DeSean Jackson tweets that he’s still working, and God has a plan


Moments after he was released by the Eagles, DeSean Jackson made his first public comments on Twitter. He did not come across as discouraged.

Jackson wrote that he is in “steady grind mode,” providing a link to a video of himself running on a track to prove that he’s continuing to work hard in the offseason. Jackson also wrote that he thinks God has a plan for him.

That tweet comes just three days after Jackson wrote on Twitter that he had talked to Eagles coach Chip Kelly and that Jackson was laughing at the reports that he was on the way out in Philadelphia.

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  1. Well he won’t be signing with San Francisco or Arizona. Dude can’t afford to be caught wearing red.

  2. I hope God’s plan does not include a return to the NFC East…………Concerned Eagles Fan……..and Thank you, D-Jax, for the Miracle in the Meadowlands II…….it was one of the most electrifying plays I have ever seen!!!

  3. God wants you to play for the Raiders and be part of their comeback to the NFL.

    Raiders all day, may we thank the lord for Al Davis, the Autumn wind, John Madden, the NFL forced mergure by the Gawd Al Davis, and the Madden games till 2010.

    Yes we thank the lord for creating the Raiders Al Davis, the Godfather of the NFL.


  4. Him being a member of the Crips or connected is irrelevant to me. The fact he took a picture with a guy who was thought to be involved in a murder who was still wearing his shirt from jail shows his decesion making is absolutely terrlible. I understand he probably grew up really tough, but after he hit it big he should have cut those people out of his life, or atleast not take pictures with them.

  5. I mean they could not get anything for Desean? Anything? Really? Crazy hard to believe that no one was willing to offer some low round pick.

  6. The gang affiliation thing is so over blown. He’s from an urban area, Cali at that, people that you know are going to be gang affiliated. That’s just life, welcome to reality. Something that you won’t understand living in Foxborough, Pittsburgh, some where in Nebraska.

    I bring Nebraska up as somebody on the NFL site was from Nebraska, and was making disparaging comments on everything urban to later say he doesn’t understand it.

    Hernandez was charged and arrested for something. Complete difference from loosely affiliated to those trying to make a connection. This is most likely about money.

  7. Aaron Hernandez 2.0…. Sad really. All that potential and he wastes it away with gang bangin. Throwing up those crip signs on the field tells you the guy is dumb as a brick.

  8. Desean Jackson is the next Aaron Hernandez.

    Is a shame that we will probably never see him reach his potential because he is not smart enough nor COURAGEOUS enough to let go off the past and become a Legend.

    There comes a time when you reach fork in the road and have to make a decision because you can’t live the G-Life and play Pro Football at the same time.

    Jackson will defend his potential. We will never find out how great he can be. One day his kids and grandkids will laugh at him just like people are laughing at Hernandez.

  9. God doesn’t condone killing 14 year olds, son.
    Associate with those who will bring you closer to God not Hades.

    Diva, punk…..albeit with lots of talent.

  10. Despite Jackson’s name having come up in connection with two gang-related murders involving Crips, Crosson said police have no hard evidence that Jackson is a member of the gang, which was formed in the late 1960’s and has an estimated 35,000 members across the country. Crosson said, however, the Jackson routinely flashes Crip gang signs in photos on social media — and even on television during an NFL game.

    “You don’t want to see anybody throwing up gang signs like he did in the Redskins game last year,” Crosson said. “Those were neighborhood Crip gang signs and he flashed them during a game. He may not be affiliated with the gang, but they don’t [ordinarily] take kindly to those not in the gang throwing up those gang signs.”

    Last season, Jackson appeared to throw up the hand gesture in the face of Washington Redskins defensive back DeAngelo Hall after a reception in the Eagles’ season-opener. Jackson also can be seen contorting his fingers to make a “C” — another Crips sign — in a music video he shot with former fellow Poly High student Snoop Dogg. Jackson flashed it yet again while wearing an Anaheim Angels hat on Instagram.

  11. Glad the creator of the universe lets children all over the world be beaten and abused and lets them get cancer etc… but he’s gonna intervene in deseans jacksons career!!! Praise God!!!

  12. Not a word of thanks to the organization and fans that supported you despite your stupid premature touchdown fumble celebration trick?

  13. Let’s hope that “plan” does not involve DeSean pursuing a rap career. I like Ali G’s chances more than DeSeans….

  14. I would think that attempting to quit a gang would carry with it a high probability that you wouldn’t be around very long afterwards. So he has really got some problems.

  15. So after all the “reports” of the eagles front office and Chip Kelly not responding about D Jax, we now know why. The eagles have to know more about this situation then anyone else for them to make this move. That also shows that any of the possible suitors for a possible D Jax trade must have caught wind of it too.

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