Chris Johnson becomes the next big free-agency story


Agent Joel Segal has had a busy two weeks.  But he won’t be able to exhale just yet.

Twelve days ago, Segal client Mike Vick visited and signed with the Jets.  Five days ago, Segal client DeSean Jackson was cut by the Eagles.  Today, Jackson will sign with the Redskins (if he hasn’t signed the contract already).

On Monday, Segal client Chris Johnson will show up at the Titans’ facility for the first day of offseason workouts and say, “Let me in so that I can start doing things that could result in an injury that would force you to pay me $8 million this year.”

It likely won’t come to that.  The Titans are expected to cut Johnson before Monday, in the unlikely event that a trade will happen.  Since Johnson would have to take less than $8 million in pay for 2014 if he were to be traded, he merely needs to refuse to renegotiate to force the team’s hand.

If/when (when) Johnson is cut, another round of reports and rumors and intrigue will emerge.  Who’s interested?  Who’s really interested?  Are there “mystery teams”?  Who’s merely being used as leverage to help Johnson get a deal as close to $8 million in 2014 as possible?

The saga should continue deep into next week, moving the news cycle closer to the release of the 2014 schedule and then, on May 8, the draft.  So, basically, we’re not complaining about the type of offseason news that inevitably takes interest away from the three major sports that currently are in season.

Look at Washington.  The Nationals, Wizards, and Capitals are playing games, and all anyone cares about is the arrival of DeSean Jackson.

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  1. Regarding the last sentence, no surprise. Washington DC is THE best football city in this country and world. We ARE the best franchise on and off the field and it’s not even close with Bruce Allen running the show. #HTTR

  2. Get him to Denver. Great O-line, he won’t be the feature back, and they have a QB who can take the attention away from him. Perfect fit if there is one.

    He’d also get a ring, which is nice.

  3. Chirs Johnson could really help a good team. I’d love to see him on the Patriots from a skill perspective, but I don’t think his attitude fits and I don’t think the Patriots can afford him. He would run well in Denver too. Places where the defense has to respect the pass and the RBs can run out of the spread offense. If it’s not too clogged up in the middle, Johnson could go for 1600+ yards.

    It might be a good year to Draft a RB given how devalued they are at the moment. The top 2 or 3 picks might be great players and they may drift into the second round.

  4. As someone who lives in Washington DC, I can tell you that the Redskins have been – and always will be – the only team anyone truly cares about.

    Football is the best and nothing else even comes close.

  5. “Look at Washington. The Nationals, Wizards, and Capitals are playing games, and all anyone cares about is the arrival of DeSean Jackson.”

    Thats because the Redskins OWN this town. Next…


  6. Given the recent contracts signed by free agent RB’s, Johnson shouldn’t expect the kind of money he’s getting now.

  7. alonestartexan says:Apr 2, 2014 10:33 AM

    “No ones going to be stupid enough to pay him even half of his $8M.”

    Can you say Raiders?

  8. Chris Johnson is a scrub who cant take a hit and has lost a step. There’s a reason he’s still sitting around waiting for a team to call. Arizona, Oakland, Jets sound like the best spots for him to graciously waste away into retirement

  9. They focus on the skins because, if you can believe it, those other franchises are an even bigger joke.

  10. I think Jets too…Because A) It doesn’t make sense given thier needs and B) Jets official twitter is actually tweeting pages that link them to CJ2K…

    They have the money to make it happen obviously…Question is whether CJ2K is willing to work in a backfield by committee where he is getting 60-70% of touches…

  11. In a league where running back is very much taking a back seat, there’s just not much patience for a dude like Johnson. Dude is a me-first guy who shirks responsibility at the drop of a hat, hasn’t produced anywhere near his lights out potential, and is also getting older. Not a good set of circumstances.

    The situation would be different if the guy were willing to take a pay cut, work hard, and lay low with a new team. Not saying it’s impossible, but history has shown that’s not an easy thing to do with this guy.

  12. “grimreaper12 says: Apr 2, 2014 10:33 AM

    Johnson will be a Jet. They’re desperate for anything.

    Yeah, cause any team would despise having a speed guy to work in a backfield tandem with their bruiser.


  13. SAV says:
    Apr 2, 2014 10:53 AM
    This guy would still be a beast if he had a legit passing attack to help him out!

    this “beast” crap is getting old..everyone is a BEAST

  14. bears0492 says:Apr 2, 2014 10:43 AM

    As someone who lives in Washington DC, I can tell you that the Redskins have been – and always will be – the only team anyone truly cares about.

    Football is the best and nothing else even comes close.

    As a person who grew up in New England, who now resides just outside the DC beltway, I beg to differ with your assessment. In my 8 years in the area I have determined that the fans in DC are interested in the Redskins, Cowboys, Giants, Eagles, and Steelers equally

  15. @ thebirdsareback – yes, there’s a reason he’s still waiting for a team to call. It’s because he’s still under contract with Tennessee & until that changes, it’s called tampering. Until he’s traded or released, nobody can talk to him.

  16. What the hell does HTTR even mean man?
    Crazy lingo by redskins fans yo.
    Raider Nation is where its at, the only reason why Desean signed with you guys and not with us is because he really wanted to rip the eagles a new one.
    Besides that he could care less about DC lmao.

  17. prediction:
    CJ signs a one-year “prove it” deal (Jets?) and has a strong season playing with a chip on his shoulder…causing some sucker to over-pay for him in 2015 + beyond, driving a return to his current low-effort style (which he will of course blame on the Oline/coaching/scheme)…

  18. elwaysagenius says: Apr 2, 2014 10:35 AM

    He’d also get a ring, which is nice.


