LeGarrette Blount meeting with Steelers on Friday


With the free agent running back market starting to thin, the Steelers are hosting one of the better tailbacks still available on Friday.

Patriots running back LeGarrette Blount is taking his scheduled free agent visit with Pittsburgh, Aaron Wilson of the Baltimore Sun reported.

The Steelers are looking to strengthen their running back depth, and the 27-year-old Blount would fill that bill. The 6-foot, 250-pound Blount racked up 772 rushing yards and seven TDs last season for New England.

The market for veteran tailbacks has heated up in the third week of free agency. The Dolphins added Broncos running back Knowshon Moreno, while the Raiders appear to be close to a deal with Jaguars tailback Maurice Jones-Drew.

53 responses to “LeGarrette Blount meeting with Steelers on Friday

  1. Go back to the Pats LB, stick with a team that wins. Besides, the Stealers have no chance of winning even half their games no matter how much they cheat. PGH is going down like the Titanic. Really a shame, a once proud franchise that will probably finish behind the Browns this season. You don’t want any part of that mess.

  2. This guy can be the third/fourth down and short yardage back they have missed since the Bus retired. If he can get the 1-2 yards for first downs or goal line TDs that the Steelers have been mostly unsuccessful at in recent years, he will be well worth it.

  3. wow … to ‘coach john harbaugh’…. let me see… you signed your QB after the Super Bowl for zillions of dollars… and finished same as the Steelers.. but with LESS points for category..

    hows that working for you?

    And lets see how Rice gets his lawyers to get him onto the field… call Ray Ray for advice

  4. People seem to forget that Blount is not a Bettis like RB. He isn’t valuable in terms of gaining short yardage, Blount is basically a boom/bust RB that either gets a huge run or is stuffed for no gain. A scat back trapped in a larger body, basically.

  5. Mr Harbaugh your 100m dollar man got you to the same record as the steelers last year, a year removed from being so great and up there with the Brady’s of the league, ineptitude at its finest. Clear ravens fan

  6. Denverwally enjoy it now when Peyton leaves your in for years of mediocrity with those contract signings you just made. You better hope Peyton gets it done or you’ll see no rings and a Brock led Broncos cap strapped team with 0 money

  7. He’ll be back with the Pats.

    They’ll give him just a little more than he’s offered elsewhere but didn’t want to overpay so gave him the opportunity to test the market.

  8. Blount would be a decent signing. The market has been set for veteran tailbacks, so he should come cheap. The biggest concern is eight lost fumbles in 602 touches. The team has already had a big back with potential but issues holding onto the rock in Dwyer.

    Drafting a bruiser in a lower round and looking to develop would be a better route, in my opinion. However, if Blount is going to be a depth signing while the new kid develops, I’m not against it.

  9. Personally, I’m really hoping this deal gets done as I think Blount would make a great compliment to Bell in Pittsburgh.

    Tough, physical runner and he doesn’t have quite as much wear on the tires given he’s never really been a workhorse starter for any extended time in his career.

  10. Not a Steelers fan, but why a Ravens fan come here and talk garbage? They missed the playoffs too, with the spectacular Flacco´s contract.
    Justin Tucker > Joe Flacco.

  11. Ravens fans crack me up.

    Pittsburgh looks at a player, he is automatically either old (regardless of age), horrible (regardless of stats) or a horrible signing (even if he fits exactly what we are looking for.

    And if it was the Ravens signing him? Ozzie is the best GM that ever lived.

    These fans crack me up. The reality is, every player the Steelers lost was replaced by a younger, better player. We are better than we were at the end of last season.

    Ravens fans cant say the same thing.


  12. nickster31 about said it all there. Very true.
    And LeVeon Bell really doesn’t need to come out in short yardage situations. He’s 6-1, @245, and FINISHES every play. But Bell and Blount would be a heck of a 1-2 punch for them. Hmm…Big Ben, Brown, Bell, and Blount, the ‘Killer B’s’!

