Will someone please tell Dennis Allen which division he’s in

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If the NFL wants to legislate away an actual problem, maybe they can train their sights on ridiculous hyperbole next year.

Raiders coach Dennis Allen would be the first man punished, after declaring Tuesday morning that new quarterback Matt Schaub was comparable to the other quarterbacks in his division.

We have a quarterback now that’s on par with the quarterbacks in this division,” Allen said, via Tim Kawakami of the San Jose Mercury News, presumably with a straight face. “The best way to stop those offenses No. 1 is to keep your defense off the field. And I think with some of the things we’ve been able to do up front, both from a protection standpoint, from an ability to run the football, I think those things are going to help us.

“Obviously I think the quarterback’s going to help us. But yeah, we strive to be the best defense in this division and it’s a tough division to be the best in.”

Yeah, about those quarterbacks, Dennis.

There’s that Peyton Manning cat, pretty good, maybe you’ve heard of him. Philip Rivers is back to being Philip Rivers. And even the vaguely comparable one, Alex Smith has a benefit of not looking like a flaming train wreck recently.


There’s an extent to which Allen has to pump up Schaub, especially after the way his career in Houston came to a careening mess of a derailment.

But creating unrealistic expectations for a guy who is a bridge to the next incarnation of the Raiders’ quarterback of the future can’t help either.

Allen also said he was comfortable with Matt McGloin as a backup, which clears the way for Terrelle Pryor to be sent elsewhere.

Pryor has asked to be traded, because he thinks he deserves a shot to start.

Maybe there’s something in the water in Oakland, something that the NFL would be better served spending time getting under control.


88 responses to “Will someone please tell Dennis Allen which division he’s in

  1. If he was playing for the veteran minimum I would say that’s a great deal, but seeing as they pay him huge money I don’t see the appeal. Sure maybe he can do a good job and win the Super Bowl for them this year, but if he can then maybe others could have done that as well. And if you can find a value player that has long-term upside and financial flexibility beyond what Schaub offers then that’s even better. This is a curious team design considering how poorly they finished last year and all the cap room they have. They could have used this offseason to make a radical transformation into the type of team that consistently finishes on top instead of the bottom, and they have done nothing substantial to change things. I don’t get it.

  2. Matt Schaub will bounce back this year. He is no Peyton Manning but he is also not Sanchez or Gabbert.

  3. Schaub is pretty good, last year notwithstanding.

    McGloin is average, but has some strong characteristics – including leadership.

    Pryor is not a good QB.

  4. Maybe he meant that he had a starting qb that was on par with the other teams backup qbs in the division. That has to be what he meant.

  5. As a Colts fan saw Schaub play very well on numerous occasions, just not last year. If The Raiders are getting the Schaub 2012 version, the fans will quickly be happy, but if not, this is Carson Palmer all over again and sorry Black Hole fans.

  6. Now as a Raider fan i’m honestly not being biased. But until last year (which granted was a bad bad year) he had FIVE 90+ QB ratings in 5 years. Thats impressive.

    The problem is many journalists (and fans) dont think of previous years, its just ‘what have you done for me lately’

    If thats the case you would be slating Kurt Warner for his year with the Giants, slating Rich Gannon for doing nothing with the Chiefs and so on.

    Its not unheard of for players to bounce back after a bad year and theres awards for players who come back after a bad year (or injury).

    I’m not saying Schaub will be all pro but people have a short memory. Yeah he threw ints last year, he also had injured RB’s, a defense allowing a fair few yards. People talk like Schaub single handedly lost all these games for Houston.

    If Schaub had 2 or 3 seasons in a row which were bad fair enough, but one year after 5 great seasons i’m not too worried about

  7. There was a time when meaningless coachspeak was treated like, you know, meaningless coachspeak.

  8. I think all he meant was that Schaub is on a higher, more average level than Pryor and McGloin. A real QB if you will. He just didn’t want to say it so crudely by throwing his own guys under the bus.

  9. I must admit that Dennis Allen might be right. Schaub and Manning are very much comparable.

    Both are adept at throwing the pick 6….it’s just that Schaub throws his in the regular season and Manning prefers to wait until Super Bowls.


  10. Until this year where he imploded schaub was better then Alex smith ! Has at least 2-3 years better then Smith’s career year! Rivers and Manning are franchise qbs smith is decent no less no more!

