Report: Chiefs not pursuing DeSean Jackson


The list of DeSean Jackson’s potential suitors has reportedly shrunk by one team.

The Chiefs are “out” of the running for Jackson, Ian Rapoport of NFL Media reported on Saturday night.

Jackson, whom the Eagles released Friday, played for current Chiefs head coach Andy Reid for the first five seasons of his NFL career.

It’s unclear why the Chiefs aren’t in the mix for Jackson, though Rapoport reports that the club did do its “due diligence” in considering the three-time Pro Bowl receiver.

Jackson will visit Washington on Monday.

A seventh-year player from Cal, the 5-foot-10, 175-pound Jackson caught 82 passes for 1,336 yards and nine scores in 2013 for the Eagles.

23 responses to “Report: Chiefs not pursuing DeSean Jackson

  1. K.C. only has 4.6M in cap space so they really should not have been expected to really be in the hunt for DeSean. I would expect K.C. to look at drafting WR’s to fill their needs rather than sign for big numbers.

    He will have to look at going with some team with some cap space like the Raiders or Washington. Even the Seahawks would be a viable competitor with their big cap space, right now.

    I hope that the plan, if the Hawks look do take a look at him, would be to work it out without having to cut or fail to sign extensions for the current roster.

  2. I for one am extremely happy this turd won’t be contaminating what seems to be a pretty good group of men. The thought of this idiot in the red & gold repulsed me.

  3. Andy Reid doesn’t wanna kick those tires again. Moving on from the DJ headcase. Mike Vick’s comments spoke volume. Some guys just don’t know when to grow up, maybe a change of scenery helps but we saw this same problem with T.O. Gang nonsense aside, Jackson is simply a prima donna the Eagles no longer wanted to deal with ala Owens with San Fran, Philly, Dallas etc.

  4. Andy covered for him for years. He sulked and dogged it when he wanted more money and a lot of guys on that team remembered it! Why do you think none of his teammates were vocal about him being released? Talented player,but totally a ME first guy.

  5. Wasn’t I good fit BC of the qb ! Smith can actually throw a decent deep ball he just doesn’t look to wrs or outside the hashes enough to make Jackson happy! Smith is killer in the seams

  6. Andy doesn’t want another go round of “Will he dog it if he feels he’s underpaid” again with this guy. Going into his SEVENTH year in the league,he hasn’t matured one bit! The team that gives him a Big Signing Bonus will regret it when he comes back the following season claiming he’s underpaid.

  7. Chiefs need a stud tight end that would help smith ! No wr has or ever will had 1k yds receiving but a tight end with skills like Davis for smith can get about 70 catches for 850 yds and 10 plus TDs ! Chiefs need ebron amaro Nichols or Jenkins at tight end then a we like moncrief Landry Richardson or Allen Robinson to be the we opposite bowe

  8. Andy has spoken clearly and loudly telling us all we need to know about his former player by walking on by.

  9. And I guess with the Jets GM comments they have no interest either. Man whatever. Those teams interested still have interest at the right price.

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