Maclin compares DeSean Jackson situation to T.O. saga

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While the Eagles have yet to find a trade partner for receiver DeSean Jackson, it continues to be clear that the Eagles intend to move on.

It’s so clear that at least one teammate already regards the exit to be a done deal.

Receiver Jeremy Maclin, who signed a one-year deal to remain with the team that made him a first-round pick one year after Jackson arrived via round two, realizes that it’s over for Jackson in Philly.

“Whatever happens in the organization happens in the organization,” Maclin said Thursday, via  “This was a similar situation when the Eagles decided to part ways with T.O.  That’s just how the game goes sometimes.  So I guess we’ll see.”

Actually, T.O.’s situation was very different.  He didn’t like his contract, he wanted more money, he wasn’t going to get it, so he embarked on a pattern of disruption and mayhem aimed at getting him traded or released.  Jackson, who blurted something out in January about wanting a new contract before blaming the media for, you know, repeating his words, wants to stay.  But the Eagles want to move on.

As best we can tell, coach Chip Kelly doesn’t believe Jackson will buy in fully and completely to Kelly’s approaches and philosophies.  So Kelly would prefer to replace Jackson with someone who will.

Maclin seems to be ready to buy in, even if the end result is no more DeSean.

“That’s a decision that the staff gets to make, and I think whatever they decide to do, and with any decision, that’s what you have to believe in, that’s what you got to have faith in,” Maclin said.

Maclin seems to be torn between wanting to have an explosive playmaker like Jackson, wanting to go along with management, and in turn wanting more opportunities for himself.

“I want to win games, and obviously DeSean’s a very talented player,” Maclin said. “So, I think, I want to win games.  Like I said, to have him on the field, being able to make plays is a plus for the offense.  But at the same time, anybody that’s out there making plays is capable of doing something.”

For now, all we know is that it’s highly unlikely Jackson will be making plays for the Eagles.  All that’s left to learn is how and when it ends.

32 responses to “Maclin compares DeSean Jackson situation to T.O. saga

  1. This whole saga boils down to, who is more important: Chip or Desean? It will be fatal if Chip finds out too late that he actually needs a player like Desaen to make his “magic” work.

    Not saying it’s true in this case, but sometimes genius coaches start believing they really are geniuses, thinking they can win with any players.

    We’ll see how this plays out. My experience is that even a brilliant mind, needs players to execute their plan.

  2. Maclin gets an extension when Jackson is traded or released. It’s to his advantage to see DeSean leave. More cap space for him.

  3. You said that Maclin “realizes that it’s over for Jackson in Philly.” Where from any of his comments did you get that exactly? He said the front office is going to do whats best for the team and talked about how he wants to win basically with or without desean. Seems to be he side stepped all the questions because if he answered the questions pro desean the media would of put articles about how the players clearly want desean to stay. If he want anti desean the media would have gone crazy with that saying even the team mates want him gone. He tries to take the high road and just avoid completely answering the questions and he is still saying it’s over for Desean? Come on.

  4. Well first of all this is nothing like the TO saga, and nobody in the history of the world is quite like TO, so let’s get that straight.

    But if I’m putting myself in DeSean Jackson’s shoes, I don’t really like all this talk by everybody that assumes I’m gone and that I can’t fully buy in. I’m getting pretty pissed off at this point and all I want to do is prove everybody wrong and show them that I am arguably the most valuable teammate they have, and that I have the capacity to buy in as well if not better than everybody else. Now I want to be on the Eagles more than I ever have wanted to play for a team before. I’m going to make them love me and want to keep me if it’s the last thing I do!

    They will change the nickname of that Washington franchise sooner than I’m leaving Philly!!

  5. Man, that offense would’ve been really fun to watch with all 3 of those receivers there. Always potential big plays from D-Jax & Maclin and Riley Cooper working the middle of the field and Shady comin out the backfield. Man, Philly fans must be hurting right now. Oh well, it’s a deep draft, so you guys will be fine.

  6. Maclin “realizes that it’s over for Jackson in Philly.”

    Although it’s still very possible that could happen, Florio’s coverage of this matter has been absolutely terrible. I’m convinced he puts out lies and assumptions just to garner controversy and attention.

  7. Whether Jackson is traded or not, this is all just rampant speculation and twisting words.

    What Maclin said in summary:

    1. I want to win games.

    2. DeSean Jackson is talented and helps us win ballgames.

    3. DeSean Jackson is not the only way the Eagles can win ballgames.

    4. I trust the front office to do what is best.

    Stop trying to make a story out of nothing. It is pretty apparent what the Eagles are doing.

    They are waiting until the draft to see if they can get the player at receiver they want (Mike Evans), if they get him, they will trade Jackson for cents on the dollar. If they cannot get that player, they will likely keep Jackson – Chip has obviously done and said enough to soothe DeSean’s concerns at this time.

