Tom Coughlin thinks he deserves Hall of Fame consideration


Giants coach Tom Coughlin is usually more interested in talking about his team than his legacy, but he acknowledged at the league meeting that he thinks sometimes about whether he’ll one day have a bust in the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

“You want to be the very, very best you can be,” Coughlin told Gary Myers of the New York Daily News. “If the highest point in recognition in our game is the Hall of Fame, then why not think about that? Do I think about it every day? No.”

Coughlin says winning two Super Bowls as head coach of the Giants gives him a case for enshrinement in Canton, but he’s careful to say he’s not lobbying for himself.

“I think it merits consideration, yeah, but that’s as far as I’m going,” he said. “I don’t think about it every day. I’d rather think about getting a group of players together that we can coach to win a game. That’s where I am. Just one year, one game. Let’s take care of today.”

Winning two Super Bowls doesn’t necessarily punch a ticket to the Hall of Fame. Tom Flores, George Seifert and Jimmy Johnson all won two Super Bowls and have been voted down, and two-time Super Bowl winner Mike Shanahan probably won’t get in either.

But Coughlin also deserves consideration for what he did as the coach of the Jaguars. He took over an expansion team in 1995 and after one year to build got them to the playoffs four straight seasons from 1996 to 1999. No coach has had that kind of success in the first five seasons of running an expansion team.

Overall, the 67-year-old Coughlin has probably done enough right now to get into the Hall of Fame. But there’s one thing he could do to eliminate any doubt: Lead the Giants to another title.

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  1. I agree. Aside from what he has done in New York let’s not forget that he almost led the Jaguars to 2 SB berths. That 1999 14-2 Jaguars team was his best overall team IMO, with their only three losses all coming to the Titans.

  2. Yes TC does deserve consideration for HOF…just surprised he even broached the subject.

  3. Anyone not five minutes early to the enshrinement ceremony will be fined and possibly be benched for the first quarter of the next game.

  4. He won 2 Super Bowls with Eli Manning…not Steve Young or Troy Aikman.

    He belongs, without a doubt.

  5. Getting into the HoF as a coach shouldn’t be about how many good seasons the coach had, it should be about how many good innovations the coach delivered. I think he comes up short on that measure.

  6. The biggest mistake the Jaguars ever made was to fire Tom Coughlin. He was a heck of a coach here and a heck of a coach in NY. I think one more great season (NFC Championship, SB appearance), would be a clincher. Can’t go out on 3 losing seasons.

    I’ll always be a Coughlin fan.

  7. As a Giants fan, I’m really torn on this one. For some reason I cannot think of T.C. in the HOF as of right now. Superbowls not-with-standing, I’ve seen a lot of uninspired football from the Giants in the second halves of the season. Last year was not an indication of Tom losing a step though as that was a really horrible roster from the beginning of preseason and the injuries made it that much worse. This year will be a big test for Tom though and I look forward to seeing if the Giants will rise to the challenge.

  8. I absolutely agree – only to a stronger degree. Coughlin not only deserves HOF consideration, Cough should be enshrined.

    Didn’t Cough play a key role (as an Assistant Coach) in the Giants’ victory in Super Bowl XXV, not to mention leading the G-Men to Super Bowl Titles as a Head Coach in XLII and XLVI. His work with an expansion team (J’ville) was studly too — the Jags owners later lamented after firing Coughlin that it was the worst mistake he’d ever made.

    -Steeler Fan (not a Giants’ homer)

  9. He definitely deserves to be there now but he’s not done yet.He may coach another 3-4 years and his win total will be enough to get him in but one more championship will lock it up.

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