Brees sees future innovations with computers on the sidelines

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NFL players and coaches are currently not allowed to use computers, tablets, smart phones or video devices during games. But Saints quarterback Drew Brees thinks it’s coming.

Brees said on Chelsea Lately (yes, I get my football information from Chelsea Lately — what’s it to you?) that he believes the NFL will change its rules to allow players to use tablets on the sideline to watch film of the previous series, rather than the still photos they currently use.

“Probably in the next few years you’re going to see this on the sideline, actually being used to put video on,” Brees said. “You see us quarterbacks on the sideline flipping through pictures now. They have to print those out, staple them together.”

Brees, of course, has a vested interest in this because he’s a paid endorser of Microsoft’s tablet. But he makes a good case that players would benefit from using the technology.

“You’re pulling it up, maybe you’re watching video, ‘We need to attack this guy, this is the adjustment we’re going to make,’ and we’re right back on the field. The way it’s going to change the game, I think, is going to be pretty incredible,” Brees said.

For that to happen, it would require a radical shift in the NFL’s thinking. The NFL has long been cautious about in-game use of technology, which is why even the teams that have shifted from paper playbooks to iPad playbooks are forced to use print-outs during games. NFL coaches still carry clipboards, not tablets, and the league’s old-school owners have shown little interest in changing that.

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  1. The owners are probably waiting for some tech company to step up to the plate with some serious cash to become the “Exclusive Provider of the NFL” (insert shield).

  2. I see it happening. Once all the old dinosaurs pass away. The new super wealthy NFL owners will have made their vast fortunes, for the most part, in technology. So it
    stands to reason they’ll be apt to change the way tech influences the game.

  3. No chance they allow this.

    To be honest, he ought to be grateful that they at least allow still photos.

    To me, in game photos treads a fine line, in game film sessions would cross that line.

  4. Ok, I’m going to say it if no one else will. The average NFL owner is over 75 and cannot relate to all theis new technology. None of them used these in school growing up, and there may be a “fear” because they don’t comprehend the magnitude of how it would enhance the game. I, as a Saints fan have watched Brees for years when he goes on the sidelines looking at photos and studying defensive alignments, player positions, etc. In 2014 it seems rather archaic, when an IPAD or Android, would be much easier.

  5. I like the comment that billionaires don’t use new technology. I am willing to bet they do. They don’t allow computers on the sideline since it allows communication – they are trying to control gambling and betting. It’s the same reason cell phones are not allowed.

  6. BigAl’s got it mixed up a bit. Brees is a sponsor of the Surface, and Microsoft would pull that endorsement deal in an instant if Brees even considered using an iPad or Android device on the sidelines.

  7. They’ll allow it someday but not sure it’ll be a lot more help than the current system. A QB could review probably 20 still shots in the amount of time it takes to watch video of just one or two plays.

  8. It’s now legal for high school schools to use tech on the sideline…it’ll only be a matter of time before it’s available at the college & pro levels.

    The problem is as 12brichandfamous said – you have to limit outside communication. A wifi-only device would seem smart…until someone hacks into the network. Players/coaches have access to printouts and a landline on the sideline now…they’ll figure out the details and evolve with the rest of the world soon.

  9. I can’t receive a G-damn text message when I’m in the stadium… I’d love to see how they’re going to get a signal to stream video!!

  10. It is only a matter of time until something this sensible starts happening. You’d have to lock down the tablets and the network they were on would have to be pretty secure to prevent the other teams, fans, Las Vegas odds makers, etc. from hacking in, but that’s not impossible. It would only stand to improve the effectiveness of NFL offenses.

    Everyone knows offense gets people watching.

  11. for you people thinking tablets and other electronic devices aren’t used because so-and-so doesn’t understand technology or is cheap…..


    Change the rules and you’ll see this implemented. That is what Brees is talking about.

  12. What the heck is taking them so long? Most of the NHL teams have iPads on the benches where the coaches and players can view replays of situations in almost real time.

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