  8. The Philadelphia Eagles traded a guy at the time who was talented but had his own vices which the organization kept to itself.

    Cris Carter, who later became a hall of famer, battled alcoholism and other drug-related issues and Buddy Ryan cut him. The cut changed his life and made him see the error in his ways.

    Who knows, maybe this is just about money and nothing but. However, it’s not fair to assume when the facts have yet to be said.

  9. Seeing as he can’t follow the easiest aspect of Kelly’s approach, which is handing the ball to the ref after the play so they can get the next play off quickly, I’d say Desean may have trouble grasping and implementing the rest of the Kelly philosophy. Hed rather spin the ball, cross his arms, preen at the defender and point downfield. See ya, fast guys are a dime a dozen in 2014.

  10. I think Chip Kelly is showing leadership in telling Jackson to buy in to the system or leave. If the Eagles had won a couple of Superbowls and Jackson was a big contributor to those victories, it would be a completely different story. But the Eagles haven’t won anything in a while and Chip Kelly is just saying try it my way because the way things were done before I got here didn’t produce a Superbowl title.

  11. Of course the organization isn’t telling us everything. It’d further devalue Jackson in trade talks. The guy tanked an entire season when he couldn’t get his last contract redone. What else does anyone need to know? He’s the proverbial locker room cancer. The type of player who’s elite talent makes coaches look the other way. And if it’s to the point that coaches can’t look the other way anymore, then he will be just like T.O. Lot’s of short term incentive laden contracts to a me-first player by teams that think they can control him. Good luck to whoever he lands with.

  12. I’d keep him. He gets behind defenders and keeps motoring until he gets open. He’s high-priced and if he didn’t buy into Kelly’s operations, his career-high numbers last year didn’t show it. He didn’t appear to be a distraction at all.

  13. Anyone with an ounce of common sense can see that The Eagles concerns regarding Jackson are Not Football related. This Organization has a history of cutting ties with players who have off the field issues. They would not jettison a 27 year old talent like Jackson in his prime over Money. They would if they had an issue with his Off the field behavior.

  14. I guess he gone now, his alleged gang ties also could be hurting. I hope this is a wake up call for him, phenomenal talent but i guess he may be a knuckle head.

  15. Per the Eagles Facebook page:

    After careful consideration over this offseason, the Philadelphia Eagles have decided to part ways with DeSean Jackson. The team informed him of his release today.

    I am personally very happy he is off of the team now. That being said, I am not very happy that we had to release him to get rid of him, instead of trading for at least a late round pick. But, who the hell wants to pick up the 10.5 million dollar contract of a diva receiver with alligator arms, off-field issues, and doesn’t like to go over the middle?

  16. Just because the Eagles could dump Jackson it doesn’t mean that he isn’t a great player.

    Brett Favre, rod woodson, shannon sharpe, and George blanda got released by their teams.

    They’re all in canton.

  17. Jeremy Maclin is a cat! He’s next in line to get black balled. But unlike T.O. and Desean, he’s not as good and won’t bounce back favorably like they did/will. Good luck in that two-faced organization.

  18. Chris Carter went to Minny where he could get the best treatment for his problem. He has said the Eagles did him the biggest favor. Also,his problems, as I recall, were never brought out publicly until after he was rehabed and it was he who made them public.

  19. First off desean has never been in trouble off the field. For chip to come in and make that kind of move he better produce. Division title is a must now. Getting Sanchez and paying Cooper that type of money. No playoffs no job simple as that.

  20. Its the NFL. Not for long. Every year its something different and new on the field and on the sidelines. Nothing surprises the fans anymore. Heck the Bengals could draft a QB this year and demote Dalton and nobody will say “i didn’t see it coming”

  21. I am no longer a Chip Kelly or Eagles fan. Cooper yells out racial slurs and gets a pass and new contract. Mark my word, Eagles won’t makes the playoffs. Kelly can’t believe you are falling for these moves. They will run your #ss out of Philly if you don’t make the playoffs. You could always go back to college and win a bunch of games with your offense but never win the big game because your teams are not physical enough to win big game. This is still a very physical sport for those who coach it and play it physical. Ask Peyton Manning if a blow to the face will alter your thought process.. Omaha……Omaha…. O my jaw……O my jaw. Lol

  22. Its really impossible to know from the outside looking in.
    Was Maclin involved with something serious outside football?
    Did the Coaches not like him because of work ethic or undermining them?
    Did management tire of his constant request for more money?
    Did he request a trade but all the rumors submarine his value?
    Does Chip have ego problems like Schiano?

    Was is all of the above?
    Was it none of the above?

    All we know for sure is he was productive played a huge role in several big wins but the team would rather not have have him around.

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