilliant thing to say when you are looking for a bank breaking contract.

  18. Stupid way to lose money , should just take every td and donate the money you’d be fined for doing your td celebration . It was your dumba$$ who changed the rule by hanging on the goal and delaying the game . Deal with it tough guy , or as the hawks showed . “Front runner pretend tough guy ” . Don’t waste your money this is how those 30/30 shows start with stupid spending habits . You’ve come to far to do such stupid crap .

  19. Sean Payton responds, “the day Jimmy leads the league in penalties is the same day that he becomes known as a blocking tight end.”

  20. Wouldn’t it have been better to implement a 15 yd. penalty IF/WHEN a goalpost is damaged, marred, or altered as the result of a dunk?

  21. The fact is that Jimmy Graham is not the only player to dunk the ball however, he is the one who turned a benign celebration into an excessive destructive act that gave the NFL an excuse to go full out gestapo mode with yet another rule! Way to go slick…you got a rule named after you. Guess everybody needs a claim to fame!

  22. Soon, EA SPORTS Madden NFL will be more fun than actual football. wait! That’s a perfect idea for Goodell, eliminate the NFL completely and just air Madden tournaments every Sunday in the Fall.

  23. 15 yard penalty is worth any celebration, certainly with the kickoffs already moved forward, meaning touch backs are standard before the penalty is even talked on.

    It’s the increasing fines that will prevent repeated violations. The Saints especially don’t need some secret dubious fund that everyone pays into for “performance” achievements.

  24. Is the penalty on the ensuing kickoff? Because these days the kicker just gonna boot it through the endzone anyway so who gives a damn?

  25. Come up with something new Jimmy……Don’t get the penalty unless the game is completely over and you are willing to pay a fine. Stupid that they made this a point of emphasis, but you just have to let it go and move on…..

  26. Can’t have fun anymore in the NFL…damn, that was a highlight for me every time JG dunked one over the goal post.

    Jimmy…come up with something even better that IS NOT on the “can’t do list.” NFL probably has thought of everything…yet!

  27. So when does the Lambeau Leap get banned? If premeditation and leaving the field of play are both penalties, that seems like 30 yards worth of penalties to me.

  28. The NFL immediately acts on one little goalpost getting bent hoping to stop it, but they have allowed the Denver Broncos to exist since 1960? Ridiculous.

  29. No fun No fun No fun No fun No fun No fun No fun No fun No fun No fun No fun No fun No fun No fun No fun No fun No fun No fun No fun No fun No fun No fun No fun No fun No fun No fun No fun No fun No fun No fun No fun No fun No fun No fun No fun No fun No fun No fun No fun No fun No fun No fun No fun No fun No fun No fun No fun No fun No fun No fun No fun No fun No fun No fun No fun No fun No fun No fun No fun No fun No fun No fun No fun No fun League.

  30. As stupid as this rule is, Jimmy is even more stupid (and selfish) for making his team suffer so he can have fun. 15 yard penalty every time? See how coach feels about that.


  31. This should really only be a penalty if the goal posts do need to be adjusted, and that penalty should be a delay of game. There really isn’t anything more ”unsportsmanlike” about it than any other celebration.

  32. The penalty is ridiculous. Just make him apologize and promise to never knock a goalpost crooked again and move one.

    That being said, I highly doubt Graham would rack up the fines for this cause.

  33. The dude has a hard enough time staying healthy. Great player, think its time to retire the dunk.

  34. Impressive display of a lack of intelligence. This kid is in contract negotiations and says stupid stuff.
    Way to show off your leadership skills.

  35. What if he dunks over the goalpost without the ball? Seriously, the penalty is going to be “using a prop(football)” but what if he dunks without the football?

  36. What if he dunks it but doesn’t touch the goal post????….no post ..no foul…..right ?

  37. this is bs..what do you want in the nfl mr goddell..have an idea..why dont all the players and all of us the fans,just change the channel to the cfl??..maybeee there we can have fun!