  11. Because Manning and Rivers’ stats helped them *so* much when it really mattered this season…

  12. Raiders’ fans have lived in fantasyland for more than a decade. But the coach too? Must be something in the water in Lake Merritt.

  13. When the Raiders finally move to LA or Vegas then they will rise from the grave and come back from the dead. A New Stadium will do wonders for the team. This coming 2014 season the Raiders can go 8-8 if Matt Schaub can stay healthy and the offensive line blocks for him. They must have a consistent running game to help Schaub have time to throw. Schaub can be the 2nd best QB in the Division and he is the best QB available on the market right now . All the haters will choke on their words especially if the Raiders get D JAX and they Draft WR Sammy Watkins. No one will laugh at their passing game then.

  14. Maybe he only say Manning’s game film from the Super Bowl.

    On a more serious note, what’s the point in parsing PR speak and taking it from a hyper-realistic standpoint? I understand this is a blog and you traffic in sensationalism mixed with reporting, but the laughable efforts to interject your viewpoints are marginal reductions of your original argument.

  15. Alex Smith comes into the Division a good game manager QB, at best, then he explodes and has a career season. Matt Schaub has been a Pro-Bowler for many seasons except last season, he has teetered on the edge of being a top 5 QB almost year in and year out. I don’t think last year would be enough for me to count him out. In my opinion he is possibly the second best QB in the Division. Everyone knows Peyton is on a whole nother level from most QBs in the NFL.

  16. I understand respecting Manning as the future HOF’er that he is, but Rivers is an overrated head case and nobody fears Alex Smith. Schaub needs to show that last year was an aberration before any of this talk has merit, but the Schaub of previous years was clearly on par with or ahead of Rivers and Smith.

  17. Uh wait I am fairly certain that Shaub has had at least a stubbed toe before I guess that means that he won’t get a medical clearance from the training staff. Guess Shaub will revert to be property of the the Texans again!

  18. I think if you add Sammy Watkins to a core with Rod Streater (800+ yards in 2013), James Jones (800+), Denarius Moore (600+) and Mychal Rivera (400+) the potential is there to have quite the explosive offense.

  19. I guess if you compare them close enough, you can find “similarities”.

    All have 2 arms, 2 legs and a head.

    After that, not much alike at all……

    Good luck Oakland!

  20. The Raiders are intentionally sabotaging their season so they can justify moving when the fans don’t show up.

  21. In Texas he had offensive weapons all around him. Will he have that same support this year in Oak?……… The difference between Schuab and Manning is, Manning will make an average offense outstanding and Schuab needs to be surrounded by Pro Bowl players.

  22. RM & DA are perfect example why before the late great Al Davis lost his mind he always said to never hire a defensive guy as head coach and or GM,they have no vision of offense and it shows. It’s sad because right now the Saints have the coaching staff that Al had envisioned for the raiders(Peyton and Ryan),I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again both RM and DA will be fired after this upcoming year. Hire Hue Jackson back get Wade Phillips to run or D,and then give Scott Piolo what ever he wants to be GM!!

  23. Not a fan of this team by any stretch, but I hope the Raiders have a decent season next year and shut some of these so called experts up. The media hate for this organization is so over the top. Absurd at times.

    If this does happen, I am sure these same “experts” will say they aren’t surprised and they saw this coming because of the good moves they made, etc…

  24. “The best way to stop those offenses No. 1 is to keep your defense off the field.”

    Shaub actually does a great job of keeping his defense off the field. Unfortunately the reason his defense is off the field so much is because off the amount of pick 6’s he tosses.

  25. ‘Will someone please tell Dennis Allen which division he’s in’

    totally thought this was gonna be a story about Allen sitting with the NFC coaches or something. Turns out to be nothing but an attempt to make news. Or, just another attempt to dump on the Raiders because they’re confident.

    people just love to hate the Raiders.

    funny thing is…a lot of them secretly love them, too. Fact of the matter is the Raiders actually may have a shot to do something more than just average if they hit a couple home runs in the draft.

    but whatever. I’ll at least let the season unfold a LITTLE before dumping so hard on the Raiders..