    Yeah, not likely my friend. You guys play the NFC WEST this year, not the creampuffs the Bronco’s built their house of cards on last year. We all saw the beating the Seahawks put on the ponies. There’s a few teams in the NFC that would do that. AFC is the weak sister right now. There will be no rings.

  19. I’ve been watching Chris Johnson closely since his first game as a Titan. The speed was a given and I loved the toughness (yeah, it was there remember?) he displayed his first two seasons. But he’s a shadow of his early twenties self now and his attitude has gone so far down the drain … The good ol’ days were when we only had to worry about his huge ego.

    Now? While his remaining skills are nothing like Ricky Williams’, I very much see CJ contributing the way Williams did his last few years–at best … an occasional game that reminds us of his youth mixed in with games that blend with the past several years of disappointment.

  20. Caps have not played a game in quite some time, and probably won’t again until October.

    But it doesn’t matter if they were. No one in DC pays attention to anything other than the Skins, except possibly the Nationals off and on, which is why the fan base is so unrealistic and Danny can get away with his patently obvious marketing schemes.

  21. I love how people say the skins own DC. Look around you skins fans, there are almost as many Cowboys and Steeler fans as skins fans. DC is a transient town. Most move there from somewhere else, and half of the people that are from the DMV area root for Dallas out of spite. Drives skins fans crazy. I love it!

  22. Is any team that desperate to overpay for a guy that obviously took plays off after he got paid the last time?

  23. Thank God Marty Hurney isn’t the Panthers GM anymore. If he was, he would sign CJ to a 10-year, $120 million contract, and say, “He’ll fit in just fine with Cam, Tolbert, Williams and Stewart.”

  24. He better work out a way to take a big pay cut and stay with the Titans because if recent history is any indication, he’ll make way less in free agency. Just look.
    Read the leaves.

  25. It’d be unfortunate if the Titans waited until 3+ weeks into free agency to release him if they had no intention of keeping him all along. He’s given them a lot of good seasons and deserves the chance to land a new team before they otherwise fulfill their needs at the position.

  26. logicalvoicesays says:
    Apr 2, 2014 10:33 AM
    Regarding the last sentence, no surprise. Washington DC is THE best football city in this country and world. We ARE the best franchise on and off the field and it’s not even close with Bruce Allen running the show. #HTTR
    Best franchise on the field? I guess that’s why your 2013 record was 3-13 and you had the 31st ranked defense, or what about no 1st round pick in 2014… Laughable. Nobody will pay Chris Johnson even half his salary based on free agency so far. A lot of teams will try to score in the draft before kicking the tires on Johnson. Smash and Dash has long been over in Nashville.

  27. If he ever played with a real qb he wouldn’t have to be going against 7 or 8 guys loading the box all the time. He played with jake locker,Fitzpatrick,hasselbeck,rusty smith lol that’s pretty bad if you ask me. the guy deserves another chance in my opinion

  28. I’m getting a little sick of the constant bashing on other sports. A lot of us like more sports than just football. You can tout the TV ratings, but fact is, if MLB only played one game a week, on the weekend, their ratings would be better too. And it’s not like NFL teams bring in 3 million in attendance every year. Some of them have trouble selling out the 8 games they do have. You can spin facts any way you like.

  29. Everyone wants to talk about CJ, I want to talk about Joel Segal. Sounds like its going to be a good Christmas across the Segal extended family this year.

    This time of year it would be good to have more articles about the agents. Seriously, I would like to know more about who is running the show behind the scenes with the GMs.

  30. Hey stop that. I care about the Nationals. I wonder how long it will take to get Ramos back from injury. Just because we like football, doesn’t mean we don’t care about baseball.

  31. Color me shocked if he get anywhere near 8 Million. Take out his one good fluke of a year and he’s an average back at best. Anything north of 3.5 million and I’ll eat a lawn chair.

  32. It’s only “the next big story” because there isn’t much else going on now that the gang-banger has a home.

    CJ will sign a one or two year deal averaging about $3MM/year if he’s lucky. Whenever he’s officially release by the Titans, of course.

  33. CJ2K would be a GREAT PART TIME RB with the PACKERS to compliment Eddie Lacey and to run the old power sweep play on the perimeter. He could be a lethal force in Green Bay with Aaron Rodgers playing QB . I’m not paying him more than 3 mil a year though with bonus incentives in the contract.

  34. Anyone paying Johnson big money needs their heads checked. He’s not productive enough to make him worth it. When you consider that you can get a running back from the draft that has way less wear and tear for rookie wage scale prices, dumping salary cap into the position makes no sense. Peterson is really the only back it makes sense to pay because he’s the ENTIRE offense.

    For anyone wondering, HTTR is Hail to the Redskins.

  35. DC will always be a Skins town no matter what the other teams do, The Wizards are about to clinch a Playoff spot for the 1st time in 5 years and no one is talking about them.

  36. He could come to Minnesota to basically be Adrian’s personal water boy. If he’s extra well behaved, he might even get 20 or so carries over the course of the season as his backup. No guarantees though, and he’d only get the veteran minimum salary. Oh wait, who am I kidding, he’s not worth it.

  37. Not sure the Jets need him. Ran all over the Pats and everyone else in the AFC with the #2 rushing attack. Bilal Powell will be good for 100 yds a game against that NE run defense. Pretty much anyone would.

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