Eric Winston would like to sign with team before draft

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Tackle Eric Winston has been elected as the president of the NFL Players Association, but he doesn’t want those responsibilities to be the only things on his plate in 2014.

While he’s protecting the interests of the league’s players as a group, he’d like to be advancing the interests of one team as a member of their offensive line. Winston would like to return for another year in the desert, although he knows that might not be possible. Whether it is in Arizona or elsewhere, Winston would like to sign before the draft in May.

“I can’t say there have been super-positive talks or anything like that,” Winston said, via Dan Bickley of the Arizona Republic. “It doesn’t seem like anything is being done. I’d still love to come back to Arizona. I love the guys in the locker room, love the city, and I think the team will be really good with or without me. They’re ready to have a special run out there. At the same time, it is what it is. I’m looking to get on a team as soon as possible, hopefully before the draft. I know I still have some miles left on the tires, and I’m looking to burn them off.”

Winston didn’t sign until just before camp last year and while he feels he held up well under the circumstances, his play wasn’t quite up to previous levels. Getting more time with a team couldn’t hurt, although it seems there’s still some work for Winston to do in terms of convincing someone to offer him an appealing deal.

16 responses to “Eric Winston would like to sign with team before draft

  1. Seems like Winston could make plenty of teams better. Not like when 65 year old Kevin Mawae claimed he was being blacklisted over being the NFLPA president.

  2. Miami took some hits on the O-line this last season. They should look at him to replace Martin and maybe draft a replacement for Incognito. Restore the peace in the locker room and move on.

  3. This guy graded worse than Cardinals previous RT Bobbie Massie on PFF. Tough for him to get resigned when he didn’t make the most of his “prove it” 1 year contract!

  4. I think the Panthers have a big hole at left tackle and need a proven veteran….not a “turnstile” like Byron Bell, one of the worst OT in the entire NFL. I do not know if they have the money to sign him…however…as all Panthers fans know already….Gettleman has a plan…..

  5. for political reasons he needs to be signed. Think he might be in rotten mood unsigned. LOL. gotta keep head of players union happy

  6. Time to focus on the new position… Last year in AZ you were not worth the 1 year deal you signed… Motivation on a 1 year deal should have motivated you Eric

  7. Hey fellow Fans, Winston is a Right Tackle only. He is also one of the worst graded ones at that. That is the reason he has not been signed. The Dolphins were beyond desperate and still wouldn’t sign him. Tells you something.

  8. He is not near as food as people think BUT with that being said he is a natural leader and he makes other better and can run a line. This is a case where the whole is worst more a. The individual. Eric alone is not a good sign. Him playing as a unit he excels.

  9. Just like Foxworth, the Ravens should have the NFLPA under contract. No real connection because of the position, I just feel we could sign him cheap at RT playing in the same offensive scheme which made him appear to be worth 5 million a year at one point.

  10. Come back to Houston Eric! The RT spot has been a disaster since they let you go, come back and get it shored up pleeeeezze!

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