PFT Live: What’s next in DeSean Jackson saga?

Mike Florio breaks down trending topics around the NFL, including DeSean Jackson visiting the Redskins, Orson Charles’ arrest proving fans are numb to players’ getting in trouble and how the NFL should move up the offseason workout schedule.

2 responses to “PFT Live: What’s next in DeSean Jackson saga?

  1. #10 has averaged 3.708 catches & 0.3125 TD’s per game over the course of his six year NFL career, not including post season. Tell me HOW EXACTLY does that equate to $10M+ per/year contract? Talk about over-hyped! I sincerely hope the Redskins are stupid enough to sign the guy and pay him – so the rest of the league, including my Raiders, don’t have to deal with this clown. #NOTWORTHTHECOIN

  2. This dude is all about himself and the Eagles did the right thing by sending him packing. He would be a total distraction to the Eagles. They are better off without him. I just hope he don’t land with my Bucs in Tampa, we are bad enough! 😦

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