  38. It’s one thing to tweet that; it’s another thing if he actually does it.

    Imagine what his teammates and coaches will say if he repeatedly gets his team penalized.

  39. Sometimes the NFL earns the nickname of no fun league, but I have to agree with the shield on this one… Don’t need the potential delay of game, there are plenty of other ways to celebrate.

  40. This is no different than the gatorade bath. So tired & done to death. I have no problem with td celebrations but come up with your own. That’s Tony Gonzalez’s move. He started that when Graham was still in diapers. Maybe try the sprinkler. That’s original & fresh or better yet, hand the official the ball & act like you’ve been there before. I believe Marshawn Lynch is having a seminar on how to execute that move during this offseason. I hear many slots are still available.

  41. I know it’s BS that the NFL is banning this, but Graham saying “I guess I’ll have to lead the NFL in penalties next year!” makes him come off as a selfish player that doesn’t care about his team.

  42. I didn’t know that thing about him messing up a goal post and I agree with the NFL now. I’m all for fun, but that’s just ridiculous go high five someone instead of that nonsense

  43. As a fan who wants to see the game move along as swiftly as possible, all I can say is, what a Selfish Douche.

    It’s not worth delaying the game like he did in ATL, nor is it worth the time spent throwing the flag, announcing the penalty, moving the kick back, etc. Just go about your business you fool.

  44. TNB. Choosing to celebrate knowing a 15 yard penalty is coming instead of just handing the ball the ref. if I were Sean Peyton and he chose to celebrate and cost out team a win a 7 figure fine should handed out.

  45. Grow-up and quit being a baby!!! So you want to penalize your team, so you can pretend your a basketball player!! If you want to do it go to the NBA! You Baby!!!!

  46. I guarantee that if he does it more than once he will find himself fined by the league and the team. He may also find himself benched or not getting any calls when they team is in the red zone. No coach is going to tolerate an arrogant, narcissistic, jack ass continually racking up completely avoidable 15 yard penalties on kickoffs. Particularly when those penalties are resulting from completely selfish, self agrandizing behavior on the part of a player.

  47. That’s right folks, He alone is responsible for the poor and perhaps dangerous quality of a goalpost.
    Thank nothing serious ever touched this goalpost, who knows how many might have been killed or maimed.

  48. If something stupid like this is going to cause a delay in the game, I’m going to side with the NFL on this one. It’s not that big a deal. So you pump your fist into the air instead of dunking a football over a goal post, either way you scored, now go out there and do it again.

  49. We will see how long his teammates and coaches enjoy that penalty. If enforced on the kickoff it gives an advantage to the return team which could be significant.

  50. Jimmy’s got some new moves; Jimmy can dunk. Jimmy’s new in town. Jimmy we’ll see you later; Jimmy doesn’t like misunderstanding……



  51. A delay of play? 300 commercials per game is a delay of play!

    I think I might actually start watching NASCAR or something else instead of the NFL. It’s becoming a massive joke.

  52. well, the league has a point this time.

    Jimmy knocking that post was a really dumb move,

    act like you’ve been there.

  53. You’re turning into a douche Graham! Maybe you always were. The games are too bleeping long as it is with constant stopping to not have your mouth breathing antics delay the game for even longer.

  54. “DUNKING” the ball is one thing, hanging onto the crossbar like a dumb@ss AFTER the move is another!

    Given that Graham is unhappy with his being tagged in New Orleans, I’m willing to guess he’s not going to make anybody happy on the sidelines anyway!

  55. Thank you competition committee for changing the rules every year for the past few years. The storied NFL is no more. When will it stop??

  56. So you’re suggesting that Graham is responsible for a rule that punishes everyone and the league couldn’t have passed a delay of game penalty specific to the event that actually caused the change in policy. Sounds about right for the NFL. Carry on.