  13. Negative, pointless and uninformed comments aside. I think Blount is a good addition for Pittsburgh. They need a compliment to their YOUNG talented RB and Blount certainly can give that to them. They have addressed Safety, ILB, WR, and LB which tells me that they will be going CB with their first pick (hopefully Gilbert or Denard)…I also see another WR, DL, OT, or RB in the draft as well. Personally I think with their finacial situation as it is they are doing fairly well in free agency. I would love to see them also get a Carlos Hyde or Charels Simms in a later round. Simms in my mind would be a steal for Pittsburgh in the 3rd or 4th round.

  14. Blount would be a good addition, of course, but to say the team is Super Bowl-bound is folly. who is going to make up the D-Line? And if the D-Line can’t rush the passer, it will mean even more balls flying over Ike Taylor’s head for long completions. And can’t even begin to talk about the long-suspect O-line

  15. Raveallday: Mike Mitchell was a solid starter for the Panthers top 5 defense last year…that’s one? However I doubt that you know if a football is inflated or stuffed. Your trolling only confirms that you know nothing about football and even less about your own ravens. Anyone who comes onto a sight and start spewing hypocritical B.S. doesn’t deserve to have their opinions heard. Ravens are doing the same crap. No way you can argue that Flacco deserves that much money, or that Ray Rice (arrest aside) had an even remotely good year. What do the Raven’s have at RB right now? and your talking about Pittsburgh signing Blount. The Ravens should be praying they don’t so that they will have someone to sign. Not to mention the Steve Smith? (which I think was smart), but you think Pittsburgh is signing “old players”. As a Steelers fan I will talk intelligent football with anyone who will listen, bias aside, but this pointless crap you throw out only makes people think that you are an f’ing tool.

  16. For those of you morons saying the Steelers are an old team, you need to stop playing Xbox in mommy’s basement and get your facts straight. The average age of the projected starting offense is just over 26 years old (Beachum, Foster, Pouncey, DeCastro, Gilbert, Brown, Wheaton, Moore, Miller, Bell, Roethlisberger). The average age of the projected starting defense (Polamalu, Mitchell, Allen, Taylor, Timmons, Williams, Worilds, Jones, Heyward, Thomas, McClendon) is under 27 years old. Take into account we will likely draft a CB in rounds 1 or 2 to start after Taylor retires in 2015, Shamarko Thomas will be Polamalu’s replacement, and this defense loses a 32 year old and 33 year old. Get your facts straight, the “old” comments made sense last year but certainly don’t apply this season. #clueless

  17. raveallday says:
    Mar 28, 2014 11:27 AM
    Pls steerler fans, tell me one valuable free agent player that u have signed dis off-season?? Only backups from other teams

    Mike Mitchell. 26 year years old, six year pro. Three forced fumbels, two recoveries, and six interceptions. Two of his forced fumbles and four of his interceptions came last season starting for the Carolina Panthers, a playoff team with the fourth ranked defense in the NFL. He was brought in to replace Ryan Clark and help with the development of Shamarko Thomas (who will eventually replace Polumalu).

    That is, however, an anomoly. The Steelers normally get role players in free agency and build their team through the draft.

  18. All of our signings are done with precision. Were not the team that has to win free agency superbowl. We get people who will contribute for a reasonable price. Wait till nxt year and find out what you paid for with flacco 28 mill cap charge and see if the ravens can work the cap as well as pittsburgh does year in and out. Cuz flacco contract is going to get restructed year in and out till your going to either have to extend or cut in 2 years. Then Baltimore goes back to Kyle bollers days.

  19. Blount reminds me of TJ Duckett. Everyone wanted him to be a power guy. He wasn’t, and neither is Blount. Boom or bust, every run. Watched him lay down behind the line in Tampa too many times…

  20. bucsfan21: TJ Duckett Michigan State lmao, great comparison. However I still think Blount is valuable. Bell can be the power they need Blount is not the starter, and no one is hoping for that.

  21. Criticizing the Steelers for not making a big splash in free agency does not hold water. They have never used FA as a means to build the team. Since Chuck Noll, their philosophy has been to build through the draft. Yes, they have plucked some great FA’s over the years, but that is not what they look for or what their philosophy is. They will “augment” the team through FA, but not “build” it. I can imagine they plan their finances and cap space around that as well, so they normally have little to spend on new FA’s versus signing draft choices and their own key players. No Steeler fan is surprised at what they do. Now you can criticize the quality of some recent drafts, but you can’t criticize them for not spending megabucks on FA’s. They have never ever done that as a philosophy, and this Steeler fan does not expect them to do that.