  26. At least Schaub and Rivers DON’T lose superbowls. Of course, they haven’t been there yet. If you get there, you win. Period. If you don’t, well, you suck like everyone else. Smith is a joke, Manning is so overrated it’s not even funny.
    Someone should come up with a formula that ranks quarterbacks by incorporating their stats (good and bad) and salary. Then tell me who is the best bang for the buck out there. I’m guessing Manning is not near the top of that list. Throwing tons of money at an aging gunslinger with a bad neck and a tendency to lose when it counts the most does not guarantee a Lombardi trophy. Did I mention that Manning threw a Pick Six in the last superbowl? Manning=the new Mr. Pick Six.

  27. Schaub was surrounded with Pro Bowl talent…Rivers lost his top two WRs for the entire season. Rivers still threw 3 times as many TDs and 3 less interceptions than Schaub.

    Schaub in Oakland is going to be comical.

  28. Please Schaub and Rivers have had basically the same stats over their carers. I’d even give Schaub a slight edge. He had a horrible year last year but Rivers was no Montana the past 3 years. Everyone in the media was saying the same thing about Rivers last year. Schaub will be just fine in Oakland

  29. While not on par with Manning, Schaub has had some very good years. I’m pretty sure everyone wrote Philip Rivers off as washed up when he had back to back bad years. Matt Schaub has has one bad year and he’s done? He’s a better QB than Alex Smith for sure. I think he may surprise some people.

  30. What is he SUPPOSED to say?? He doesn’t ACTUALLY believe Shaub is on par with Peyton…..but before last season it wasn’t a stretch to say he’s on Par with Rivers and Smith. Shaub is an upgrade for Raiders. They need to put some more players around him but its only March. Before last season, Shaub had 5 straight 90+passer rating seasons, not bad. He’s an upgrade of Pryor or (undrafted) McGloin

  31. Schaub has thrown 32 INT’s in the last three seasons.

    Rivers has thrown 46 INT’s in the last three season.

    Peyton Manning’s vaunted NFL history making offense put up 8 points……8 POINTS (along with 4 INT’s including a pick six) in the SuperBowl….and he’s thrown 38 INT’s in the last three seasons that he’s played…

    Allen is right. Schaub will fit right in…

  32. Schaub could be god in Allen’s system. Alex Smith benefited from Reid’s system, and I think we can agree that after last season Alex Smith is a reliable above-average QB.

  33. For all you Raider fans saying Schaub is equal to Rivers, get real. I get it, he’s your new QB and you want to support him. Especially after the QB’s you’ve suffered through since Gannon. I also get why you don’t like Rivers. But there is no reason to be delusional. There is no comparison.

  34. Wow! Wow! Wow!…Schaub & Raider haters are potent on this blog than ever before, the poor guy has an off season out of his whole career and he’s all of a sudden washed up! And any QB who goes to Oakland is supposedly washed up! Lets assess the AFC West.. Rivers is almost up there as he hasnt gotten to a Super bowl yet.. Manning can’t win one with Denver.. and all of a sudden Smith is the fave to win it all in the division this year! Ask Carson Palmer if he was washed up.. and ask Schaub the same question at the end of this year after having a career year once he gets surrounded by a bunch of young weapons instead of throwing to 2 wide receivers who were always double covered!

  35. funny how Phillip Rivers threw 20 picks a couple of years ago, and now you say he is the Phillip Rivers of old (who has a total of 104 picks for his carreer,) while Matt Schaub who has been in the league the same amount of time only has a total of 84 picks, but you want to put a fork in him…..no raider hater there eh?

    Alex Smith….is Alex Smith, and peyton is praying right now that Clowney does not drop to us at #5 or else there goes his neck….

    Go Raiders….Go Reggie!

  36. Usually the PFT readers haveto wait until they get into an article to hear condescending and biased Raider bashing, but this time they went ahead and just put it in the headline. Lets try to look at facts, first nobody in the league (excluding Brady) is even in the same stratasphere as Manning. Next up is Rivers who like Schaub last season had the worst season of his career two years ago after several pro bowl seasons. He bounced back pretty good last season. Rivers and Schaub were very much comparable prospects coming out of college and had a shootout game against eachother Rivers senior year. Still give Rivers the edge but not by much. Now to the obvious dig, Alex Smith aka Captain Check down has never been and never will be a better QB than Schaub. He was a bust in Sf until Harbaugh came and saved his career by tailoring the system to hide his weaknesses. The chiefs had a beastly defense last year and if they even had a decent Qb they would have gone farther into the playoffs. The best part of the deal is we got him for a 6th rounder. same as the 49ERS gave up for Gabbert. Watch Reggie get that 6th rounder back for PRYOR and Reg is a genious

  37. Schaub is comparable is comparable, in terms of age.

    It’s a bit unfair on Smith who is still 29, but Rivers and Schaub were even in the same draft class.

