DeAngelo Hall likes what DeSean Jackson brings to Washington

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When DeAngelo Hall and DeSean Jackson went head to head, it often resulted in fireworks, and once resulted in Hall getting fined for a horse-collar tackle. But Hall said last week that he wanted to bring Jackson to Washington, and now that they’re teammates, Hall is excited.

Hall told USA Today that he believes Jackson is exactly the kind of player the team needs.

“He’s the right kind of guy we need in our locker room. Fierce competitor and player, but great guy and humble guy that wants nothing more then to show people the real him,” Hall said in a text. “And there’s no better place then in the nation’s Capitol.”

Hall would much rather cover Jackson in practice than on Sundays.

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  1. “DeSean Jackson – humble guy”. Ooookaaay. Gonna be interesting with him and Garcon both wanting their touches on a team that really needs to run a lot to be successful.

  2. There’s still a lot of hating going on out of some fearful people who just can imagine that one day Dan Snyder is going to make some right personnel moves and win another Super Bowl for DC.

    He’s certainly not incompetent and as far as I know he hasn’t signed any felons, taken any drugs, kept any rapist, murderers, lost ownership of or left in the middle of the night with his franchise.

    If there was truly a story to investigate, Dan Snyder wouldn’t be the negligent one, all of you fantasy reporters and rumor mills with twitter, Facebook and all of the other devices are the guilty ones.

    In fact, since he is so irresponsible with his dealings as some of you want to put out there, why don’t you get the information and sell it to him and maybe he will be gullible enough to split the purse that he was going to give to DJAX.

    It seems that it would be ok for him not to come to Washington, but ok for him to go to the 49ers? Is that the sentiment? Well how stupid are you then for this ignorant logic?

    Sounds like a disgruntled fan who definitely won’t be going to the Super Bowl or a division title game. Call Dan Snyder and see if he will give you a pacifier.

    You’re just a big cry baby with no team spirit or hope. Talk to the owner of your home team and see if they will listen to your advice about his team and see how far that goes.

    As for Dan Snyder, buckle up and get ready for this butt whipping if this deal goes through. Get all of your dreams in now because you’ll be having RGIII, DJAX, PIERRE, ROBERTS, REID & MORRIS nightmares soon and they will last for a very long time! REDSKINS REDSKINS REDSKINS!!! #19and0

  3. So the fact that De Angelo likes DeSean and he’s RG3 kind of guy….

    Will make for excellent chemistry. …..

    At the Strip Club!

  4. Jackson’s talent is undeniable, and this dubious gangland connection seems tenuous at best. But I would be very suspicious of Jackson’s status as the “right kind of guy we need in our locker room” considering how easily the Eagles let him go.

  5. I have it on good authority that Jackson knows somebody in prison, someone who’s sister told him they dated a guy in a gang and he himself, was twice pulled over by cops, while driving after dark.

    He must be fully vetted before some team takes a high risk flier at him. Plus, he still wears a close crop haircut. Clearly an effort to look the part of a choirboy.

    On the other hand, if this works out for Washington, ole Chip may be recruiting in the same “hoods” he complains about with DeSean, like he did while at Oregon. They will run him out of Philly.

  6. Philly better hope D-Jack is actually a gang-banger. Otherwise, this is a colossal blunder to allow one of your top assets to to walk to a division rival in his prime for nothing.

  7. Signing DeSean Jackson gave DeAngelo Hall a reason to sleep a little bit better. All the redskins gotta do now is trade for Eddie Royal and DeAngelo Hall can finally sleep nightmare free.

  8. raiderluv says:
    Apr 2, 2014 12:10 PM
    I wonder why DeAngelo Hall is still in football.


    For the same reason Asomugha isn’t.

    43 career INTs, 9 defensive TDs and at 30 years old and still playing at a high level.

    One half a bad year in Oakland doesn’t define a career

  9. I, unlike most, love D Hall and perceive DeAngelo to be a consummate professional, hard-working, humbled and outstanding football player.
    Let me remind all of you, around week 10 of last year, Deon Sanders called Hall, the “best corner” in the league.
    As a Redskins fan, I am stoked to have D Hall and now, D Jax.

  10. DeAngelo, If D Jax was the right kind if guy to have in the locker room, don’t you think the Eagles would have kept him?

  11. Looks like some of the fans are still dreaming of days when the Fail-Skins were something and not the joke they are now. R-Word, where players go to end their careers, Dion Sanders, Bruce Smith, Donovan McNabb, Jeremiah Trotter, Now MeSean. Good luck with that circus and forsee a train wreck when there isnt enough going to everyone. Or he thinks he is out performing his contract and wants an new one, and decides he isnt going to play on all the snaps he is in on. Look out for the head hunters, they are coming for you. What you gonna do when he gets another concussion then is afraid to go over the middle. Take your luch and go back in the basement Timmy, mommy will be back down with some pudding pops for you. Go back to bed and keep dreaming the R-Word will be a legitimate contender this year.

  12. Humble and a great guy in the locker room. I’m sure thats how his former team mates would describe him. This is gonna be so much fun to watch.

  13. When MeAngelo hall is the spokesman and chief recruiter for your team good luck. The dude was overrated since his days at VT and maybe he’s now grown up some but I doubt it.

    The talk radio is going crazy round here about this deal saying it’s good for the skins? Funny, I think giving 16 mil upfront to a guy who wants to be an entertainer more than a baller seems to me you just allowed him to focus on his entertainment passion?

    At least MD has a Professional NFL team to root for. Steve Smith has more yards receiving and WINS than Deshean. Book it!

  14. Subtraction by addition.
    As a Cowboys fan I really like what the Redskins are doing here.
    They have a proven track record with FA signings. This contract was signed on top of an ancient Indian burial ground.

