Texans signing Chris Clemons, stocking up on safety help


The Texans offered safety Danieal Manning a pay cut earlier.

They may have just offered someone else his job.

According to Tania Ganguli of ESPN.com, the Texans are signing safety Chris Clemons to a two-year deal.

Clemons 28, had also visited the Lions, but hadn’t found much of a market to date.

The Texans signed Kendrick Lewis last week, to go with D.J. Swearinger and Shiloh Keo.

So there probably isn’t a spot for Manning and his $4.5 million salary, or perhaps at any rate.

23 responses to “Texans signing Chris Clemons, stocking up on safety help

  1. he is a pretty good player. was surprised at the lack of interest overall in this guy. solid signing for the Texans, they look like a potential wildcard team. if the new rules were already in place, it would be even more so. sigh.

  2. Soooo, why could’nt the Eagles bring him in as well with Jenkins? Why did we bring back Nate Allen? What a steal, this just made my day even worse.

  3. The guy is really quite good in coverage, but he has a habit of taking very poor angles in run support and don’t expect him to catch anything. A real solid player though and a good pickup by Houston.

  4. Gotta sympathize with my bro from Philly up there– what the hel are the Redskins doing? Obviously I’d prefer the Eagles start Nate Allen next season, but after we both nearly signed Jairus Byrd and lost out, it’s like Howie Roseman and Bruce Allen went into states of shock and forgot all about the safety position. Could make for an interesting couple of games though, pack nine in the box and play with no safety help over top. NFL’s first 81-67 game.

  5. Thanks davetexansfan. Apparently he believes a safeties first responsibility is to catch. 🙂

  6. Crap, hoped the Packers would get him. Maybe this means they’ll draft a safety high.

  7. Congrats to the Texans. He is a solid signing. Good tackler, excellent coverage guy even on bigger TE’s, but gets lost in zone space and takes bad angles. Bottom line he was part of a Dolphins secondary that only gave up very few TDs in the air. He is not elite, but a solid starter for low price with good work ethic and get this… not in any trouble with the Law. Good Luck, Chris!

  8. Fellow Texans fans need to realize that the team is shaving off a lot of high priced contracts in order to regain viability within the next few seasons. I’ve been a die hard Texans fans since day one in 2002, and was devastated by the 2013 season, but I think fellow fans need to not put so much stock into what owner Bob McNair said about the team changes inducing a quick turnaround —– they most likely won’t. Expect to be satisfied with a .500 season or just above at best this year, we’re in partial rebuilding mode.

  9. Way over rated safety for years in Miami. If O’Brien is going to sign every DB that he was too inept to work around as OC in New England then yeah they’ll be doing some serious “stocking up.”

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