    Admittedly they were picked a long way apart, but the same draft class.

    Stats wise there is only something like 8000-yards and 90-touchdowns between them, so they are bascially the same player. Now is anyone interested in this bridge I’ve got?

  38. Must be that leaky sewerage..

    I said it before I’ll say it again Allen sounds like Rex Ryan rose colored glasses about Sanchez..

    Needs a reality check.. Good luck with your season.

  39. Definitely not on par but…

    Passer Rating Last 3 Seasons:

    Manning 104 / 125 tds / 38 Ints
    Phillip Rivers 94 / 85 / 46 Ints
    Alex Smith 94 / 53 tds / 17 Ints
    Schaub: 86 / 47 tds / 34 Ints

    There is more to judging a QB than rating obviously, but Schuab even with a horrible 2013 is close to Alex Smith and Rivers. Peyton obviously is in his own league.

    And by on par i think what he meant to say was that they are not going to be starting terrele pryor, matt mcgloin, mike vick or mark sanchez

  40. albigverg:

    The fans literally burned effigies of Schaub while they were calling for his termination. I think he and his family received death threats from old school teachers who were sick and tired of his miserable play.

    So, you tell me, how good is the guy again?

    Perfect fit for the Raiders.

  41. There is coach speak, and then there is delusion. Allen comments clearly fall in the latter.

    Schaub isn’t even as good as Alex Smith, forget about comparing him to Manning and Rivers.

  42. You think Shaub is scared to go against Manning? He’s been doing it almost his whole career. Maybe that’s why he had a bad season he needs Manning in his division to elevate his game.

  43. Allen actually is showing his lack of faith in the last group of QB’s who he has had to deal with over the past two season (of which two were on the roster and the only viable option to start before Schaub was brought in).

    Reads like Allen is saying that the Raiders now have a QB (minus last season–and THAT can be blamed on Kubiak’s outdated offense) that has had success at the position over the past few seasons.

    Schaub is giving the Raiders a chance to win, as compared to McGloin, Pryor, Trent Edwards or Matt Flynn, and that’s being “on par” with the other QB’s in the division.

  44. Tim will continue to take shots and the Oakland Raiders because of his deep hatred toward the team and organization. The Raiders have to win to get good press and I hope that starts this season, I think they are doing their best to improve the roster, and hopefully we will see some positive results, but it is sad that no matter what we they do, they will never get good press from our hometown guy because of his dislike of the team.

  45. Charger fans running their mouths yet let terrelle Pryor carve em up. Raiders are the only team in the NFL with 9 home games. You let an opposing teams fans take over your stadium. Sea World. Super charger.

  46. Raiders 2-14 next year! Schaub had a system he was familiar with and was a disaster. Fire Mckenzie.

  47. Wow, what a shock! Darin comes in with another hack journalist attempt to rile up Raiders fans.

  48. For the charger fans yup , the Raiders have stunk it up for over 10 years. But the chargers have sucked for 40 years never, not even once have they been the best, not one Superbowl. And though the Raiders are supposedly the worst team in the league, they still manage to beat the chargers about half the time. what gives

  49. I can’t believe you’re showing up here again Humbolt, I thought you were run over by your SB express last year, (Choo-Choo!)
    But you were probably sitting around, basking in the glow of all of the Lombardi trophies your team has accumulated…oh, DOH!
    Have fun watching the cry-baby choke again this year, after leading you on to where you think you actually had a shot. again.
    You know, like your love-life.

  50. Funny only one Super Bowl win out of the other qb in the division and 2 Super Bowl loses. Jim Plunkett was supposed to be washed up, Rich Ganonn was a career back up. That worked out pretty well. So who is to say a two time pro bowler and a career 64% completion percentage can’t bounce back after ONE bad year.

  51. You Raider fans are in such loser denial, it’s shocking. But by all means bask in your Super Bowl wins over 30 years ago. It’s your only argument for relevance, pretty sad. Your franchise is a joke and you know it. Suppose I’d be bitter too.

  52. Dennis Allen’s statement about Schaub being par with the other QB’s was way too early to make a statement like that. I would have kept my mouth shut until after the 2014 season was over first. Because if Schaub has the same season he did last year, not only does he have a major foot in the mouth, he’ll be out of a job too.