  22. You can’t sign him with $1M of salary cap space available. He’s going to want a big payday if you will force him to run through the Ravens front seven two games a year.

  23. I wouldn’t visit the Steelers until mid-summer, Polamalu should be finished shedding by then.

  24. The word “never” is a severely strong word, especially when it is inaccurate. James Farrior was a free agent, arguably the best free-agent signing in Steelers history. Kevin Greene also comes to mind. So does Ryan Clark.
    Larry Foote, Randle El, Plaxico Burris and William Gay were all brought back via free agency.
    The Steelers have always shown fiscal responsibility with free agency, which in recent years has become a necessity because they have a $20 million-per-season QB to feed.
    Have you noticed that teams with lots of cap space are teams that aren’t spending a third of their payroll on a QB?

  25. The steelers have other ways of freeing up money. Woodleys money comes off as of june 1st… and there are other players they can restructure contracts. Blount would not be the primary back… just a #2

  26. Unfortunately any team with a $100 million player on it’s roster is going to face CAP issues. With the cap the way it is there is not way teams can afford this lopsided spending and expect to have quality players at every position. Teams overspent when they thought they had room, now that they don’t they are paying for it. What is going to happen is teams will be unable to maintain Superbowl caliber rosters for more than 3 or 4 years, once the second contract hits big players want big money and if they can’t afford to pay them they will release them. The days of the dynasty may be over…

  27. I know how hard it is to get a franchise QB, but drafting a kids that can play NOW before his rookie contract expires (see Wilson, Luck) might be the way to go. Paying guys $100 million kills the teams ability to maintain a quality roster, but I guess as long as teams will pay it there is nothing that will change. Look at RB’s teams aren’t paying them, and they’re taking less…There should be a CAP for each position (I know that’s not fair to the employee, or even remotely possible. Just saying).

  28. B.R. does not take 1/3 of the payroll. He does not make $45 million a year. How does having a $100 million QB affect your cap other than the yearly hit? His $100 million contract was over a 6 year period. I do not understand the bland comments on here.

  29. You can’t sign him with $1M of salary cap space available. He’s going to want a big payday if you will force him to run through the Ravens front seven two games a year.

    Because that front seven was so formidable last year especially in the 75-24 drubbing they took in the last 2 games last season.

  30. As of yesterday the Steelers are dead last in cap space available..Unless Blount takes a 1 year $1½ million deal its just a visit..I like the Mitchell signing and I was kinda upset Cotchery left with his 10 TDs and 85% of the Redzone TDs but after they signd Moore im alil more calm.He’s not a beast but he fits. I still wish they would change their philosophy on free agency and not just settle on players.Why not try and grab the best player available every once in a while? Its calld UPGRADING. IMO if your dead last in cap space you should have a few of pro bowl caliper players..not just 1

  31. There’s nothing wrong with paying a QB $100 million … as long as the QB is worth that kind of money and he is the MAIN reason for his team’s success.
    The Steelers are paying their QB elite money without elite results. His 28 TD passes and 20 turnovers last season would be “elite” if this were, say, 1978.
    Once the Steelers’ elite defense disappeared, so have their playoff seasons. Now that it’s been established that the $100 million QB isn’t good enough to carry the team, it’s time to cut ties and invest that money into quality players who can help win.

  32. There’s nothing wrong with paying a QB $100 million … as long as the QB is worth that kind of money and he is the MAIN reason for his team’s success.
    The Steelers are paying their QB elite money without elite results. His 28 TD passes and 20 turnovers last season would be “elite” if this were, say, 1978.
    Once the Steelers’ elite defense disappeared, so have their playoff seasons. Now that it’s been established that the $100 million QB isn’t good enough to carry the team, it’s time to cut ties and invest that money into quality players who can help win.

    Ah the weakly Ben bashing rant. Einstein QB’s worth their salt don’t grow on trees I am sad to inform you yet you continue with the same beating over and over again. The team is in transition not throw in the towel for 5-10 years mode where you look for the next QB you can bash.

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