Rob Ryan told Saints to make someone else the punch line

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If anyone in the NFL knows about fun, it’s Rob Ryan.

But the hair-flying, Mardi Gras-float riding Saints defensive coordinator wanted to make sure his players cut loose a little last year too.

Ryan told a group of coaches at a clinic at LSU that his first instruction to his Saints players last year was something along the lines of laissez les bons temps rouler.

Via Sheldon Mickles of the New Orleans Advocate, Ryan told his players they were “going to have fun at somebody else’s expense.”

“We’re going to kick the … out of people,” Ryan said. “ ‘The bottom line is we’re playing a kid’s game and we’re coaching a kid’s game. If you want to have fun, come with us.’ ”

They had a good time, bouncing back from having the worst statistical defense in league history the year before to fourth in the league in yards allowed, with Ryan leading the way after being fired by the Cowboys.

The Saints could be even better next year, after letting some older players go and bringing in Pro Bowl safety Jairus Byrd in free agency to pair with Kenny Vaccaro in the back of a much-improved secondary.

“He can hawk that ball, so it’s going to be fun to watch him,” Ryan said. ““I tell you what, to be honest with you I had no idea [about the pursuit of Byrd]. “I was just overwhelmed, so excited about it.

“They were smart about. They know players and they know who we need and went out and got the guy we really need and I’m just so excited about it. To get this young man, it’s so awesome for us.”

If he lives up to his contract, Ryan and the Saints could be having fun for years to come.

22 responses to “Rob Ryan told Saints to make someone else the punch line

  1. If a coach was ever built for a city, Rob has found his home. He seems to have respect for Payton and in turn Payton respects him.

  2. Who wouldn’t wanna play for this guy?

    If I had the choice to play for him or say someone like Coughlin….as a player…i’m going with ryan all day.

  3. If Bird plays the whole season then the Saints should have the best back end in football . But I just do not think his feet will take the pounding for a full season of games and practice . His problem with his feet will get progessively worse as the season wears on . That is not a knock on him just a medical fact . I wish him the best I loved him with Buffalo wish they could of worked something out. But the Bills saw the risk with his health issues and had to pass since his condition does not heal it just gets progressivley worse the more he has to pound and plant on his feet . I wish all he had to do would be to buy some Dr Scholls Gel inserts to alleveate the problem . Go Bills But I Always loved the Saints as my second team .

  4. It’s easy to make fun of this dude for his image but it’s clear that he lives his life the way he wants to, which is being a little crazy and silly. Seems to rub off on his players too. All fine by me.

  5. Rob Ryan is a coach that you love to hate if he’s not coaching your team, and love him totally if he is coaching your team…in New Orleans we love him!

  6. Can’t thank Jerry Jones enough! And where are all those people that said Ryan was overrated and can never have top 10 defense? I would love to know how that crow taste.

  7. Look at the organizations the guy had to coach with. Cleveland, Oakland, Dallas? Micromangement to the extrame, no one succeeds in those cities for a reason.

  8. Could there be a better match after the Gregg Williams, Bountygate fiasco for the Saints than Rob Ryan?
    1. His schemes are similar, but he doesn’t have Williams baggage. Remember they’re from the same coaching tree (Buddy Ryan).
    2. A man of his proportions in a City that specializes in great eating.
    3. I’d be willing to bet, there will be a few more Mardi Gras parades (and hopefully Super Bowl parades) in his future.

  9. The one thing we know about his boss Sean Payton is that he prefers to work with the offense and give his DC the autonomy to handle the D. Wouldn’t we all prefer a Boss like that?
    Yes, it’s how he got in trouble and suspended by GODdell, but I doubt that will happen with Rob. Going from worst in the NFL to 4th is quite a feat. Now the cowboys own that distinction. Thank you Jerrah. The people in New Orleans are eternally grateful to you. I’m sure Your Dallas fans are too (Ha Ha).

  10. He finally had has first good year as a DC that doesn’t! Make him head coach material! Mike summer had top ten defesnes years running and just now got a shot ! Vic fangio perhaps the best DC the llast three years can’t get a interview ! Ray Horton and Todd bowles have been better then Ryan! He isn’t at the top of the list see if he can put together another top ten d before prasing him

  11. Cannot wait for Jerry Jones – who fired Ryan as DC – to come back to him and offer him the head job after this season, and for Ryan to flip him the bird.

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