  53. Schaub is (was?) better than Smith, but not Rivers. Rivers has proven that he’s legit to all but the haters. To even mention Schaub with respect to Manning’s level is flat out hilarious. I would expect nothing less from the raiders.

  54. Schaub has all the physical tools but he needs a very strong O Line to get back his mental game. Reggie, Dennis and the boy’s future depend on how well the the lines are strengthened. The Raiders need to trade down but only if they get fair value.

  55. humb0lt says: Mar 25, 2014 2:20 PM

    Raiders’ fans have lived in fantasyland for more than a decade. But the coach too? Must be something in the water in Lake Merritt.
    Says the guy that predicts a Lombardi for the Chargers every spring. Rivers is better than Schaub, but that’s not enough. 48 Super Bowls in the books, and the best San Diego could do was one appearance and one beat-down. Choo choo.

  56. Talk about bitter charger fans? What do they have to be proud about 40 years ago? Getting trampled by the Raiders and no Superbowls. 30 years ago? Ditto. 20 years ago? Ditto. The last 10 year’s? Never has a team with so much talent done so little with it. And even with all that talent still lose about half the games against the Raiders with the likes of J Russel and Bruce gradkowski? 40 years of ineptitude for the chargers, amazing they have any fans given half of SD are Raider fans.

  57. If “Philip Rivers is Philip Rivers again” then why can’t Matt Schaub be Matt Schaub again?

    You know, the guy who has one bad year on what turned out to be the worst team in football. Prior to that he was a two time pro bowler who had led his teams to back to back division titles, 4,000 + yard seasons, etc.

    You can spin the narrative any way you want (and with the Raiders it’s ALWAYS going to be negative) but this move isn’t as “out there” as most people seem to hope it is.

  58. top worrying about names and “Stardom” and go back and look at passer ratings for the last 8 years, then come back and tell me what’s so FN funny about what Dennis Allen said..


    OK, this is what I don’t want to hear: Matt Schaub is going to be the next Rich Gannon. 

    Yeah, yeah, we know the tale: Older guy comes to Oakland with his career on life support. He revitalizes it, along with the entire franchise, goes on to win an MVP and takes Raider Nation to the Super Bowl. It’s an awesome story, and that’s why it doesn’t happen very often. 



    Instead, what Schaub is likely to become is the next Jason Campbell, Carson Palmer or Matt Flynn. Another so-so, more-problems-than-qualities quarterback who the Raiders traded for in a desperate attempt to find that Gannon magic. 

    When is this going to end? 

    Hey Oakland, another Gannon is not walking through those doors. Stop thinking he will in the form of another beat-down old dude. 

    Schaub was a shell of himself last season in Houston. Why would Oakland, which is trying to build an offense and is far from a ready product, think it can fix him at the age of 32? 

    If the Raiders were fixated on continuing to get older all over the field — a weird approach with a team with a ton of salary-cap room that hasn’t had a winning record since George W. Bush’s first administration — I guess an argument could be made for Michael Vick. He’d be completely free (I know Schaub cost just a late-round pick, but the Raiders need the chance to develop every kid they can get their hands on) and Vick has some ability to make plays happen. 

    Schaub is a less-talented Palmer. He will occasionally tease, but is more likely to throw a pick-six than a touchdown. 

    I really hope the Raiders don’t think this is the guy who is going to lead them back to the playoffs. All he is going to do it get cut in a couple of years, and then the Raiders will have to start over. Again. 

    I’d give the the Raiders props if they took a chance on Johnny Manziel, Teddy Bridgewater or Blake Bortles. The only way this woebegone franchise is going to be relevant again is if it finds the right young quarterback. Yes, maybe the Raiders will draft one of those youngsters and Schaub will be the backup. But I’m not sure this trade was made for Schaub to be the backup. 

    Oh, and this deal, also tells you what the Raiders think of Terrelle Pryor. Yep, he’s not the answer. Still, the ultimate question in Oakland after this trade: Who is the answer at quarterback? 

    It wasn’t solved Friday morning. Matt Schaub is not Rich Gannon.

  60. Yeah because so much has been accomplished in charger dreamland. And by so much I mean nothing. Never has a team with so much talent done so little. Short of California who’s even heard of the chargers.

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