Perrish Cox is back with the 49ers for another year


The 49ers didn’t want cornerback Perrish Cox enough to tender him a contract as a restricted free agent.

That doesn’t mean they didn’t want him.

Cox’s agent Jordan Woy just tweeted out word that his client had agreed to a one-year deal with the 49ers.

Cox filled in well enough for the 49ers in the playoffs, but they didn’t want to spend $1.323 million on him. Now, he’ll get a chance to provide depth and play special teams again.

19 responses to “Perrish Cox is back with the 49ers for another year

  1. I am glad Niners addressing the FA methodically. The flashy signings do not bring results in the long term. It would have been stupid for them to spend money of a free agent CB with 11 draft picks and 6 in first 100.

    At worst, Cox is a TC body. He played will against GB to at least get a shot.

  2. Cox pleaded innocent to rape charges saying he didn’t sleep with a drunk woman at his house let alone rape her.

    Then the woman became pregnant and the childs DNA matches his.

    My theory is this…. Cox is God and it was immaculate conception.

  3. Not bad considering our DB situation at the moment.

    But why not sign him to a 3 year deal with with 1-year options by the 49ers with a lower base salary and load the contract with incentives for him to perform each season?

    Most players are also motivated by money, not just loyalty.

  4. Glad they resigned Cox was a little disappointed when they resigned Wright but not Cox. Who was clearly the better db last year.

  5. With Cox back the CB situation is not as bad as some might have thought. Culliver and Brock will most likely be the starters with Wright and Cox being the backups and/or taking the slot. Cook and whatever rookie they draft will be developmental (unless the rookie is that good.)

    I think at this point, unless a fantastic trade lands in their laps, the Niners will focus on the draft and getting Kaepernick, Crabtree, Aldon Smith and Iupati to sign extentions.

    Hard to get them all back, but there is a method to the madness.

  6. Ahh yes, the usual assortment of tough behind the keyboard crowd and bigoted posters here. All is well in PFT comment land.

  7. Glad to see Cox & Wright back. Now stay far, far away from Carlos Rogers. I firmly believe that if Cox or Wright were in the NFC Champ game on the 4th down play, Sea would of never scored. Wright & Cox played so well in the 2 playoff games before Sea. Then Rogers’ gets most of the snap against Sea. When I saw Roger’s on the field for the fourth down I knew Sea was gonna attack him.

  8. grimreaper12 ..yeah the team needs corners..but they need to give CK a chance. He did pretty well last season and hopefully he does even better next season. Only time will tell though.

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