  15. @logicalvoicesays

    Here’s how many Super Bowls the Redskins have won since the internet was invented:

    Here’s how many Super Bowls the Redskins have won since every NFL rookie was born:

    Here’s how many Super Bowls the Redskins have won since spygate:

    Here’s how many Super Bowls the Redskins have won since CapGate:

    Here’s how relevant the Redskins are on a scale of 1-10:

  16. This is the best signing ever! The benefit that DeSean appreciates most is that if he has a problem, he can take it right to Dan Snyder without having to deal with the old fashioned “chain of command” system. Brilliant!

  17. Forget about the silly gang stuff, the Eagles just got tired of DJax being a DJackass all the time. Clubbing during the season, showing up late for meetings, pouting when he doesn’t get the ball & putting up gaudy statistics against sh!tty teams like the Raiders and Redskins but disappearing when it counts.

  18. as grateful as I am that Deangelo is not on the raiders, maybe time will say the same about Desean…..must be a reason only one team made him an offer. Only 8 million says a lot…..have to wonder who was the next closest, if any.

  19. LOL…Deangelo Hall the worst CB in Raider histroy. Big Al and Rob Ryan put him on that island opposite of Nnamdi and WR after WR burnt that island down. After about 8 games Al and Rob Ryan saw enough and cut him fast. He wasn’t built to be a Raider CB. Put Pick-6 Chris Johnson at that CB spot and didn’t look back.

    one of the Worst Raider signings ever. All he cares about is collecting checks..he Doesn’t care about the redskins success.

  20. Are they going to wire the money directly into the furnace or does Desean have to carry it there?

    BREAKING NEWS – – – –

    After finishing scribbling the final letter of his last name on the contract, Desean looked up and demanded a new contract.

  21. Trolls….none of you idiots have met either player and have no idea what they’re like. Sit behind your keyboard and insult guys you’ve never met. Hail!

  22. In other words, Hall is happy that he doesn’t have to go up against him twice a year anymore. Haha the only DB in the NFL to play 20 yards back and STILL get burned.

    Speaking of playiny 20 yards back, Can D Hall Say Victor Cruz??

  23. All you jealous fans of OTHER TEAMS, get over it. Stealing Hatcher from Dallas and now Desean from Philly just made those two teams worse, and the Redskins are now significantly better. If you are a true NFL fan, you need to look past the team that you love and see things for what they are. These are good football moves. Barring significant injuries, the Redskins are in the drivers seat to win the NFC East this year.

  24. the skins should be trying to reduce the “deangelo hall-like” element on their team. instead they added to it. in a big way.

    key will be how rg3 and jackson get along. and i have my doubts.

    at the end of the day, while jackson adds offensive and special teams production, wash defense is still suspect. eagles probably outscore them 40-30 in their matchups.

  25. Buyer Beware. Teams don’t cut great players. This is another zealous move by the most petulant irrational owner in the NFL. Snyder empowers these players and forces these lunkheads down his coaches throats and expects them to perform and play well together. This isn’t Madden football where you just gather all the best free agents and have a stellar team. ‘Skins do this every year and it has never worked. Its either stupidity or insanity.

    You’re getting an “adult” who flashes gang signs not because he is banger but because “he just wants to be cool and fit in”. Being cool and fitting in stops when you walk out the door of your high school. Not a Skins hater, just being honest.

  26. Forget all the gang stuff. The reason the Eagles cut Desean was a combination of money, production and attitude.

    When Nick Foles took over for Vick, Desean’s production dropped off big time, while Riley Cooper’s went up big time. Foles doesn’t have a strong enough arm to allow Desean to get deep enough. Vick does but it didn’t lead to wins. Vick doesn’t have the smarts to make the correct pre-snap reads, or the touch on passes to throw into tight coverage. Foles does, and it came with wins. Combine that with a bad work ethic and wanting a new contract (plus the addition of Sproles!) and it makes much more sense.

    On paper he should be a good fit for Washington. RG3 has a strong arm and the ability to buy time to allow Desean Jackson to get open deep. Much like Vick did.

    Oh and don’t worry about the Eagles. They still have an offense that can put Riley Cooper, Jeremy Maclin, Brent Celek, Zach Ertz, Lesean McCoy and Darren Sproles on the field all at the same time, with the best offensive line in the NFL and what could be the next great QB of this decade.

  27. Dumpster Diver Dan, picking everyone else’s trash.. problems… perfect. Albert sez: Hi ..and McNabb sez: what? no draft picks this time ?

  28. You Redskins haters are Fun-Knee……Mad because your team couldnt get him?

    Mad because you didnt think the Redskins had the $$$ to get him???

    Deep down inside you know that RGIII is healthy and DJax lined up opposite Pierre Garcon is a defensive coordinators night mare!!!

    Laugh and hope all you want about a Redskins demise! in the mean time The Cowboys defense has been reduced to nothing

    Eagles stupidly got rid of their best receiver

    Giants are aging quickly

    Redskins about to go from worst to first

    Eagles did it last year,why cant the Skins do it!!!

  29. The Redskins defense sucked with Hall . He is not very talented just a lot of media hype. Redskins will be horrible.

  30. Most people just don’t seem to get it.. Jackson is not our best WR.. Maclin is…. We didn’t want to pay Jackson 10.5 mill for the year we are saving it for Nick Foles being he needs a new contract next year…. #duh #simpleminds

  31. All the “Brothers” on the Eagles are going to turn on Chip Kelly if Cooper and the Eagles offense take a step back this year.
    Mesean McCoy ( hey I can do it to… TRITE) should expect 8 in the box till Maclin can prove he can consistently stretch the defense.

  32. Let’s revisit ‘what DeSean Jackson brings to Washington’ after a couple of seasons of me-me attitude.

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