  57. Aren’t the flags that the players will be using in 2 years for tackling considered props as well?

  58. That just shows he cares more about himself rather his team and the penalties that will happen. Here is a thought…if you want to dunk, go play basketball. This is football…your job is to catch the ball and score a touch down. It is about the team, not you.

  59. If they make some rule changes that would be dumb like if they push the pat back to the 25 yard line that 15 yard penalty could be costly because now the pat would be from 40 and a 2 point conversion would be from the 17 yard line.

  60. The easiest thing to do in life is to just follow the rules and do the right thing. I can only hope he is kidding about leading the league in penalties. Be pretty selfish to get a penalty after a TD just because you want dunk a football over a yellow bar. Just follow the rules and be a good role model. You might not agree with it but rules are rules and you are not the boss.

  61. I hate the Commish as much as the next fan, but I support this rule change.

    Now can the league please hire full time officials that are not under the sway of gamblers who pay them to influence games with pass interference and holding penalties.

  62. I definitely hate this rule, and I’m bummed I won’t get see players slam one home (or, in my favorite player, Vernon Davis’ case, get rejected by the crossbar), but once the rule is in place there is no reason to hurt your team over a celebration, although I do appreciate JG’s rhetoric.

  63. May want to check with Coach on that, Jimmy. 15 yards may not mean much to you but it could have a major impact on the game. How about starting the first UNDER-post dunk? Can’t penalize you if you “miss”…..

  64. Just run to the sidelines and dunk over Matt Ryan every time you score on the Falcons,that should be good for getting it out of your system for the year.

  65. I like his spunk and sense of humor, but Sean Payton will have something to say about it too.

    As for the rule change being Graham’s fault, how about some blame for whoever made the Atlanta goal posts out of aluminum foil?

  66. If Graham is serious, it’s one of the most immature and boneheaded things he could have said. What he appears to be saying is that he doesn’t care if he gets penalized, possibly even mutiple times a game, thus hurting his team…as long as he gets to do his tired goalpost ‘dunk’ routine? I wonder what Sean Payton and Graham’s Saints teamates think about that statement?

  67. As much as this Panthers fan hates the Saints, I’m totally with Graham on this one.

    If I were Graham, I’d respond the same way, especially if they stupidly move the kckoff up to the 40. They have a kicker strong enough to get a kickoff from the 25 near the goal line. The Saints special teams coach better have a superior training camp, since his squad will be the only one actually engaging in kickoff coverage.

  68. Why couldn’t they just have made it to where if the players touches or manipulates the goal then a penalty will be assessed and subject to a fine. Jimmy doesn’t do this as a hot head, he is an ex basketball player who has become HIGHLY successful in the No Fun League. Trust me, I’m the first one against ridiculous celebration but this one clearly shows who graham is and he is letting people know that.

  69. A true team player. Jimmy Graham has always been about showboating and bringing attention to himself instead of his team. This is exactly what I would expect him to say.

  70. Graham is obviously not the brightest bulb (nor the threat on the field he thinks he is given his performance vs. Seattle). I’m sure his coaches are ecstatic with this statement.

  71. I never liked guys that dance like tools after a touchdown. Always loved the “act like you’ve been there before” Barry Sanders approach….very classy. But I never minded the dunk….or the spike. That’s pretty much football…not anymore I guess

  72. Delay of a game may be an issue for the NFL and while I agree that the NFL should not become the NBA, I think the deeper issue for fans and players has become the No fun in the end zone league. At first it was “don’t celebrate with anyone but yourself” then it’s a delay of game for spiking the ball. Now it is acting out a dunk after a score. What is next, no more screaming in joy over scoring? I am also bothered by some of the rules pertaining to hits in the secondary, pass interference calls, the referee’s, and the replay system which sometimes doesn’t even get it right when it is supposed to! The only thing that has not turned me away completely is THE GAME.

