Robbie Gould not a fan of preseason extra point experiment


At the league meetings last week, owners voted to move the spot of the ball for extra points to the 20-yard line for the first two weeks of preseason.

The test comes after NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said that the league would explore options for extra point kicks now that they have become almost automatic for the league’s kickers. The owners’ decision was not met with approval by Bears kicker Robbie Gould.

Gould, who had an extra point blocked in 2013, said that he thinks that the move runs counter to other moves made recently to protect blockers on field goals and extra points because there’s no risk of a fake from the 20-yard line. Given the existing option to go for two with your actual offense on the field, the threat of a fake is already a fairly small one.

He also objected to changing the rules because kickers have gotten so good at their jobs.

“Because Tom Brady and Peyton Manning and these guys have become so good at passing the football and going over 5,000 yards per season, are you going to get rid of play action passing?” Gould said, via “A linebacker or a defense is so good at blitzing, are you going to get rid of that? No, you’re going to embrace it. The NFL has made our position become so good because the competition is so thick, if you fail to perform; they’ll cut you right away and get somebody else regardless of your salary because kicker’s salaries usually don’t mean a ton in regards to the salary cap. Instead of embracing how good the position has become like they for other positions, they’re actually trying to diminish what that position has become and completely overhaul it.”

Gould’s not wrong about the place of kickers in the game, but that’s exactly the reason why the league’s willing to experiment with alternatives to short extra points. Should the preseason test prove successful, however that’s being measured, Gould and his peers will likely be hearing more about the topic in the future.

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  1. I agree with Robbie. Move the ball to the 2 yard line if anything. Give coaches the opportunity to go for 2. Don’t punish kickers for being good at what they do.

  2. What a baby. This position spends most of the game on the bench. He should be thankful they would attempt to actually give him something a “tiny” bit more challenging to do when he’s actually on the field.

  3. Moving extra points to the 20 yard line is only making kickers a bigger factor in deciding game outcomes. I thought the popular sentiment was for the opposite? This one is a real head scratcher.

  4. The only reason that the New England Patriots and their coach wanted to move the extra point to the 20 yard line, is they have one of the most accurate kickers in NFL history. This is what a team dies that is drafting late in the 1st round every year thanks to your all-pro QB. Your not as good as you used to be. So a lot of games are determined by one or even 2 points. The Pats aren’t getting better so the only advantage they might have is changing the rules to benefit them in a sneaky way. If they did not have the most accurate Kicker they would not be proposing this change.

    Gostkowski, who played both college football and baseball for the University of Memphis, is the most accurate kicker in Patriots history, and one of the most accurate kickers in NFL history.[3] He is also a consistent and prolific scorer: he is only the second player in NFL history to score 500 points in his first four seasons in the league, and the first to score 1,000 points in his first eight seasons in the league (despite missing half the 2010 season with a leg injury). Gostkowski also holds the record for highest average points per game scored over a career (8.53 points per game as of the end of the 2013 season), and is the first player since the AFL-NFL merger to lead the league in scoring in three different seasons (2008, 2012, and 2013).

  5. I bet Gould is pretty jacked about what Franklin is doing for Penn State’s Football Program right about now.

    We Are.

    _________ _____________!!!

  6. I couldn’t agree with Robbie more. Why are rule committee trying to mess with the extra point kick? Being good at what you do shouldn’t be a deterrent because being bad gets you kicked off the team.

  7. The new rule is BS. Is the PGA Tour going to shrink the hole because some pros putt exceptionally well? Why punish people for doing their jobs? A botched extra-point CAN happen and lead to tragedy. Ask Tony Romo. It is what it is. Stop messing with the rules.

  8. On the positive side for kickers. The good ones may benefit from better contract offers if they don’t miss XPs.

  9. phinfan4everct,
    paranoid much? Also that statement was like killing a fly with a sledge hammer. So the Patriots drafted a kicker hoping one day they’d change the extra point rule??? On top of that their kicker played baseball, that’s helpful, really?? Why The Face?

  10. The problem with his argument is that a blitz or sack is an exciting play in the game! A long pass or a touchdown pass is an exciting play! An extra point from the 2 yard line is just a time to go to the bathroom or get a beer! They’re trying to get people to actually watch what you do, which as a kicker, you should be happy about!

  11. The comment comparing the PGA to football is apples and oranges. The PGA has the advantage of altering their courses to make them harder and their courses are all different (NFL not so much). Can’t compare the two sports in any way.

  12. I would’ve thought that he would embrace it. Harder job=more money. But outdoor bad weather teams are at a disadvantage.

  13. The silver lining is it might not be so easy to cut a guy now if he’s good at what he does. If extra points are no longer automatic, the guys that stay automatic from that distance probably won’t move to the top of the cut list.

  14. Yes Robbie, I am willing to bet if Peyton Manning and Tom Brady were completing 99% of their passes then the NFL would implement a rule change. But they don’t so your statment has no relevance.

  15. It’s going to feel great for the team that wins, and crappy for the loser, no different than any other win/ loss. Who complains about a game being decided by a field goal? I don’t understand your point?

  16. This is Goodell trying to make every team mediocre by punishing teams with above-average players. It is like when kick-offs were moved to the 30…Teams with guys like Devin Hester lost their advantage.

  17. The game is changing, every year, every day, It’s evolution. I see Robbie’s point, but tend to agree with the negative posts towards Robbie’s comments as well. What can we do????

    Robbie Gould is the most accurate kicker in the NFL (EVER) so I don’t really think it will affect him, but he his standing up for his lively hood so I see his point.

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