Raiders release displaced guard Mike Brisiel


Well, it seemed like a good idea at the time.

One of their former free agent answers needed just two years to become obsolete, as the Raiders released guard Mike Brisiel.

The Raiders announced they had released Brisiel, according to Scott Bair of

He signed a five-year, $20 million contract in 2012, but took a pay cut last year after they abandoned the zone blocking scheme he was brought there to be part of.

With this year’s acquisition of Austin Howard to play right guard, they didn’t need him, so  getting the $3.85 million off the books was of more benefit to them.

At least until they change directions again.

47 responses to “Raiders release displaced guard Mike Brisiel

  1. Brisiel is probably glad. Now he can try out for a team with a chance at being successful.

  2. He’s a pretty good player and a good fit for the Dolphins zone blocking scheme. With his ties to Miami’s OL coach wouldn’t be surprised at all if he signs with them for a 1 or 2 year deal on the cheap.

  3. Exactly raiderrob68…I said pretty much the same thing, but I think I’m not as subtle…and as such have been blacklisted.

  4. Gotta agree about Kalif Barnes, they should cut him too or at least make him take a pay cut. He’s been a yellow flag magnet for his entire time in S&B…

  5. somethingsmellsrotten, I’ve tried leaving not-so-subtle comments, but they always get deleted. Go Raiders!

  6. Zone Blocking, Check.
    Quality Program, Check.
    Defending Super Bowl Champs, Check.

    Come work for Tom Cable and block for Beast Mode!!!

    #Go Hawks!

  7. The one guy in 2012 who got a long term deal. Not the guys like Wheeler who were actually good, they got ‘show me’ contracts and showed different teams.

  8. i thought he would retire….with that said I will find it odd that we will now pay 9 million to a guard, but not to a WR.
    C’mon Reggie, get DJAX.

    Go Raiders, Go Reggie, Do DJAX!

  9. does anybody really think for a moment that Sammy Watkins is dropping to 5, if you do , you are the same folks who think Jadeveon Clowney will be there at #6……keep drinking your kool aid.

  10. Tom Cable was 17-27 and was 5-11 before Hue Got there , Hue Changed the Scheme From Zone to Power changed the Attitude of the Team and we went from 5-11 to 8-8 , Al Davis saw the Impact Hue had on the team and made him HC Hue took the Offense to top 5 running game and Top 10 Overall 8-8 in his first year as HC , Reggie comes in Fires the best Coach we’ve had in years for This bum DA 8-24 ..

  11. I hope Sammy doesn’t drop to 5. Either we get Mack or we trade down and load up some more picks for next year. Just watch, some team is going to get antsy for a QB and have to move up, and they’ll have to pay, and pay they will.

  12. Did a Raider fan take your lunch money or something? Can’t make one Raider article without throwing a jab at the team.

  13. rolltide510 says: Apr 1, 2014 5:24 PM

    The one guy in 2012 who got a long term deal. Not the guys like Wheeler who were actually good, they got ‘show me’ contracts and showed different teams.
    Wheeler showed the Dolphins that they would have been better off keeping Burnett. Wheeler stunk it up in Miami last season. Burnett wasn’t great in Oakland last year, but he played better than Wheeler, for a lot less money.

  14. Darin, why you always throwing jabs at Raider fans? The team has been beating them up for long, long , long time. There is no need for you to pile on.

  15. nitemaresleepy says: Apr 1, 2014 4:35 PM

    Should have cut Barnes too, the guy is a penalty, false start, holding machine!
    I’ll give Barnes a little love, since you guys are so hard on him. He played 735 snaps at LT filling in for Veldheer, and got flagged 11 times. Veldheer played 335 snaps at LT, and got flagged 6 times. Barnes didn’t get flagged on 333 snaps at LG. He’s not a great player, but he’s versatile, and cheap at 1.8M this season.

  16. I’m not sure why all the hate on Kahlif Barnes the guy was like a swiss army knife last year,playing Right tackle, Left tackle and left guard and held up pretty well. That’s the reason they resigned him this year.

  17. Obviously K. Barnes is a “solid locker room presence” in addition to be cheap and versatile.

    Mike Brisiel is none of those thusly (as Jerry McDonald says) he can go “kick rocks”.

  18. I just gained some respect for Reggie m he has let a lot of people go and this proves he will admit when he himself misses on a free agent pick up GREAT M O V E REG this guy sucked

  19. Brisiel is as tough as they come. He didn’t just play hurt he played injured to give Sparano some stability during the Oline merry go round last year. Under the circumstances Brisiel proved a solid professional, best of luck wherever he lands.

    That said the Raiders just got younger and better.

  20. If he played with Benton on Texans and if Miami signs him, he still likely has something left in the tank. But since Wheeler wasn’t very good, maybe they won’t sign ex-Raiders after all.

    I mean Raider fans: you guys really wan them to sign a guy who pretty much blew up the Dolphins locker room last year (to the point where they were headed to playoffs, until they weren’t?) Then you can have him! You better have a coach with a clue though!

  21. Can this tool write one ‘article’ about something the Nation does without taking a shot at the end? I think Darin Gantt has a crush on Mark Davis and is trying to get his attention.

  22. Look Reggie is a scout first then a bean counter. Gone are the years we carry players that have salaries that don’t dictate their production. I still have not evaluated Reggie’s first draft….. Three years and I’ll answer that question.

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