Kenny Britt still evaluating his options


On Tuesday, Rams G.M. Les Snead expressed optimism regarding his team’s ability to land veteran receiver Kenny Britt, putting the chances at more than 50 percent.  Snead also suggested that a decision could be made within 48 hours.

The 48-hour window has come and gone, and no decision has been made.

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, Britt is still evaluating his options.  The source says that the Rams are “certainly” in the hunt.

Britt has visited the Rams, Redskins, Patriots, and Bills.  The Panthers also reportedly have interest in Britt, but no visit has occurred.

The 2009 first-round pick of the Titans has overcome a smattering of off-field incidents in recent years.  The biggest question is whether he’ll overcome a dip in production that dates back to the ACL tear he suffered in Week Three of the 2011 season.

40 responses to “Kenny Britt still evaluating his options

  1. Britt looked like an emerging star before the injury. If he’s healthy again he could be a good weapon, but there are not only the on the field health risks with this guy.

    Ravens philosophy has been “right player, right price.”

    For some, he would definitely fit the right player. He can be a weapon at wideout.

    The latter might be the issue. What kind of financial risk does some team want to take?

  2. britt would afford the rams the possible luxury of going in another direction with an early draft pick but i will not lose sleep if we do not sign him!!

  3. Funny how even the most useless players can have their 15 seconds in FA. Hurry up and pick a team so you can fade back into the background as a non-factor.

  4. Kenny Britt was an emerging star before his knee injury in 2011, but has showed no flashes of stardom since. He struggled catching the ball last year. Even if he did catch it he would bobble the football first. Maybe it was something mental. We’ll see if a change of scenery will help him.

  5. Bills could really use this guy and bump SJ to the Slot where he should really be playing. I’m a lifelong Bills fan, and have hated watching Stevie play. Woods is a legit #2, runs great intermediate and long routes. Stevie runs great short routes. We need someone to stretch the field as Graham can’t run routes or catch, and Goodwin just can’t run routes. I’d be fine with signing Britt and passing on Evans at 9 if it meant we could get a Mack, Gilbert, etc.

  6. Kenny Britt’s options are mainly comprised of the following :

    1) Probation Violations/Prison
    2) NFL Suspensions

    quickly followed by
    3) Bankruptcy
    4) Joining Concussion Lawsuits
    5) Suing former agents

  7. If the Rams, Redskins, Patriots, Panthers and Bills are the only teams offering you a steak dinner,you’ve vastly over valued yourself bro.

  8. Britt could be a good upside, depth addition for my St. Louis Rams.
    Honestly, I am not crazy about Britt, but he won’t cost much so it could be worth a signing.
    Either way, he won’t immediately step in as the alpha dog aka clear cut #1 WR.
    However, there is somebody out there who could be, Sammy number 2 overall pick baby!!!

  9. When Kenny says he’s “evaluating his options” it means he’s thinkin’ “should I get the half-oz or just splurge on the whole oz?” Decisions decisions.

  10. Headline should read, “No one wants to give Kenny Britt anything more than a veteran minimum.”

  11. How bad is this for the Rams? this guy hasn’t produced in over 3yrs, he would easily be the main guy amongst the Rams receivers, and Fisher embraces players with “punk” attitudes who don’t perform….and Kenny would still rather go elsewhere

  12. Amazing the market for this guy seems to be so big. I thought some team would get him on the way cheap. He’s oozing with talent, but is a malcontent & always injured. He’s worth it on a short term low money prove if deal but it seems he may get more than that. Crazy.

  13. who cares, he drops every pass thrown his way, if you want him on your team, please take him. even brady cant fix that

  14. The Patriots, obviously, will not touch this guy after the Aaron Hernandez mess. Seems like the Panthers could use him with an incentive laden deal which includes behavioral clauses.

  15. we are asking if this guy can come back from an injury that by the time the season starts will have happened almost four years ago? add in that he hasn’t played because of off the field issues and when he has played he hasn’t been very good on a bad team.

    he’s done. i don’t know why anyone would want him, unless they are desperate.

  16. Bob Kraft has already come out and said the Patriots aren’t signing him.

    They can be removed from the list.

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