    I love the game of football, but it is being stripped away by bad rules, and even worse officiating. Now they are considering moving the kickoff back to the 40 yard line basically eliminating the kickoff return, and moving the extra point back to the 25 yard line? This has gotta stop! Maybe Mark Cuban was right! The NFL had better be careful about the changes they are making, or rules won’t be the only thing the NFL loses, It just might be the fans that they lose in the end!

  73. The headline should read “Jimmy Graham plans to hurt his team with stupid penalties by acting like a jackwagon”!

  74. Jimmy was clearly joking. If you think that Payton will allow repeated 15 yard penalties then you’re a dim bulb.

  75. arent they calling this a penalty involving the ball? cant he just drop the ball and do it anyway?

  76. I think everyone might want to slow down a little bit with the Graham criticism here. First off, just because he tweeted something doesn’t mean he actually plans on going out and getting 10-16 penalties for dunking the ball after a touchdown. Second off, if he does, I think the team can eat it because it wouldn’t negate the touchdown that he would have just scored (which definitely helps the team). Finally, from a fan perspective, if he scores a touchdown and the ball is moved back fifteen yards on the kickoff, we might actually get to see one of those kick returns that the league is steadily trying to phase out.

  77. The refs were supposed to call players for “going to the ground” after a TD last year and I saw many many instances where it was ignored and never called.

    This will be a penalty the refs call a few times in the preseason and then only pull out when they feel like it during the regular season.

  78. Yeah, that delay of game really hurt. It took all of what, 5 minutes to fix the goal post? Somewhat like the 2 minute delay of game in Green Bay every time they score and jump into the stands. Because, you know, jumping over the boards, into a hoard of people never delays game AND IS the safest practice in the NFL.

    Funny how they enacted this rule AFTER Gonzales retired.


  79. higheriqthanyou says:
    Mar 26, 2014 9:10 AM





    Receptions (League Leading)

  80. here’s an idea. why don’t you act like you’ve been there before (in the endzone) and show a little class instead of the “look at me, look at me” mentality. and you can say what you want about the nfl taking the “fun” out of football. but I think it’s a good thing. you want to dunk, then go play basketball…..the pelicans could use you. dunking throws off the alignment of the goal posts

  81. The league didn’t care he did this until he messed up expensive equipment. And people are blaming the league for taking fun out? Do you have children? If your kids break expensive furniture while playing ball in the house, do you let them continue playing ball in the house in the exact same way that led to the broken furniture?

  82. he was obviously joking. he had a picture of a poorly photoshopped referee trying to block one of his dunks.

    lighten up people.

  83. 2015 NFC Championship…Seattle vs. New Orleans….Graham scores with three minutes to play to cut it to a three point game….and New Orleans then must kick off to Percy Harvin from their own 20 yard line…..

    You get on with your bad self, Jimmy.

  84. @seadawgs72… The sprinkler’s already been done by Darrell Jackson, a one-time Seattle receiver. In fact, outside of a River Dance choreography, it’s pretty much all been done.

    The only vow Jimmy Graham should have taken was a vow of silence…

  85. So why not just make it a penalty if the cross bars are knocked off kilter? If they dunk & don’t delay the game then no harm, no foul. Now there’s some common sense.

  86. The penalty should suit the crime. Penalty should be the loss of one finger. After 5 penalties, Jimmy will be dunkin’ left handed….after 10, well, problem solved.

  87. That’s genius. Let’s say Graham gets a penalty against the Falcons and the kickoff moves from the 35 to the 20. Which means Devin Hester would certainly have plenty of room to make a play. And that would drive Payton nuts.

    Brilliant. They outlawed it, Jimmy. Spike the ball, hand it to the ref, whatever.

    I predict he gets 0 penalties for this because Payton will simply tell him it’s not allowed. Period.

  88. If they are going to eliminate this, they need to eliminate player jumping into the stands as well.

  89. They could still allow it but penalize ONLY if the goal post gets knocked out of whack as a result of the dunking–Delay of Game.

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