Report: “Other” teams showing interest in LeGarrette Blount


Could a dwindling supply of established veteran running backs lead to greater demand for LeGarrette Blount?

Aaron Wilson of the Baltimore Sun reports that Blount, who is visiting Pittsburgh on Friday, is now drawing interest from “other NFL teams,” too.

Blount is the lone unsigned running back left in PFT’s Free Agent Hot 100, a ranking of the top free agents entering the 2014 league year. The 27-year-old tailback, who is known for his physical running style, has rushed for 2,711 yards in four NFL seasons. He was second on the Patriots in rushing a season ago, gaining 772 yards as one of the club’s top options in a backfield-by-committee.

Wilson also reported that Blount’s meeting with the Steelers is “going well.” The question now is whether the Steelers close a deal with him.

12 responses to “Report: “Other” teams showing interest in LeGarrette Blount

  1. This will probably be his last chance to “cash in.” I wold love to see him come back to the Patriots…but I also want him to have a decent contract.

  2. Here’s a question. How does this Wilson guy who is from Baltimore know that Blount’s meeting with the Steelers is going well? Are Steelers representatives coming out of the meeting and providing Wilson with an update every 15 minutes or so? Is Blount getting up from the meeting and on his way to a potty break, providing updates?

  3. So much of what we read about free agents is propaganda that agents float to reporters. It’s all designed to get the player top dollar, and that seems to be the case here, too.
    I can’t imagine how the reporter knows that talks are “going well” but I do understand the business.

  4. LB is a stud RB for sure. I think though, that he doesn’t always play at full speed. What I mean by that is, the powerful outbursts he makes in his game are not consistent enough to suggest otherwise. I think he has issues perhaps with motivating himself, but if someone (coach) could instill in him the spirit of giving everything all the time, he really would be a force to be reckoned with. Maybe he got some of that more positive attitude in NE, but only time will tell.

  5. The reason the Steelers haven’t signed him yet is because 1.) He is too young at 27. 2.) LB wants to be paid in money and not Legos, Bitcoins or Cheez-its. The Steelers have none.

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